Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time Flies!!

I can't believe that we are already 9 days into the New Year!!  I meant to do a New Year's post- but to tell you the truth I've been very lazy.  January brings the really cold temps in Minnesota and all I seem to want to do is snuggle under piles of blankets with the kitties or Miko(or sometimes all of them).  I have even been having a hard time keeping up with reading blogs- I've been very eratic with comments- my apologies to my friends. Now to catch up a bit....first let me share some wonderful goodies I've recieved from friends at the holidays- I have very talented friends!!  Claudia from sent me the sweetest heart pillows.  I love them- they are the perfect color and match my home wonderfully- I've been moving them from place to place trying to decide where to display them best.  I think I might keep them in this bowl on top of the little gas stove in the dining room- I plan to get some pine cones to go with them maybe?  Does anyone have a better idea of something that would look great in this bowl with them?  Thank you Claudia- you are wonderful!

I also received a couple of owls and an owl charm from my penpal Dani for Christmas.  I have to show you the owl that she made by hand for me- he is completely perfect- I adore his little orange belly!!!  I have him hanging on the drawer handle of my hutch so I can see him every single day and be reminded of my sweet, wonderful friend.  Thank you Sis across the Sea-xxxooo!
When I haven't been snuggling under piles of blankets I have been doing a little bit of SLOOOOW work on the Candy House dollhouse.  The main floor is a living room and a small kitchen so I've been working a bit on that the last week.  I started on a tile floor for the kitchen and there will be tiles partway up the wall- not finished with that project but I'm pleased with how it's coming along.  I used some parts off of Michael's hutches and a little unfinished shelf I had for the kitchen cupboards and I painted a ice box I had to match.  I also added a black button to the pipe of the stove where it meets the wall.

I've been trying to achieve a country/shabby chic kind of interior in this house- but since I don't decorate that way in real life I'm not really sure if I'm pulling it off or not.  I added the same tile as the kitchen to the hearth of the fireplace.  I can't decide if I should leave the fireplace simple like this or if I should try to add something to it- what do you think?  The picture on the mantel is from my friend kibbygirl at .  It is handstitched and so beautiful in person.  I added the gems around the oval- hope that doesn't offend you kibbygirl.  I also bought a cute little crown stitched picture from her in her etsy store here:  --I forgot to take a picture of it but I'm using it in the bathroom so I'll be showing it to you soon. 

The living room needed some furniture so I painted an unfinished wood couch and added handpainted canvas into the back panel and the seat cushion.  The pillows are also from a couple of talented miniature artists.  The "A" monogram is from Dale at and the stitched house pillow is from Julia at

I bashed a little wooden table I had in my stash and painted that blue to match- but I guess I forgot to take a picture of it.  Here's a view of the Candy House interior.  It's really really cold here in Minnesota today so maybe I'll get my tv tray out and paint some shingles this afternoon so I can go back to finishing up the outside of the house.  Painting shingles is very boring.  Anyhow, hopefully actually writing this blog post will help get me out of hibernating mode and I'll get back on track.  Happy New Year!!!!


De said...

Everything's looking great, Kim. I think the only thing I would do to fully achieve the shabby chic look would be to sand some of the paint off the pieces where there would naturally be wear and tear - the arms, base and head rest area of the sofa; the edge of the mantel, etc.

Happy New Year!

berri said...


i love the tilework in the candy house kitchen. did you make the tiles? very nice!


Zlatica said...

Kim, hellooo!
I love that green kitchen a lot!!!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Happy New Year Kim!
It's nice to see the candy house again. :) I really like the tiles and the color of the kitchen furniture. I think much of the shabby chic look will also come from the details and accessories. Some country style magazines might have ideas that you can use or make in miniature.
It isn't at all as cold here as it is for you but I still feel myself wanting to hibernate on cold, gray and rainy days.

Chelle said...

Time does indeed fly!

Sans! said...

I think you do the shabby chic really well. I especially love the tiled floor :)

Ascension said...

Cuando hace tanto frio, se quitan las ganas de hacer cosas y solo quieres estar calentita jejeje
Que regalos mas preciosos!!!
Tu casita ya se ve muy bien.
El sofa azul te ha quedado fantastico y la cocina se ve genial.
besitos ascension

Papillon Bleu said...

This house is going to be a real palace! Amélie is so lucky!
The gifts you have received are lovely and very colourful!
And you know what? between you and me, you have the right to be lazy!

Oh! before I forget, It seems that all the dolls have reached their destinations now. Has yours arrived safely?

Take care my sweet Kim!
And lots of hugs to Miko and the hens!

Cinderella Moments said...

The tiles in the kitchen look exquisite! Love that tiny pillow too. I know what you mean about keeping up with blogs. It's kind of like work!! You're doing fabulous with the house! Talk to you soon!

Kim said...

Thanks for your advice De- I'll be doing some more sanding I think! Happy New Year to you too!!!

Berri- I did make the tiles- sort of....I resized tiles from the internet, printed them, glued them to chipboard, glazed them and then cut each one out. Thank you for your sweet compliment!

Zlatica- thank you! Happy New Year to you- I bet you have been working away already :) I can't wait to see what magic you create in 2011 ♥

Maia- I am glad I am not alone. If I can just make it through January then it won't seem as bad from there out- gosh I hate January! Thank you for the advice- I think I'll be looking for some magazines for inspiration :)

Chelle- can you believe?? I saw the pic of your new addition- what a cutie....I can't wait to see more when you can bring him home :)

Thank you Sans!!!

Kim said...

Ascension- thank you so much! I was wondering if anyone would like the blue sofa! Hope you are having a wonderful year so far!

Patricia- thank you my sweet friend! I'm sorry I have not emailed you yet- I can't seem to stand the computer much lately- isn't that awful??!! I did receive my wonderful new doll- she arrived safely and is so beautiful!! She is already asking for a house too.....I think she might have to settle simply for a bedroom roombox first! I love her little shoes so much!! You are a gifted artist!!!

Caroline- Thank you so much for your sweet words. You are a blogger I admire a lot- I don't know how you do it- but you do it very very well! You are one of the quickest artists around!

Flor said...

Kim ¡Que casa mas bonita!!!Y cada espacio esta quedando hermoso y muy acogedor ( =
Seguiré el proceso ¡feliz!!!
Un abrazo

karina content said...

greetings from

Minnie Kitchen said...

the minute I saw it I was like "shabby chic"! haha!

Catherine... said...

Hi Kim, love the dolls house, I must get around to renovating my eldest daughters doll house that my Dad built for her and my younger daughter wrecked...oh jealousy.. Thanks for popping by...

Ani said...

I love your wallpaper! the house is beautiful!

Sassy Marsha said...

Hi Kim!!

I saw your comment over at Deborah's Daily Dish! I'm doing Weight Watchers (for the umpteenth time, LOL) too! My weigh-in days are Wednesday hence I started the Wednesday Weigh-In!

Come join me!! Link up on Wednesdays! Post about your new lifestyle! Together we can do this!!!!

Deborah linked up!


Kathi said...

Why Oh Why am I not getting updates on your posts???
Anyhow... I love your kitchen! I'll finally be starting mine soon. Love the Michael's cabinets. I'm going to try that too.
I'm off to be SURE I'm still following you!!!!!