Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In and Healthy Thinking Thursday

So...I had a good week and a bad week.  I started the week really well.  I did my exercises right away after work each night, I was great about tracking the food that I was eating and even getting a proper balance of nutrition.  Then we had a few really cold days and I started a new art project.  The bad creeped in.  I had a few days of working on my project under a blanket on the couch instead of my exercise.  However, I weighed in this week at 165.8, so it's at least a small loss.  I really think the exercise helps so much, so I have to work harder this week at just doing it right away when I get home from work before I make dinner.  I snack less after I've exercised- and if I exercise before we eat dinner I am usually more aware of how much I am eating at dinner-which is the meal I tend to overeat at.  My mood is improving daily.  I'm not sure if that's because it's just a tad warmer outside, if it's because there is light just a little longer in the days or if I am just in a better state of mind overall.  I even did a little bit of work on the Candy House dollhouse last weekend- I'll post tomorrow and share some pictures.  So- short post for health this week.  If you are working on your health too I wish you a great  week!!!  If you would like to join along with me and others on the " Wednesday Weigh In" please visit Marsha at  to see how Marsha is doing as well as others linked in :)
Thanks for including me Marsha- it's so nice to have a fellow online weight watchers friend.  You can also visit my sweet friend Laura at on thursdays to see if she is posting for Healthy Thinking Thursdays --and while you are there say hello- she's an awesome and funny chick! 


Claudia said...

Oh Kim, I am with you! We've been eating WAY too many sweets, not getting any exercise and feeling sluggish. It's time to change.

As I begin to work on a show in Manhattan next week, I am going to take the opportunity to eat better and walk around the city when I can. It helps to be in a place with sidewalks - hopefully, I can start to take off some pounds. Winter is tough isn't it? Hang in there!


Julia said...

I am going at it with you again, just not on line. I really have to get some of these pounds off! It was easier when I was going to the nursing home everyday not to eat so much, but now I have all those hours I didn't have before!!! Ok, so that's not a good excuse.
Thanks for being such an inspiration!
Hope this week is great!!!!

Doreen said...

Since we moved, I have lost some weight which is great. However whether it stays off will be another story. I am now going up and down stairs, and eating a lot less. (Only because we cut our groceries to a bare minimum before the move and we have run out of everything - this month's grocery bill will be horrendous.)But it sure has been healthy for us. We have been very active with packing and unpacking and I have not had a down day for quite some time. Also it is a bit warmer today so I hope that the cold snap is over. That definatly will help to make everyone feel a little bit better.

Sassy Marsha said...

Yeah, good for you!!! I'm not much of a snacker but hubby is so I got some baby carrots and have them in an easy open container all set to snack on when he gets the munchies! I find that if I cut up the veggies ahead of time, when I want a snack I'll grab those!

I just got off the treadmill! Felt good!!

Have a great week!!


Kim said...

Claudia- us too- sweets are our downfall :( It would be better if I had a hubby that didn't like them but I think he may be worse than I am! Walking outside is my favorite, but it's hard to do in my town because they don't clear the sidewalks as well as they should. Miko and I are going to walk each day after work when it melts a bit because he needs to lose some winter weight too :) Hope you have a good week!!

Julia- Good for you! It's not a good excuse, but I do the same thing when I am home on weekends! Good luck- I hope your week goes well ♥

Doreen- good for you! I think you will probably keep it off because as it warms up you will be exploring your new home and yard and somehow when you have that much room the outdoors always calls to you in the summer- and if you help your hubby, vegetable gardening can be a lot of work! I hope the deep cold is over too- I can handle it until it dips below 0 degrees and then I'm not so happy anymore. It's 25 degrees Fahrenheit here today and it feels like a heat wave! I'm so glad you are back- I sure missed you ♥

Kim said...

Marsha- thank you :) I think I better take your advice and prepare. I actually LOVE vegetables, but I hate chopping and cleaning them- so I should really start this week out preparing them for the week so I have no excuse. I hope you have a good week too!!♥

Papillon Bleu said... I go...this morning: 61.7kgs for me.I am 1m58 tall .I was 54kgs when I met Robert. I don't want to be 54 anymore because ...much less boobs! ha!ha!

I feel good with the curves though but I don't like how I feel in my clothes ( way toooooooooooooooo tight!) .But I don't want to buy clothes from the size up, I want to fele ok in what I already have. Makes sense?

This reaaaaaaaally helps me to share this here!
Thank you Kim!!!!and Go Kim!!! GO!!!!!!!

Eileen Bergen said...

I'd say you've done very well this week - especially in comparison to me. I haven't worked out once and I'm up a pound.

But I'm determined! And your healthy thinking posts are a lifeline. Keep it up, Kim!

Sans! said...

My weight is finally dropping but not because of healthy living. I have lost much of my appetite since the surgery. I have however found that my weight loss is because of the small meals I take. I can no longer eat a lot in one meal. So I have more meals now -5-6 a day but each one very small-1 tablespoon of rice, 1/2 cup veg, 2-3 bite slices of fish and some tofu. And clear soup. Then when I get hungry, I eat some almonds or fruits. I thought with the lower metalbolic rate (since I can;t exercise except walk), the weight would have stayed but my weight drops every day. I think small but frequent meals really help with weight loss.

Thanks for sharing Kim. In some way,your post is my Wednesday weigh in too :).

Dlsarmywife said...

Kim, you've had a much better week than me...due to various commitments between myself and my workout buddies, I made it to the gym one day this last week!!! We are back to it tomorrow, but I am not holding out for much of anything.
Keep up the good work!

Laura said...

Congratulations on the loss! Yay!!!
And I'm soooo happy to hear that you are feeling better-mood wise. That makes me happy to hear that. :)
Yay Kimmy!!!!!! ;p


ain't for city gals said...

Hi I came over from Laura's Love at Home..I really believe the more you eat of the junk the more you want...I finally got rid of all the left over Christmas stuff..yes, I threw it away! much better than eating I think! Looking forward to your future posts..

Kim said...

Patricia- makes complete sense! I don't want to go up a size either and my clothes are snug- so I'm hoping by the time I am done they are loose and comfortable. Thank you for sharing with me- everyone's support is so wonderful and I love that some are sharing their goals too. I say the same to you---GOOOOOO PATRICIA!!!!! XXXOOOO

Eileen- thank you :) I am starting to think that I'm not the only one having a hard time with exercise and fitting it into my days. I'm determined too- I think we will all feel healthier this year- I just know it!

Sans- do you know that for some reason my body responds better to the way of eating you are describing? It is just taking the time to prepare for it that I often have problems with. I feel better and eat less when I have very small meals throughout the day. Perhaps this should be included in my exercise goal- Prepare my food for the day! I hope you continue to feel better- and I know you are a very active woman- so don't lose too much!! a gentle hug comes through the computer to you ♥

Deborah- I know I'll be having hard weeks too- don't fret. I bet you were not sitting still- just no gym. Good luck this next week!!! You keep at it too!

Kim said...

Laura- what can I say except I love ya girl ♥♥ Thank you!

Ain't for City Gals (sorry, I don't know your real name:) )

Thank you for visiting me!! I'm off to visit you in a second too. I think you are correct- eating the sweets, etc really does just make me want to eat more until it's gone. I have little self control and I work the same way- I try not to have it in the house and if hubby buys it I ask him to hide it :) Thank you for your support!