Monday, November 15, 2010

Candy House

Well, I 'm right in the middle of Christmas ornament painting at my house.  Every year I paint and mail about 45-50 Christmas ornaments- usually I have them finished by now but I am really running behind this year!  Since I won't be doing much besides painting for awhile I thought I would treat myself and work just a little bit more on the candy house last weekend.  I started putting down a wood floor in the living room and my hubby helped me put a beam divider up between the living room and the kitchen.  The divider is also for added strength for the second floor so the floor won't sag in the middle on the second level.  I  bashed a Michael's hutch for some shelving in the bathroom.  I still have to paint it and add some towels and bathroom goodies

I also started thinking about a fireplace in the living room.  So far it's just a chipboard prototype. I think Amélie likes it.  I'll be missing in action for awhile now while I furiously paint for Christmas.  Have a great week!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have some great things to share today.  I participated in a Christmas ornament swap run by Cindy at  I sent 3 ornaments, so I received 3 back.  I'm so glad I did this swap-check out the great ornaments that were sent to me!  This first one is made by Cindy-isn't it beautiful?
This next ornament was made by Madalynne Bergin of Pineapple Primitives- I think he's so cute!
The third ornament was made by Wendy of Wendy Groskopf Creations.  This doll is stuffed with something that smells heavenly!  She's very cute too!
But-that's not all!  Cindy also sent me the most darling doll and teddy bear as a little gift.  Thank you so much Cindy- I love them both and Amelie has already claimed the teddy bear for her playroom.  A big thank you to the ladies that made my ornaments also.  I love them!

I also received an order from Nikki from  Nikki made these gorgeous real life scale candle ornaments for your christmas tree.  When she posted them in her blog I knew I wanted them- I can't believe I was lucky enough to buy them!  I love them so much, I can hardly wait to decorate for the holidays.
Nikki also sent me some extra gifts- thank you so much Nikki.  I am in love with everything you sent- you are so sweet as well as talented :) !!!  I am over the moon about the owl ornament!!

  We had some snow here in Minnesota today.  Just a dusting so far for us up north.  This was Miko's first real snow and he had such a fun time playing in it- so funny to watch!
Here is Miko looking longingly out to the  snow- he had just been outside for 20 minutes but wanted to go back out again.
Here's what Henry cat thinks about the snow.  I'm leaning towards her thoughts :)  Hope you are all having a good weekend :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A New Friend, A Finished Page and The Candy House

I feel a bit like the white rabbit.  I'm late, I'm late!  I have a little list of things to blog about but (thankfully) work has been busy and blogging keeps getting pushed aside.  Lets do some catch up today :)  I've been working on Amélie's Candy House off and on.  I found a tile pattern on the internet perfect for the bathroom so I have been making tiles and gluing them into the bathroom.  I still need to grout, but I like the way it looks so far.  I have the one piece of wallpaper just setting up against the wall to see if I like it- what do you think?  I think it helps the white and blue fixtures blend in better?  I think I need to sand and whitewash the toilet seat- I think the brown throws everything off.

Amélie also had a great surprise!  She has a new friend- made by the same doll creator that gave Amélie life!  Please welcome Susan- made by the fabulously talented Patricia at  I commented on a giveaway Patricia was doing on her facebook page and I was the lucky winner!  I think Patricia's dolls are the sweetest and I'm so grateful to adopt a second girl :)  Thank you Patricia!!!  Look at the cute little chalkboard Susan brought with her and the sweets in the cupboard!  ( I found that cupboard at the Salvation Army for $1.50!  What a great find- of course I'm going to bash it a bit eventually )  Susan, Amélie and Biscuit the dog have been playing all week- don't you think they should help me out and grout that bathroom floor??

I also finally finished the first week of the "Art, Heart and Healing" course I am taking from Tam at .  I really struggled with this first lesson- it's not my normal way of working and for some reason this did not come easy to me- but I'm so glad that I kept at it- I'm proud of myself for finishing week one and now I can move on to week two.  This is a fabulous class- Tam has been very generous in offering it free of charge- huge thanks to her.  If you are interested in taking this class there is a link in my sidebar there that will take you to the site.  What do you think of my finished piece?  I think I like it better now- even though I would usually say it's too washed out for me.  Isn't that funny?  The thing about it that I resisted I ended up liking in the end?

Before I leave you to go work on some more projects I'm including this picture of Miko the dog and Poopie the cat taking a nap together- they are trying to edge me off the couch I think!  Hope you have a great day!!  Back to work I go :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm very behind on posting!  I just have not had the desire to blog lately.  I've been concentrating on getting more exercise and eating right, and it seems like I let other things slide a bit when I have a mission.  I have been working on the candy house in little spurts and I have a bit more to share.  I decided to make a wicker bed for Amélie to sleep in.  It's not completely finished, I have to add some more of the trim- but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I made a mattress using tips from Casey at --Thank you Casey!!  Here's a picture with the mattress showing:

I'm going to make sheets, a comforter and some pillows next.  I did get the bottom sheet done- but that's it because I switched to a different project which I'll show you at the end of this post.  Here's a picture with the bottom sheet on the mattress:

I also re-furbished a little wardrobe I already had to match the room- I plan to hang a few dresses in here eventually.

That's all the work I've accomplished right now.  I still need to finish trim in this room and paint that little cradle.  I want to paint those cute little dutch shoes my sweet friend Dani sent to me so they will remind me of her even more.  I'd really like them to have a dutch boy on one shoe and a dutch girl on the other-but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to paint them that small :)  The sweet little oak leaf rug in this room was sent to me from Glenda at I think it looks so perfect in here and I've been saving it for a special place.  Thank you again Glenda- I really love it!

Now, for the other project keeping me busy.  I joined the free class given by Tam at titled "Art, Heart and Healing".  Tam is a fabulous teacher and I really enjoy the class- but I'm behind and still on week one- I just do not like how my first piece is turning out.  I did not have the exact supplies and I thought I would just use what I have since it's hard to find the supplies here in my rural city.  I'm not sure if I'm going to buy the correct color crayons, or if I'm just going to keep playing with what I have to see if I can end up with something I like.  I did notice as I was working on this that Tam is far braver with just adding, adding, adding to her work than I am.  I have a  fear of everything getting worse, and perhaps that is what is holding me back.  This is far from finished- there are more steps after the face and hair is added, but I'm so disappointed in what I have so far that I can't seem to get past it!  Isn't that stupid??!    Anyhow, I have more to post- hopefully I'll be back later this week and I'll get back to my blogging habit. 
Oh yeah.........before I leave......I have to post a picture of my helper in the craft room.  He's claimed this chair as his own- he gets irritated if Randy comes in the room to see me and kicks him out of his chair :)  Have a great day!!!