Sunday, January 30, 2011


The other day I received a card in the mail from my friend Laura from and inside was a portrait of me drawn by budding artist Gabby.  Gabby is Laura's daughter :)  I wanted to share my portrait with everyone- it looks just like me :)  Thank you Gabby- big hugs to you!
I especially love my groovy pants and my necklace :)  I also received a package with the most gorgeous trim from Sans at !  The picture doesn't do them justice- I've had them on the edge of my desk since I received them trying to decide on a special project to use them in.  I think I may use some of them on my next journal cover.  Thank you Sans- what a nice surprise- I'll be sure to post on my blog when I use them.

This has been another hibernating type of weekend for me.  My hubby and I both have a touch of a cold so we've been watching movies and I've been tinkering with my projects.  I worked a little on the lifesaver path today- I think I like how it's turning out. Gotta go paint some dollhouse shingles now so I can finish off the roof!


Lataina said...

I love this! I really like the cupcake stained glass, the lollipop balcony, of course the life saver walkway. The whole thing is just so lovely! =)

Laura said...

hey kim its gabby. i
I want to ask you a question can you draw a portrait of me please? I am glad you like my picture some day can I come to your house and play with your doll houses?

Laura said...

What a lucky lady! :)
The dollhouse looks amazing and Gabby is thrilled to see her picture of you online. :)
She did say.. "Hey! I didn't write Fowers & Art on the picture!!".

Thanks sweet thing-you made her day.


Kathi said...

Oh my! How delicious! Love this house!!!! Your creativity shines!
LOVE the windows and the frosted piping. Did you use real frosting?
There is so much detail!
Cute little lifesavers. Did you use hole punch reinforcers per chance? :D

Julia said...

Gabby is a true artist.
Love the house! It looks yummy!

Zlatica said...

Your little house is so beautiful and the colorful path is amazing.
Your friend Gabby captured you very nicely. :)))

Ani said...

it is a very lovely portrait!

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por los regalos que has recibido.
Me encanta como te ha quedado la entrada de tu casita, queda genial.
besitos ascension

kibbygirl said...

I'm loving the candy house! hope you are feeling better soon :)

Eileen Bergen said...

The picture is too cute. Gabby really did capture something of you. I think it's the rosy cheeks :-)

An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

You know, one day you will come home from work and find a huge bite taken out of that candy house! I'm just sayin'- might be me, might not- we'll have to call CSI to match the bite marks!

Kim said...

Lataina- thank you ♥ You are so sweet!

Gabby- Of course I could draw a portrait of you, but you know I don't draw that well, right? I'll start on it this week. You are welcome to come to my house anytime- we could have tea and I will show you all my houses and dolls ♥ hugs sweetie!!! Love, Kim

Laura- sorry so late! Tell Gabby I just put that on my blog pictures without thinking- lol!! Hugs to you too girl!

Kim said...

Kathi- I used paperclay for the frosting and a cool frosting mold I found on etsy- isn't it fun? I didn't use hole punch reinforcers- how brilliant! I cut the circles out of chipboard- but the hole punch circles would have been so much quicker! I need to ask for ideas sometimes I think! Thank you for your sweet words ♥

Kim said...

Julia- thank you!! Isn't Gabby great- I have a couple pieces of art from her now- I'm very lucky :)

Zlatica- thank you so much!!!

Ani- thank you ♥ Gabby has a lot of fans!

Ascension- thank you :)

Kibbygirl- thank you ♥ It's just a cold- so more bothersome than anything else :)

Kim said...

Eileen- thank you! I'm so happy that Gabby has so many fans- I think I will feature her every time I get art from her :) My cheeks are very rosy today- it's snowing sideways and it's not fun to take the puppy outside today :) Send me some warm Mexico breezes if you can please ♥

Chris- if you came to my house I would totally forgive the bite marks on the house because I would have someone to play with in the craft room! Bring it on girl!

Ara said...

Sounds like a wonderful week of packages! How great to receive a portrait of yourself! Its lovely! And aren't the trims from Sans wonderful! So beautiful - I too am trying to figure out what project to use them on! hugs, ara

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Oh that's so pretty. Love your Life Saver like path. Glad you and hubby are feeling better. January was awful for so many. Let's hope Feb is a heck of a lot better.

Sans! said...

I am glad you are thinking of using the ribbons for your journal. i think they are very good for notebooks or boxes. I am sure you will make it very Kim :) like the candy house! It is looking so good Kim !

Papillon Bleu said...

I love your portrait Kim!
Love the pants too! Woohoo looks like you're going to the disco or something.

I love Sans ribbons! We've got the same ribbon colours!! So, we are now ribbon sisters!

Kim said...

Ara- I bet you will come up with a good idea for your ribbons from Sans- I hope you share on your blog when you do!

Wendy- thank you! I think February is going to rock!

Sans- I am pretty sure I am going to use some of them on my next journal because that will make me think of you and friendship every time that I use it, and what could be better than that?? I'm also trying to think of a special mini project I could use some in......still brainstorming on that one. How fun it is though to have them sitting on my desk challenging me every time I look at them. They cry out to me " use me!!! show me off!" Thank you again ♥

Patricia- I could not ask for a better ribbon sister! Do you have ideas for yours? Will we see a Papillon Bleu Indian themed doll??