Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In and Healthy Thinking Thursday Combined

Well, here I am back at it again.  Long time readers know that last year was a hard one for me.  I felt lousy most of the year- actually I still feel pretty lousy-January has been challenging so far.  I decided at the end of the year as the doctor bills kept rolling in and I still didn't know what was wrong with me that I needed to try some self help.  I followed advice from friends- doing a little research first and talking to my general  doctor- and started taking some vitamin supplements.  I made myself accomplish tasks after work instead of crawling into bed like I wanted to and had been doing.  I cut some foods that obviously were not agreeing with my body out of my diet.  Sob.  Some I just cut back on for now, but I'm working on finding substitutes that are just as yummy.  Now....I've decided to try to work on getting my energy back and feel better on my own. I'm convinced that this year will be a summer of energy and fun.  I re-joined weight watchers- this time online in the hopes that I will do better.  Before, I would always skip or quit if I had a bad week because I couldn't bear the thought of having to face the "scale lady".  Now my scale lady is my hubby and he gives me encouragement if the week goes badly instead of the disappointed look I always got at the meetings.  I've also started out exercising slowly on the Wii Fit Plus game.  I know it's not really like hitting the gym- but I'm so weak right now that those simple Wii strength training exercises are doing a good job of waking up my muscles and making me sore :)  I had thought that I wouldn't post about this again, because I know it can make for boring reading..... but then I decided that I would because it is my blog and frankly- writing it out kind of makes me feel better about it all and stay accountable.  I won't be offended if you skip these posts- they'll be clearly marked on the title each week.  Marsha from has a weekly wednesday weigh in -- she has just joined weight watchers also-- so I decided to accept her kind offer to post along with her each week and encourage each other.  My friend Laura from is still doing Healthy Thinking Thursdays too- she has a couple of pounds to lose from the holidays and she is such a support system for me- I decided to still do that post too.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with them separately or if I'll combine them some weeks and do separate posts other weeks, but maybe with all this support I can lose a little weight, get some strength back and continue to work on my food choices to find out what makes my body feel good and what makes me feel awful.  Thank you to Marsha for inviting me to Wednesday Weigh Ins and thank you to Laura for always supporting me no matter how crazy I am and keeping up Healthy Thinking Thursdays.  I need all the help I can get :)  So---I'm going to be foolish here and tell you all that I am starting out at 167 pounds ( over 20 of that was gained last year through all my struggles with feeling unwell- ugh) and that I would like to get to 140 pounds.  My suggested weight for my height is 125 or so, but I have never been that weight ever in my life- well, maybe when I was 10 or something.  When I weighed 145 a few years ago clothes fit very well and  I had the energy to play with my dog and garden- so I think 140 is a good goal for right now.  My short term goal right now is 5 pounds- at which point I'm going to treat myself - maybe a new necklace or something.  If you've read down this far then thank you- you're a good friend for reading all of this again.


Laura said...

167 isn't too bad. It could be a hell of a lot worse! I think that 140 is a wonderful goal and you're right, taking it 5 pounds at a time is the way to go. You have less than 30 to lose, you can do it!!!

You are just as much of a support to me kimmy-maybe even more so. So, I'm glad that in some small way I can help out. I don't mind if you combine the two posts, my nose won't be out of joint at all. Whatever is easier for you.

Sounds to me, like you are off to an awesome start. I know that you can do it!!!


A. Wright said...

First off, how very brave to post your numbers for the whole world to see (I know I can't). I agree setting smaller targets and going bit by bit helps keep up motivation. I've lost about 1 lb per week since the new year by making small changes and doing something physical each day. Lucky me it's been snowing like crazy so I'm forced to shovel LOL. Hugs, I'm thinking of you right now while I eat my almond butter and wheat crackers!

Sassy Marsha said...

Hi Kim!

I am so glad you joined!!!

Here's to a healthy year for us!! It is amazing how cutting out certain foods and getting some form of exercise can make a big difference in how we feel!!

We have a close weight goal. I started out at 172 and today I am 164 (two weeks!!!!) My goal is 135 which is at the top of my "ideal" weight.

I'm doing the WW online too!!

I see it's okay with Linda to combine your posts, it's cool with me!!!

Whatever helps you stay on track!!!


Kim said...

Laura- I was hoping you would be okay with me- should have known better. That's why I love you girl. I've been looking at all the cute dresses now on etsy and it makes me want to get in shape even more! Love you girl- I really do ♥

April- thank you for the support! I think this is at least the 100th time in the last year that I've tried to get healthier and feel better- I'm hoping this is the one that finally works. Trying again is better than quitting altogether, right? Almond butter sounds yummy- I've never tried it!

Marsha- Thank you again for inviting me. I was going to try to go it alone because I think I sound so pathetic when I write these posts- but you and Laura have inspired me to go ahead and write about it- it is true that having support helps so much so I should take advantage of that. You have done really well so far! Great motivation for me to stay on plan and track my food- I'm not always the best at that but I know it does make a difference.

Here's to a good week for all of us!!!

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim, keep on writing!!!
I also do need a lot of support with loosing weight. So reading you helps me too!

Papillon Bleu said...

I don't know if you know this blog but she has the most amazing recepes ever with things that grow in her garden! AND she is a real sweet heart!


kibbygirl said...

Sorry to hear you have still be feeling so off. Winter never helps my mood either. If I could afford to get away every year I would totally do it. It sounds like you have some good ideas though and I will do my best to encourage you every chance I get. I know what its like to have no energy and it can be mentally draining as well. I am behind you all the way though, so just post whenever you can!

Ascension said...

Querida Kim
Seguro que puedes conseguirlo.
Lo primero es darse cuenta de que una lo necesita y los siguiente ser perseverante y poner mucha fuerza de voluntad.
Cuando te duele es dificil poner de tu parte, es mas facil meterse en la cama y dormir, pero yo te veo muy convencida y con la ayuda que tienes seguro que lo consigues.
Me encanta verte con el buen animo.
Seguro que lo consigues!!!!!
Besitos y mucha fuerza.

Perpetual Believer said...

Love your blog. Sorry to hear of your health mystery... I will join you in the "battle of the bulge." My 11 year old daughter joined Slimgenics and has lost 19" / 11 lbs. She is my hero! I yo-yo in the weight category. My goal is to reach the 150s, 1 lb. at a time. Proud members of Fitness 19, but food is my real issue! I track my weight and calories on (dailyplate) It's free and it keeps me accountable. And, once I got my thyroid under control I started feeling much better. It took maybe 3 months, but man, the daily 88 mg of Levethyroxine works wonders! You can do it!!! Believe. Believe. Believe.

De said...

Your goals are very reasonable, Kim, and the motivation just to feel better will help. You don't ever need to apologize for sharing your personal struggles. I've found that blog friends are very supportive and encouraging. Good luck!

Ani said...


Wendy Luane Barber said...

Happy New Year! I'm so glad you're posting again and on your way to feeling better and getting healthy and fit. Let's do it together. I want to lose 15 pounds for the summer. Got an invite to a wedding and I want to look fab.
I've started on the eating better thing, now I've got to get moving. Once the weather gets better I can walk, now I want to get a belly dance DVD and a Hula Hoop. Hugs!

Dlsarmywife said...

Kim, there are bunches of us here supporting you! Take it one day at a time and you are going to do great!!!!

Sans! said...

Dear Kim, I myself is convalescing :). Nothing serious . And I read every word of your plight. First, write whatever you want, you are right about it being your blog and that it should make you feel good. A kudos for being brave about your weight loss aim. Many of us are struggling with the unwanted weight gain that comes with our age. Every day, I have to work on my determination but I believe that if we do not stop the fight (even if it has taken 10 years), we must win in the end?

Julia said...

I'm happy to hear that you are so thinking so positively about feeling better. I haven't been doing much of anything physically for so long, but I AM getting started. Now, that I don't have the stress of taking care of my mother, I really have no excuses. I have three nieces/nephews getting married in April, May, and June. I have a dress that I am determined to wear to all three of these with a few modifications to the sleeves and the length. I have to lose about 20 before that will happen, so I'm with you!

Kim said...

Patricia- ♥♥♥...and I started following the blog you suggested- oh my yum!! Thank you! xxoo

Kibbygirl--thank you- you are a wonderful friend ♥

Ascension- you are so sweet- thank you for the encouragement and always reading-even the boring posts :) Kisses back to you!

Tammy- Your little one lost 11 pounds!! She is my hero too! Good for her! Food is an issue for me too- kind of an emotional thing- but I'm working on changing that. Thank you for the encouragement- I will believe!

De- thank you! You are right- blogging friends are the best kind and I do feel better after I post- even if I'm always starting over. I figure eventually I'm going to get this body healthy and feeling really good!

Ani- you are just too sweet for words- thank you!

Kim said...

Wendy- I'm trying to be patient for good weather so I can walk too. My poor puppy needs more activity-it's hard to walk outdoors with him too far right now. I think this will be our year for feeling fit-right? Belly dancing sounds kind of fun!

Deborah- thank you! I'm behind you 100% too- I think you'll be dress shopping in no time!

Sans- I just read your blog post this afternoon- take care my friend and don't rush things too fast. I think you are correct and have tried to keep thinking the same thing- I HAVE to keep trying because how else can I get there. I send you healing and loving vibes my friend.

Julia- I am glad to have you along again also. Sounds like you are back at the beginning again like I am so I will tell you the same thing I tell steps will lead to larger steps and Rome was not built in a day---in other words- we can't start out with a marathon- perhaps just a dash :) Hugs to you!!!

An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

Kim! 5 pounds at a time girl! And I want to know every time you drop a pound- don't think for a minute that its easy for anyone to lose weight- its not, but so worth it if it makes you feel better. I'm so glad your husband supports you like he does- he's a great guy with a great wife. Hang in there!

Zlatica said...

Dear Kim, I´m so happy to read your news - and moreover your news sounds great! I feel that you are full of energy and plans and that is amazing!
I admire you for your honesty about your weight. :) I´m keeping it as a big secret, although it is obvious that I have to lose... To stand out of my comfort zone I could unveil that my real weight and the dream weight are VERY close to yours... :))

malu2 said...

Fuerza y adelante,lo conseguiras,me alagro que estes mejor,ya tienes una seguidora más,te invito a visitarme.

Kim said...

Chris- you are the greatest! ♥♥♥
thank you for your support :)

Zlatica- thank you- I feel like I am getting some energy back- it's slow going though- my body is pretty out of shape and weak. You are such a dear friend- if you ever need support on a quest for health let me know. I'm an awesome cheerleader :) Thank you for sharing with me- sending you hugs!

Malu2- thank you for your support- I've visited you and am following you now too- your blog is adorable!