Friday, June 25, 2010

Finished the Floor!

I finished the egg carton floor for my rooftop patio.  I didn't really follow instructions, but I love how it turned out.  After I finish up my swaps I'm going to start making flowers for all the little pots.  Here's Hans and Rose relaxing after a hard days work at the flower shop and the bakery.  I'm going home to visit my family this weekend- hope your weekend is fun too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Ribbon Rack

I'm getting my mojo back folks and I couldn't be happier!  I had been in a loooong creative slump this time, but a week or two ago I started feeling like creating again and each day it is getting more and more like normal.  I'm still working on top secret swap projects, but I finally made some ribbons for the ribbon rack in the flower shop dollhouse too.  I kinda dig how they turned out- here's some eye candy- hope things are looking sunny in your world too!

Presents from My sweet penpal Dani ♥

Yesterday I had a tough day.  Imagine how excited and happy I was to find a present on my doorstep from my penpal Dani!  She sent this some time ago for my birthday and I was quite sad thinking it had been lost- and I know Dani has been very nervous too.  I had so much to do last night- but the very first thing I did was drop my car keys and purse and sat down right on the floor to open up the box :)  I'm the biggest 41 year old child you'll ever meet!  Here are my goodies I just have to share with all of you- thank you soooo much Dani- I love you! 

Here are some of the packages waiting for me to rip into them with glee!

I was truly spoiled here- what wonderful goodies were inside!
An inkpen and treats from The Netherlands!
Art supplies, a dvd of Chocolat and a vintage birthday postcard ( I love the postcard Dani!)
Dutch potholders, sweet little dutch clogs on keychains (LOVE these!), more art supplies in my favorite colors and a handmade sweet stuffed kitty that Dani sewed love into for me!

I think Dani made this bag- it's fabulous and I don't see a tag- thinking it's handmade :)  Also 2 little owl charms- I adore owls!  I already had to put one of those on a wall in my dollhouse so I would think of my sweet friend every time I saw it. 
A satchel of wonderful smelling potpourri, some pretty tissues for my purse, an apron, a beautiful pashmina, a notepad that is sooo cute and adorable tiny clothespins!

But....this is my favorite one and I can't stop hugging it and wishing I was hugging sweet Dani instead.  Thank you- I feel like it was my birthday all over again and I love it all!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

On a Holiday.......Swap :)

I won't be taking a real vacation this year- so hard to get away from work and we are short on money this year also.  However, the fabulous Caterina from has organized a miniature swap based on vacations- so I am able to take a mini vacation after all!  You are to create a container relating to your vacation and 2 additional items-   a suitcase, swimsuit and sunscreen for example.  If I could take a vacation this year I would love to visit my penpal Dani in The Netherlands.  What fun and trouble we could create in a week!!  I will be sending to Nina from I'm almost finished-I hope she likes what I send her!  Nina, if you are reading this would you please email me your mailing address at  Here are some beautiful pictures from The Netherlands- I hope I do get to visit there some day.......maybe I should start buying those lottery tickets :)  Thank you Caterina for another fun swap!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

fab new minis and a new floor

Slowly my creative side is coming back to me.  I've been working on swaps, but at the same time I have been working on a new floor for the rooftop patio above the bakery dollhouse.  I'm doing the egg carton method- and to tell you the truth, I am not 100% sure of what I am doing, but I like it so far.  I'm going to grout it this weekend and hopefully get it installed so I can start working on plants for the patio- so excited about that next step!!  Here's my before shot, hopefully I'll have an after shot on Monday :)
I've also received some incredible new minis to add to my houses.  First off, I bought a wonderful little pumpkin birdhouse from Nikki at  .  You can find her etsy store here: .  I plan to add this into my patio rooftop garden- I adore pumpkins and have shelves with ceramic pumpkins in my living room year round- so I really was pleased to be able to add one of Nikki's pumpkin creations into my dollhouse.  Nikki also sent along the most adorable little basket and spatula- thank you so much Nikki- I love them all!!
I've been saving pennies for a new laptop and really trying to limit my mini buying, but when Julia from posted this little owl pillow for sale I had to snatch it up!  I have a little owl tapesty from Julia hanging in the bedroom of the bakery/flower shop dollhouse and this little pillow matches so sweetly.  I can't stop opening the house up and looking at it- I am in love.  You can find Julia's etsy store here: .  Thank you so much Julia!!!
Katie from sent me the most fabulous miniature mail.  I won a special package from her because I was the first person to correctly guess the question on her blog giveaway- I was secretly crossing my fingers and hoping, hoping, hoping I would get some mini mail, so thank you so much Katie for sending me a special package!  Katie also sent me a little package of printies-I'm going to use some of them for the bus.  The little fridge magnets are too darned cute and the playgirl magazine cracks me up!  I might have to have that one half hidden under the bed :)  Here's some pictures of what she sent and of course I had to put the mail on the desk in the unfinished library :) 

Before I go, here's one more picture of my bakery/flower shop dollhouse. I hated how the side of the building looked so I printed off some advertisements and attached them to the side of the building. I think I like how it turned out- I'm not totally positive about them yet. What do you think of them? Hope you have a great weekend- I hope to be able to pull some weeds now that the rain has finally stopped, finish up one of my swaps and grout the patio flooring.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Healthy Thinking Thursday time!  I did a lot of thinking about this post--- last week I did not even feel like writing it and so I decided I am having burn out and I'm going to follow my friend Jessie's example and go to posting every other week for Healthy Thinking.  I read an interesting article this week and one point stuck with me:

"If you set a weight-loss goal that's too low for you to maintain, you'll get caught in the trap of yo-yo dieting -- losing weight, gaining it back, and trying to lose it again. The best weight goal is one you can live with."

I think this is why I won't step on the scale.  I am even thinking about just throwing the scale away.  A couple years ago I lost quite a bit of weight.  Friends and family kept asking me if I was sick and not telling them.  I looked fantastic-thinner than I ever was-even in high school!  However, while I was at this weight I hardly ate.  I felt horrible-  headaches and I was cranky.   You see, I love to eat.  I love food.  I love flavors and I love the feeling of being full.  I think that weight was too low for me, even if I did look fantastic-but I think I'm making things too hard on myself because I'm not achieving that weight again this time around.   I'm not even going to think about the scale anymore.  I'm going to focus on how my clothes fit, how my body feels, where my energy levels are at, where my emotions are at.  Lately I am doing okay on exercise, I am doing so-so on eating (maybe a bit too much chocolate lately) and my emotions are good- what I cannot figure out is why I am still so very, very tired.  I have had times in the past where this has happened to me.  I may get depressed and sad and feel tired, I may just do too much and get run down, maybe I've been working on too many projects.  However, this time I really don't think any of those things are the reason.  I've been eating balanced, I've been getting exercise plus I've been in the garden a lot, I've been happy- so where is the exhausted feelings coming from?  Is it my age?  Is it a side effect from the new medicines?  Is my allergies to my cats getting worse?  Yesterday my hubby heard on the news that a lot of Minnesotans suffer from a vitamin D deficiency.  I'm wondering if this is the culprit.  I am sporadic about taking my vitamins- I forget all the time and I don't like how they make my stomach feel anyhow.  I do tend to limit my time in the direct sun because I've had skin cancer.....and Minnesota winters are not the sunniest either.  This week I am going to get some vitamin D and see if it peps me up any.  If not, I'm back to the doctor to see what he says about the side effects of the medicines I am on.  I am still determined to be healthy and to learn to love the person that I am, whether that is a size 12 or a size 7.  What I would love to achieve right now is to be excited to go for a walk and get some exercise because I feel alive and vibrant---not feeling forced to go for a walk and having to talk myself into doing it because I feel so darn tired.  So- no tips for today and if you are actually reading this- thanks for hanging in there with me.  I know these Thursday posts sound whiney and complaining and down....but right now these are the things I am struggling with and I would feel fake to lie and say I feel great and I'm doing great if I'm not.  I've got some pictures to share tomorrow of some new minis I've received from some terrifically talented people- so come back tomorrow for a better post!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gardens and chickens

I've been busy, but I don't have much to share because I am working on 3 different miniature swaps and I don't want to ruin any surprises.  I did take a new garden video and there is a chicken video too- so you can hear me sound silly talking to my chick chick girls :)  Hope you are having a good week.  It has been cold, rainy and grey for many days here in Minnesota.  I love the rain- but a girl's garden needs a little sun too!  Especially for the peppers and tomatoes- please sun, won't you visit Minnesota soon??  Here is the silliness:


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

some minis and some garden and a project of the week

Well, I managed to finish the kitty bed, but lost the camera cable and didn't feel like looking for it because the garden called to me.  I found the camera cable last night and so now I can share the new kitty bed with you.  Here is Latte trying it out for me- they almost fight over this new bed.....I cannot believe that all 3 cats like it!  I lined the inside with some green fabric and a green ribbon and the cushion is made from green fleece.  Fleece is really easy to vacuum or toss in the washing machine to keep clean.  I added some wooden feet made from curtain rod parts and re-enforced the entire bottom of the suitcase with a sheet of plywood glued to the inside bottom- just in case my male cat is a little too chunky for the bottom of the real suitcase :)  I'd hate to see him fall through!  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
I also have been working on a miniature swap that is due this fall.  I am pretty sure that my swap partner does not read my blog, so I have to share with you the chair I made for this swap.  I need to make a second one now- I hope it turns out just as well- I should have worked on them together!   I love how this turned out too- hope my swap partner likes it :)

The only work I did on the bus this last week was to add some shelves beside the still unfinished fridge.  I have to get working on that fridge! Actually, I have to get working on the bus so I can finish it up and start working on my candy house- the candy house is in my head all the time and it's driving me crazy to wait to work on it!  Is that a miniature sickness?  You are already thinking of the next project before the current project is finished?

Since I have not been so great at keeping up with my blog I'm posting a lot of random things.  Here I have to show you the most fabulous tablecloth I found when I went to visit my Mom a couple of weeks ago.  I layered it over a green tablecloth.  I love it soooo much and felt like I won the lottery when I spied it!
Last- I can't leave without showing you the bloom I spied this morning- so gorgeous!  Hope your week is wonderful!  Think I'll go glue the frame for a second chair :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursdays

It's thursday!  I have to fess up and tell you that I have not been concentrating on healthy thinking too much.  I have not been sitting around, so I don't feel like I am failing- it's just that I have been flower gardening, trying to form a bond with my new chickens (how ridiculous does that sound-I'm a dork sometimes), working on new garden beds with my hubby in the veggie garden, re-staining the deck, etc, etc, etc.  I really spend as much time as I can outdoors in the summer because in Minnesota you have to use every second of good weather you can and store it up to remember when the cold weather comes :)  I've been eating well because we eat far less in the summertime- but I still have not braved the scale.  I think I am only half committed to healthy thinking thursdays because I just can't face that scale.  Maybe I need to go back to weight watchers again.  Anyways, my goal for this week is to push back some of the gardening and other things and get back into taking a walk for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week.  I'm thinking I could even just try to get myself used to waking up earlier on those days and doing this in the morning.  I apologize because I don't even have any healthy tips for this week- been too busy planting beans, corn and cucumbers :)  If you have a moment please visit my friend Laura at today and give her a big congratulations because she has hit her goal and I am very, very proud of her! My friend Angie from also sometimes posts about healthy thinking and Jessie from also posts sometimes.  Hope you have a fabulous day!!!!  Congrats again Laura- you rock girl!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

garden, chickens and cat beds :)

I have been in a bit of a creative standstill.  I think it is because I would rather be outside playing in my garden.  Last weekend my hubby came home with a new suitcase for me ( I love old suitcases- I store tons of things in them and I have them in almost every room of my house- except the kitchen and bathroom ).  The top was quite beat up, but I remembered seeing a project once where someone made a pet bed out of an old suitcase and I thought this would be the perfect time to try this out.  Here is the suitcase with the top cut off and an old blanket thrown in there to see if my idea would work.  Henry cat climbed right in and thinks it is great.  I am going to put some feet on it, re-enforce the bottom with a piece of plywood and sew a pillow to match the suitcase color- stay tuned at the end of the week for the end results!

I also have some new "pets" to share with you.  My hubby surprised me the other day when he came home from work with chickens!  We had to get that new coop built fast- believe do not want chickens living in your home for too long.  They do not smell very sweet.  I am so anxious for fresh eggs- but they still have a bit of growing to do.  They will eat out of my hand already- I am pretty happy about that!  We won't be eating these hens- I am not a chicken killing and feather plucking kind of gal.  Fresh eggs and chickens I can pet are just fine with me.  Aren't they kinda cute, in a chicken sort of way?
This next picture is of our strawberries- and a rusted bed spring I dragged out of my Mom's trash and brought home with me.  I'm going to plant a grapevine in front of it and let it get partially covered in vines.  I know- sometimes I have strange ideas- but I have a vision here, trust me.
I'll leave you with some garden pictures- because that is where all my time is lately :)  Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

 I tried so many times this weekend to get this uploaded.......I think it may be time to start saving for a new computer at home.  I finally gave up and I'm posting this video later than promised  from the work computer.  For some reason I can get it to work here at work, but not at home.  So, is the promised video.  I sound like a dufus, but maybe if I make more I'll sound better.  Laura from and Angela from  ,   I have great respect for how awesome your videos look and sound.