Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More new Minis!!

I have more new minis to share- I have such talented friends!  First, Maia from sent me the sweetest card and a couple minis.  I adore this little mushroom book- it's so sweet- and look at the perfect tiny pencil and note pad!   There is even a tiny magnet on the back of the notepad for hanging! The mushroom book has readable pages and wonderful little mushroom illustrations.  Maia's minis are always so delicate and perfect.  Thank you so much Maia- they really made me smile and I'm so glad to call you my friend.  Here is Maia's wonderful etsy shop:

I also have some things from Katie at .  I have to laugh at this one.  First, because Katie recognized her sign yesterday and I was hoping she wouldn't notice it until today :)  Doesn't it look fantastic under my wonderful painting from another great friend- Zlatica from ??!!!  When Katie made these little wooden signs I REALLY wanted the one that said "perhaps a cupcake would help?"  I LOVE cupcakes, and I thought that sign would be perfect for my bakery dollhouse- another project still in progress :)  Well, when Katie opened her etsy store I rushed over to look for that sign, but it wasn't there!  I ordered a fabulous Halloween sign instead and one of her cute birdhouses.  I came home from work a couple days later to an envelope from Katie and I thought- wow, that was fast!  Katie had sent me the cupcake sign I wanted so badly before I had even ordered from her store!!!  I almost cried I was so happy- and the reason she sent it to me is because of the day I ate 2 cupcakes in one day!  I guess good things come from being naughty sometimes, right?  There were some more fabulous signs with the cupcake sign- and even more goodies when my order from her store came- thank you so much Katie- I love everything!!  Katie even sent me an owl stamp that she thought I would love- and I do love it so much!  I think your shop is going to do well Katie because your minis are fabulous- I'll be a return customer :)  Here is Katie's etsy store if you'd like to have a look:

I think I might have to put a poster of cupcakes here instead of the bread now :)

I also ordered a couple of pillows from Julia at .  I have some of Julia's work already- an owl tapestry and an owl pillow that I simply adore.  When I saw her Halloween pillows on her blog I knew I had to have one for decorating for fall each year.  I also snapped up a cute little house pillow for the candy house.  They are so adorable and well made!  Julia sent me some extra goodies- some Halloween items, a wonderful leaf jug and fabulous labels, map and scroll.  I think that I am going to have to give in and start planning and saving for a witches house after the candy house is finished- there are just too many wonderful minis out there in that theme and it keeps calling to me!  My favorite extra goodie is the bolt of string!  I love it so much- I can't decide if I want to use it in the design room of the flower shop or if I want to use it somewhere in the candy house.  Thank you so much Julia!!!  I'll be back to see you again too :)  Here is Julia's fab etsy store if you'd like to visit her:

I have been trying to spend some time outdoors the last couple of days before it turns really cold and the snow flies. Last night after I finished putting some more things from the garden away for the season I snapped a few pictures. Here is the view outside my kitchen window. These are the neighbor's cows- I sure do love when they are in this pasture and I can hear them mooing out there while I do the dishes. Miko the dog is not as fond of them and growls and growls at them when we are outside.

Here is a couple shots of my poor neglected garden as I hastily try to ready it for a winter's nap.

Last, the chickens don't mind the cold yet and are usually out in their yard until dark.  Aren't they beautiful?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Candy House and a Few Gifts

I've been setting little goals for myself and I seem to be moving forward.  This last weekend I finally cleaned up my garden a little bit- I'm about halfway done.  After I did all that work I decided I would reward myself with some Candy House work.  I'm almost done with the basics in the bedroom.  I did the skinny stick flooring and I decided that I wanted to stain it gray instead of a wood tone.  I like how it turned out- after I was finished I tried to go back and do some sanding for wear.  I haven't decided if I will do more or not- I hate to ruin it since it was a lot of work!  I also have been slowly finishing the beadboard work- still a little left to do there, but it's close!  The board and circle that is under Amélie is eventually going to be a wicker bed- if I succeed with my plans.
I've also tiled the inside of the dormer.  I was going to make it a window seat, but then I decided I like how the birdcage planter looks in there, so I tiled instead.  I'm pretty pleased with how that turned out too.
I've recieved some wonderful minis this week .  Some I purchased and some were gifts from friends.  I'm going to show you a couple today and be back later to show more :)  Lea from sent me the most beautiful miniature drawings she did herself while in Paris for school.  They are incredible and even more amazing in person- such detail in such a tiny little space!  Lea also sent the sweetest little Eiffel Tower and all of these items had to be popped into the candy house because Amélie is french you know and she claimed them straight away!

I have more things to share, but I'll be back tomorrow.  I have to go do some work so I have money to buy minis after all :)  Before I leave, here's a picture of someone that seems to be taking up a lot of my time lately.  I forgot how much attention young dogs need-he wants to play CONSTANTLY_ but look at that face!  How could I ever say no??!!  Please ignore the hair on the carpet around him- between Miko and the 3 cats the fur is there again 10 minutes after I vacuum!  The price you pay for your furry babies ♥

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friends and Healthy Thinking

I wasn't going to post a Healthy Thinking today .  I'm working on being healthier and I'm keeping my attitude positive most days.  However, I wanted to talk about how important friends are in Healthy Thinking too.  I treasure the friendships I have made from blogging so much- I've met so many wonderful people and I feel a special connection to a lot of the bloggers I have met.  You see, I live with just my husband.  We have pets, but no children.  I have a couple close friends in real life, but not many.  I spend a lot of time with my husband- we work together and we tend to be "home-bodies"---preferring to work on projects at home or snuggle in for a movie at home rather than going out. Sometimes it's hard to talk things out with my hubby because we are together so much.  The opportunity to talk with friends online, to ask questions, get advice and support and to even vent frustrations is such an important thing to me.  If I didn't have such wonderful friends here in blogland I would keep a lot of these emotions and frustrations inside and eventually I would probably flip out.  Talking about life to a friend is sometimes different than talking about it with your husband.  So this post is a big thank you to the friends I have in blogland and for each and every comment you all leave.♥

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ornaments and Cleaning

I am participating in a christmas ornament swap held by Cindy from Thimbleprims Studio .  I ended up making 3 ornaments--they'll be on their way to you this week Cindy :) 

I have been working on cleaning the craft room this week too- little bits at a time.  I'm still not done- I seriously neglected it!  The table has been piled with stuff from the floor and counters twice- this is the third pile :(  Hopefully this is almost it- you can see countertops a little bit now at least :)

Now I'm going to put a load of laundry in and do a little work on the candy house- I haven't even touched it in weeks!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ATM Make

I belong to a great group called All Things Mini  In the forums there I signed up for a project called the MAKE.  For this MAKE we were given the theme "little shop of ________"  For my MAKE I did "little shop of fortune".  We were to make everything in the project ourselves.  I cheated a little on mine because I bashed a Michaels hutch for part of my display and I used some glass bottles- but everything else I made- including my very first 1/12 scale (almost-lol) doll!!  I am so proud of her- she's a little rough because I didn't use a mold, but I thought it made her look more like a wise old fortune teller.  I used Glenda's tips (from Peppercorn Minis) on doing her hair and it worked so great- thank you Glenda!  I have healing crystals hanging in the corner for sale and a variety of candles, potions, and incense on the shelves to help tell your own fortune.  There's also herbs for sale on the bottom shelf :)  I'm so happy the person I sent this to liked it- it was fun to create.  I'm joining in the MAKE again next year for sure!

Healthy Thinking Thursday

I gotta get myself moving and making something so there's more to this blog than these posts!  It's thursday again and time for some healthy thinking.  I went back to the doctor and had bloodwork done- won't know the results of that for a bit since they send it out to a different lab.  However, I have had a major mindset change.  I have decided that part of my problem is concentrating on what is wrong rather than what is right.  In other words, I'm focusing on what I can't do that I used to be able to do, and not what I CAN do- even if it takes me more time right now.  Small goals is where it's at in Kim's house right now :)  If I can only do five minutes on the treadmill before it starts to hurt too bad, then five minutes it is.  So, this week I've been setting little goals.  Clean up the kitchen before you go to bed so it doesn't turn into a huge job from neglecting it.  Do a little exercise multiple times during each day since I can't seem to tolerate a full 30 minutes at once.  Eat better.  I'm not saying I did perfect on these things this week.  Tuesday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself again because work is very stressful right now and I'm so tired so I ate 2 cupcakes to "feel better".  At least they weren't one right after another:)  I space them out--lol!  For the most part I'm increasing my veggie intake and my fruits- cutting back a little on my meat and trying to cut back a lot on my wheat- I still think that cutting back on the wheat may help my tummy.  So- that's my healthy thinking story.  Still don't know why I'm feeling this way- but trying my best to be super duper positive and do the things I can do.  Hope to be back in the next day or two with some things I've been working on :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Goals, Great Friends and Swaps

This last weekend I set a goal for myself to get 2 rooms cleaned up- top to bottom- and set out a little fall decor.  I did it!  I now have a shining clean bathroom and dining room.  Here is some of my fall decor :)
Miko and Henry cat were busy watching squirrels and birds out the window in this picture :)
I even finally framed my treasured print from my friend Zlatica at .  Isn't it beautiful?  I plan to hang some other things with it, just need to figure out what still.  Thank you again Zlatica- everytime I look at this picture it makes me smile.

  After I cleaned up those 2 rooms I went upstairs to clean my craft room.  I decided that the craft room clean up is a goal for the MONTH of's a mess!  I've just taken things out and left them out- I've brought things upstairs to put away, but just pitched it in this room instead :(  I can't even see the surface of the desk!  So, the craft room will be worked on a little bit each day after work.  Here's a sneak peek of the mess ahead of me-I'm a bit ashamed of myself:
I had a good weekend.  I took a nap with Miko after cleaning  and I started an embroidery project to keep my hands busy when I feel too tired to do anything else.  I really think that when I'm not creating I let my depression get worse so I intend to stay busy if I can. 
Last week I received a couple of packages that I'd like to share with you .  The first package was from my sweet friend Doreen from .  This was a get well wishes package- each item has a special little note with it and it touched my heart so much I had tears in my eyes as I opened each package.  Thank you so much Doreen- this meant so much to me- I'm so glad you are my friend ♥  I'm keeping the notes to myself- I think I'm going to paste them into my art journal- but take a look at the sweet things Doreen sent to me.  I love all of it!  I have it all sitting on my side table right now to remind me what wonderful and supportive friends blogging has brought to me.
I also received a wonderful package from Wanda at from a flower swap we did.  Wanda-I LOVE everything you sent!  Wanda sent me a large bag of flower heads that I forgot to take a picture of- the bag is huge!  Wanda also sent me all of the following fabulous flowers- I feel like I cheated her on my end!  I can't wait to be able to use all of these in my rooftop garden!  For now they are also sitting on my side table so I can have lots of  lovely things to look at :)  Take a look at what Wanda made and sent to me: