Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome New Followers!

I would like to welcome new followers!!!

First is Kristin from   Her blog is titled Places, Things & Me.  So cute!  Kristin sounds a bit like many things to discover and do, so little time!  Kristin is an artist, a scrapbooker, a Mom, a Wife, an animal her profile- she does it all!  I love the paper bag album she just posted on her blog- I have to admit that I have never tried making one of these-maybe this should be a future project of the week!  Kristin does art journaling also- something which I love but rarely post pictures of.  You gotta head over and check out her adorable cats and dogs too!  Kristin is a design team member of the next blog I am welcoming....  I started following this blog because I found it on a blogger search for blogs using the key words "art journaling".   I keep an art journal- it's a combo of artwork and a personal journal of my life.  I don't show it on the blog too often because sometimes I sound a bit angry or whining in it- it's a place where I vent and celebrate life without the worries of having to censor myself.  Anyhow- this blog posts art journal prompts---but it's so much more than that.  There are tons of projects and inspiration- artist trading cards, crafts to do with children, altered tags, cards---lots of fun stuff.  I love this blog- I rarely comment there but I read every single post- after you visit them you just want to go make stuff- and for me that's what happiness is---making stuff :)

Ira from has visited me.  Ira makes dollhouse miniatures that are amazing!  You have to pop over to her blog and see her work- just lovely!  Ira also love Christmas, so I look forward to her blog as the holidays approach because I love Christmas too!   Ira is working on a bakery dollhouse--go backwards in her blog to see the start of it- OMG is it adorable! is another miniature blog.  More amazing work- of course I love the clock she just posted!  There are lots of beautiful minis that she has crafted in this blog and links to tutorials on some of them.  I can't wait to go backwards and try some of them out!  I especially love the fireplaces- incredible!!  is next.  This blog is full of wonderful inspiration- there are many treasures in the shabby chic sort of decor and collecting.  If you read back a bit there is a beautiful necklace she has made from wool- right up my alley!  There are also links and tips on how to change the background of your blog.  Very pretty blog!

Ernesto is from This is another superb dollhouse miniature blog.  Right off the top there is a tutorial for making an african violet in mini that I want to try out!  If you read backwards a bit there is a rabbit hutch and rabbits he has made- toooo adorable!  What a talented artist- read backwards further and you will see gorgeous mini orchids!

Carol is from Carol has recently posted a tutorial on using photoshop for mini making- I have not read it through yet because I want to have the time to try it out at the same time and I have not been able to fit it in yet- but I am pretty excited about it!  Thank you Carol for taking the time to put this wonderful tutorial up!  Carol also loves dollhouse miniatures and she has a dollhouse she has been working on that she started with her Mom 25 years ago!

 Angela from is last.  Angela is a Wife, mother, daycare provider, motivational speaker, writer, business entrepreneur and one who desires to 'laugh at the days ahead'.  I stole that right from her profile!!  Angela is also very talented in crafts, an excellent thrift and garage sale diva, a woman with a great sense of humor and a woman striving to be the best she can be for her family and for her God.  I met Angela through my friend Laura at is a very sweet person.  Angela hosts weekly challenges "It's About Time" about projects she needs to get around to and get finished and "What you are Looking At" about what is going on in her world and what she's "looking at" this week.  I love them both!

Please pay these great folks a visit if you have time and say hello!  Thank you everyone for reading my blog- I am always happy to meet new friends!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Craft Room

I posted some work I did for my "work in progress" giant bug lady over the weekend and some newer followers wanted to know what she is all about.  I live in a very old farmhouse.  It is 2 stories and there are no heat vents up to the second level- so we don't spend tons of time upstairs.  There is one large room upstairs and one tiny little room that I decided would be my craft room.  I have been doing arts and crafts for as long as I can remember and I am a bit of a hoarder- I save tons of things thinking that one day I will use it and so I was pretty excited to have a room to store all of this "junk" in and also to retreat to if I wanted to make a big mess and be able to leave it out for days and days without having to worry about cleaning up.  The ceiling and all the walls are plaster and the ceiling in this room was full of lots of cracks.  Since this is just a craft room and so much of the house needed work, we stapled fabric to the ceiling to hide the cracks rather than knock it down and replaster- which is not a fun job- believe me, I know.  I thought the ceiling looked a bit like a stormy sky- so one day while at the dollar store I bought a bunch of barbie dolls and set about making "bugs" to decorate the ceiling.  These are the original bugs- they hang all over the ceiling in my craft room.

One day after I had made the ceiling bugs I was staring at a bunch of birdhouse gourds I had from my garden that I needed to use up and I was suddenly inspired to make a large bug lady to share my craft room with me. Like a lot of my projects- she is a work in progress and has been unfinished for awhile. I'm going to try to finish her up now. Here's some more pictures of my crazy craft room- it's not beautiful like the ones you see in magazines, but it does reflect my personality pretty well :)

This is one of my female cats- Latte.  She was helping me out  while I was cleaning up the craft room on Saturday.  She really didn't do her part- she's a bit lazy ♥

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project of the Week of March 27th

My project of the week for this week was inspired by an article that I read in Somerset Studio magazine.  It is a combination of ink drawing, paint, collage and painting it all with melted wax.  I HATE it.  What's worse, the more I messed with it trying to make it into something I liked the worse I hated it!  I was going to chuck it all and back out of my project of the week, but then I realized- not everything I make has to turn out great.  Sometimes it's just doing the work and trying out something new. I decided I'm going to show it to you and accept that  I definitely need some practice working with melted wax and painting.
I also finished soldering some charms for the large bug sculpture in my craft room. I have a lot of work left before she is finished- I think I need double this amount, so I'm off to solder some more.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursdays

It is time for Healthy Thinking Thursday!  This last week flew past quite quickly.  I started taking my medication for my high blood pressure and for an infection last week.  I had a couple of days where I think my body was getting used to the new medicine- some dizziness spells.  After the first couple of days my headaches went away and the dizziness has pretty much stopped except if I am foolish and try to get up off the floor too quickly.  I honestly think I feel better this week than I have in a long, long time- not sure if that is because an infection was finally wiped out or if it is because of the blood pressure medicine, but either way it's such a relief to begin to feel my energy return and to get through a day without a miserable headache.  Since I have been feeling better it has been much easier for me to eat healthier this last week.  Eating healthy takes time and commitment and when I don't feel good it is so easy for me to blow it off.  I'm still not full swing into excercise- been taking it really slow because the dizziness I had at the beginning of my medicine scared me a little bit.  I've been stepping on the scale every single day- I thought for sure the way I was eating I would lose some weight.  Today the scale finally clicked to -1 pound.  I really was hoping for more, but I'll take one pound- it's one less pound than last week.  I also discovered this week that I LOVE prunes---who knew?  It's nice to discover healthy sweet things I can substitute for my candy cravings. are my tips for this week:

1.  Find something to be grateful for every day.  I think attitude is a big part of this journey I am on and if I keep myself positive I am going to do much better and stick to things than if I consider this a chore.

2.  This one I have been trying out (the prunes are a good example)....Think more about what you can add to your diet than what you are taking away.  I'm concentrating on getting a good mix of fruits and vegetables in my diet- and in the process it seems like it is getting easier to avoid the candy and fast food because the correct servings of good food are keeping me full.  Great side effect!

3.  I learned this one from weight watchers and I am starting to put it into use again--consider whether or not you are really hungry.  Drink some water- are you still hungry?  Think about what is going on--does my body actually feel hungry or am I just bored, sad or angry.  I am surprised how many times the answer is that it is my emotions that make me want to stuff food into my mouth.

So, that's my news for this week- I'm feeling like I might be on the path of feeling back to my normal self and I am grateful.  My friend Laura at also posts on Healthy Thinking Thursdays- she has had a great week if you want to go say congrats to her :)  Jessie at also posts- but I know she has been feeling a bit under the weather so I don't know if she'll have a post up this week.  My friend Julia from does Fat Fighting Fridays if you care to visit her tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Give away winnings and Welcome to New Followers!

I have some new followers to welcome today, but first I wanted to show you an awesome prize I won from a give-away by my awesome friend Laura at  Laura lives in Canada and while the Winter Olympics were going on she  had some mittens to give away.  They were lost in the mail for awhile,but they finally arrived and they are awesome!!!  I promised Laura I would post a picture of me wearing them so here you are chickie!!

I also have some new followers to welcome today- hooray for new friends!!

First is Anneke from  I just stumbled across Anneke's blog this morning and started following her.  Her dollhouse is gorgeous!  You have to visit her blog just to see her kitchen!  If you go backwards a bit on her blog you can see a peek of her sweet pet bunny Kronk- adorable!

Next up is Mary from   Mary makes incredibly detailed dolls- the dresses on these dolls are amazing- I cannot even imagine the hours each doll must take!  Beautiful!!

Esperanza from has  been by to visit me.  What beautiful miniature plants she makes!  Please take a look at her artwork.  Lovely work Esperanza!

Finally, I would like to extend a very late, but very big welcome to Pandora from     Pandora also loves dollhouse miniatures- she has some 1:24 scale rooms she has been showcasing if you travel backwards in her blog- I love the kitchen again!  I must have a soft spot for kitchens :)

Thank you all so much for visiting me- I am so happy to meet new talented friends ♥

Before I leave I thought I would show you a picture of my garden.  The snow has finally melted, but there's not much green yet.  I'll leave all this dead stuff up until May to help protect anything that does grow if we get another freeze.  I can feel spring coming!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project of the Week

************Came back in real quick to add this edit- this clock is real size- in my real home- not a mini:)  If only I made minis this well!!*****************

Whew- I barely finished this in time- but here is the mostly finished clock for my Project of the Week.  All I have left to do now is to buy the chiming battery powered clock mechanism.  This first picture shows the woodburning  all finished and then I painted the entire clock cream.

Here are a couple pictures of the clock all finished.  I added burgundy paint and then I sanded some areas back so that the cream would show from underneath.  I have placed it in the dining room next to my comfy chair.  Hope you are having a great weekend!!  I'm off to go catch up on some housework :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursdays and Welcome New Followers!!

It's time for healthy thinking thursday, but first I would like to welcome some new followers to my blog.

First is Lara from  Lara is like me- she has quite a few miniature projects in progress.  She is concentrating on a thirties inspired dollhouse right now- the piano she just made from a kit is gorgeous!  Lara is also having a miniature give-away because she has hit 100 followers.  Congrats Lara!!

Next is Alpal from  Alpal makes the cutest miniature food!  Some are charms, necklaces and earrings and some could be used in your miniature dollhouse.  All of them are adorable!  I love the hostess cupcake and twinkies charm she has posted not too long ago!

Marinbambu from  has  visited me.  Her blog is full of artwork she has created and is fantastic!  I love being inspired by other artists- I love the color she uses in her art- I love her work-please go visit her and say hello and check out her artwork for yourself.

We also have Marleen from  Marleen does beautiful miniature knitting- a skill I know I will never master because I struggle with 1:1 knitting!  Marleen's Villa dollhouse she has restored is gorgeous- you need to travel backwards in her blog a bit to see it- but it's worth the trip!  I think Marleen also makes miniature bears- so adorable!

Last we have Patricia from  Patricia actually has quite a few blogs- they are all magical- I adore all of them.  Here are a few more:   Patricia is incredibly talented- if you have time you really should visit all of these blogs- what a feast for the eyes!!  Patricia has just finished a sculpt of  a minitature horse on the first blog listed- it is amazing!!

Thank you everyone for visiting me- I love to meet new friends and I love the inspiration I get every day from all the blogs that I follow.

Soooo....on to Healthy Thinking Thursday.  I have still not been feeling well.  I have to say that it is very hard to make any progress on trying to live more healthy when you don't feel great.  I have had headaches almost every day and I feel so tired so I broke down and went to the doctor.  The doctor took a look at my charts and told me we needed to get me on medication for my high blood pressure.  I had to give a urine sample to check things on my kidney and when the doctor came back he asked me if I had any symptoms of a bladder infection.  I had not- but apparently I have a good infection going on there also- I hope this is why I keep feeling so run down and everything seems to be such a struggle for me lately.  So, now I am on medicine for my high blood pressure and medicine for my infection(sorry if this was too much information).  Hopefully in a couple of weeks when I go back to the doctor I will be feeling much better.  I did not exercise a lot this last week.  Short little bursts because I was afraid of how my heart seemed to race and wanted to clear exercise with the doctor.  I did pretty well on the eating- I've been keeping the fridge stocked with veggies and fruit and I pretty much eat 5 times a day now- small portions that keep me full and help me to eat slower and not overeat like I did when I was eating lunch and dinner only. I finally stepped on the scale and I am exactly where I was the last time I stepped on the scale- so either I gained and then lost it or I have been maintaining this entire time.  Either way I did not gain so I feel happy about that.  I guess I rambled on enough on this thursday- hope to have a better report next week as the medicine gets in my system.  Crossing my fingers my energy returns!  Here are some tips I found for this week:

1.  Chop high calorie snacks that you choose to indulge in into smaller portions.  I really like this tip- if I absolutely HAVE to have a chocolate bar it makes more sense to me to break it into 20 little pieces and take my time eating it.  Seems to me that by doing this I might even make the decision to only eat 10 and save 10 for another time.  I would seriously not do that if I was eating the candy bar whole.

2.This tip is from when I attended weight watchers ....when you go out to eat ask for a to-go container right away and seperate  half of your main course into the container when your plate arrives.  This really works- the food is tucked away in that container and you are not tempted to keep eating and picking at your food even though you are full.

3.  I know everyone has heard this one before- but I find it has been working for me at night.  Brush your teeth after eating.  This is supposed to be a signal to your brain that it is time to stop eating and you'll  be less tempted to have those extra bites after the meal is finished.

My friend Laura from is doing Healthy Thinking Thursdays along with me.  If you have time please visit her and see how she's doing!  Jessie from is also doing Healthy Thinking Thursday this week and  Julia from is doing Fat Fighting Fridays so you can visit her tomorrow and see how she has been doing :)

Hope you are all having a great week.  I'll be back on friday or saturday with new pictures of that clock I have been working on!  It's getting close to being finished!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bus Kit

I've been working on the floor of the Bus kit.  I decided that I wanted a wood floor so I started gluing skinny sticks down.  I glued each stick separately and applied pressure until each stick dried a bit before moving on to the next stick.  I am not sure if this was necessary, but I did not want warping floors so I just decided to take the extra time to do this.  After the glue was dry for 24 hours I started sanding the floor until it was smooth and all the cracks were packed full of the sawdust.  I used a gel stain on the floor and then rubbed the floor with wax after the stain was dry.
The next step is to glue the sides of the bus onto the floor and undercarriage piece.  I want the inside of the bus to have wallpaper- it's going to be fixed up like a motorhome- so I sanded the pieces and primed the front and back of each side piece with gesso.  I started to wallpaper with a pattern I found and printed off of the internet.  I am thinking I might frame out the windows also before I glue the sides to the floor piece- seems like it would be easier to do that now- so that's what I'll be working on for the rest of the weekend:)
Hope you are having a great weekend too!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Project of The Week and Shopping Sprees

 I have been having a small shopping spree lately buying some things from incredibly talented miniaturists and I thought I should share some of them with you.

First is an adorable Easter prep board made by Mel from  
You can find Mel's etsy shop here:

I bought an awesome suitcase and a couple of Easter baskets from De at
You can find De's etsy shop here:
Cia from made the cutest bee skep....and she sent me a little extra goodie- this adorable birdhouse!  Thank you for the extra Cia- you are so sweet!  
You can find Cia's etsy store here:

Here's a picture of the bee skep in front of Bernard the Bear's house:)

I also received the most beautiful rug from Glenda from
Glenda gifted me with this wonderful rug after I admired it on her blog-an incredibly generous gesture and it is even more beautiful in person.  Thank you Glenda- I love it!  You can find Glenda's etsy store here:

 Thank you to everyone- I really love all of these purchases and can't wait to add them to my dollhouses.  Now on to the Project of the Week. My project of the week for this week is not finished.  I have been using my spare moments this week between this new project and on finishing swap items that I can't show to you yet.  I almost tried to scramble to find something quick to do since I think you might think I am crazy when I show you this project- but then I thought- what the heck, I am kind of crazy :)  At least my hubby has been with me long enough now that he hardly bats an eye when I think up these crazy ideas.  I have always really wanted a grandfather clock, but since there are other items we need and want higher on the list than a grandfather clock I started thinking about how I could make my own version.  My Mom found this battery operated wall clock at the Goodwill and she bought it for me to play with.  I had a vision of a tall clock in my head, so I drew up  a sketch of what I was thinking of for my hubby and he built me this around my clock
You can see the original clock up on the top in dark brown, and then Randy built the case around it- it's hard to see here because it's laying on the floor.  I re-painted the clock face with oak leaves and  I added some drawer pulls that match another piece of furniture we refurbished in the room it is going in.  Next I got out my wood-burner and I burned an acorn vine into the wood.  That is as far as I progressed this week- next week I hope to fill in all the cracks and dents with wood putty, sand the top clock, paint the entire thing cream and then paint it burgundy.  I plan to sand some spots back so that the cream shows in places and I will paint the woodburned indents with cream.  Sounds crazy right now, but hold judgement till next week, ok?  You can buy a battery operated clock mechanism that has a pendulum and chimes, so I'm thinking of purchasing one of those and then it is almost like having a grandfather clock.  Lot less expensive anyways.  I'll be back later this weekend with more work on the bus :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday and New Followers!

It's Healthy Thinking Thursday today, but first I would like to introduce and welcome some new followers to my blog.

First there is Christine from Chronicles of an Unusual Girl Named Christine   Christine is an amazing artist  -she has been doing some incredible sculpting with paper clay and mixed media.  I am glad Christine stopped by to visit me because I adore her personality and I am glad I can now follow her blog and keep up with what she is creating- she is very inspiring and makes me want to go make art!  Please stop over and say hello to her and check out her wonderful artwork!!  You rock Chrisitne ♥

Next is  I went to take a look at this blog because I had heard other blogs talking about it and I just had to follow because it is so dang cute, cute, cute!!  Thanks for visiting me also!!!

Last is  This is a dollhouse blog.  She says she has 20 dollhouses so here is a person even more addicted to minis than I am!  I will remember this to tell my husband when he asks me why there is another unmade dollhouse kit under the bed!  In her blog she has recently been showcasing some pictures of her Colonial dollhouse and they are very striking!  I look forward to following your blog also- so glad you came to visit me!!

Now....on to this week's Healthy Thinking Thursday.
Last week I had decided not to lie at all when doing healthy thinking thursday.  Having said that...I don't have much in the way of good news this week either.  I have been making sure we have a vegetable with our dinner every night.  I have been cooking our food at home this week instead of fast food.  However, my husband and I both have some kind of a cold/flu that my Mother-In-Law passed on to us, so my exercise has been sporadic.  My main exercise this last week is managing to keep up with the laundry and keeping the house clean in between trying to find some kind of new routine with my Mother-In-Law.  I'm not complaining- it is just that I am a creature of schedules and lists, so a new routine coupled with feeling under the weather has really been doing a dis-service to my healthy living.  I didn't step on the scale this week either- but we have been eating really light because we don't feel well and my jeans feel looser than they have in months, so I am thinking I may be down a bit in weight.  Spring is coming, warm weather is coming, Mother-In-Law will be settled into a routine soon---sooo there is a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel.  Here are some tips for this week's healthy living that I am going to try out this week.

1.  Chew some gum after dinner.  I think this one will help me a lot because I have a bad habit of dessert.  My brain thinks I need dessert even if I am stuffed full- but I think it is the sweet I want the most- so if I buy different flavors of gum and chew some after I eat dinner I am hoping I can start to curb this habit. 

2.  Start drinking V-8 juice again.  This one is specific to my problems- I just read that new studies show drinking 1-2 glasses of vegetable juice daily may help boost weight loss and lower your blood pressure.  I really need to work on lowering my blood pressure. 

3. Here is a good one that I really plan to try this week and see how much it helps me out....Make TV a non-food activity.  I am guilty of mindlessly eating in front of the tv way too often and I know it is part of why I struggle with my weight over the winter but don't seem to struggle as  hard in the summer.  In the summer I am outside instead of in front of the tv.

Anyhow- that's how this week went.  Come visit me tomorrow when I show you what I have been working on for my Project of the Week.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I ordered the Imagination Bus Kit from thinking it would be perfect for Bernard the Bear's friend Lester.  Well, the kit is here and Lester is far too small for the bus.  I think Lester will need a half scale house too....oh no!!  I will have to buy another dollhouse!!  Since I really love the bus I am still going to make this kit and I am thinking I am going to needlefelt a pig to live in it.  My friend Dani from The Netherlands has ordered the Vintage Travel Trailer and she has never done a dollhouse kit.  I thought I would post some pictures as I work on the bus and hopefully Dani will not feel as nervous about starting her trailer- maybe we can learn from our mistakes together!!  Dani is a true beginner to minis and I have never really built this type of kit before either, so any and all advice for us would be great!  Anyhow, on Sunday I took all the pieces of the kit out and spread the directions on the table.  Here you can see Lester the Bear is way too small.  Hans is 1/12th scale- and fits the bus much better, but I refuse to let him take a vacation from the bakery. 
First, I labeled all of the pieces with pencil according to the directions.  Then I popped out the main pieces- a few of them needed a little scoring with an x-acto knife.  I put the pieces into piles- wheels, seats, etc.

 There was one sheet with lots of pieces that are the details that are added towards the end of the build.  I left these pieces on the sheet for right now- I thought they would be easier to keep track of this way.

The directions called for the bottom carriage of the bus to be put together first, so I found all of the pieces for the undercarriage and sanded all of them.  I dry fitted the wheel wells into the bottom of the flooring and after making sure everything was good I glued.  Then you have to wait for glue to dry- the most annoying part!
I put the dowels for the wheels in the holes without the glue- just to help with the pieces drying straight.  While waiting for the undercarriage to dry I glued the steps together following the directions.  My advice for each step so far is to dry fit and check a few times--then go to the next step and check that with your dry fit to ensure you are putting things together correctly.  My first try with the steps I was sure I had everything set- I put the glue on and set it aside with books on top to dry.  After about 15 minutes something made me want to see how the steps would look with the undercarriage.  I am so lucky I did this, because I had glued those steps together wrong!!  I had to carefully pry them apart- scrape and sand off all the glue and start over.  I have to stress moving ahead in the instructions and seeing if what you are doing fits with instructions further on-it will likely save you lots of grief!  I now have the wheel wells glued on and the steps ready to be glued in.  The instructions advised putting your flooring down at this point, so I started a wood floor with the skinny sticks I had in my stash.  I ran out, but here is where I am at so I need to make a trip to the store for more strips.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland....err I mean The White Rabbit In Wonderland

I'm late.....I'm late.....For a very important date.  No time to say "hello".  Goodbye.  I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

My talented friend Patricia from is creating a slideshow with an Alice In Wonderland theme to honor the upcoming launch of Tim Burton's film "Alice In Wonderland".  I was unsure what to make and Patricia suggested I attempt a White Rabbit in needle felting.  I am so glad she did because I had the MOST fun with this project.  Since I finished before the deadline of turning in pictures to Patricia I decided that the White Rabbit needed appropriate scenery for his debut also- so using an idea from Casey at  I made him a backdrop from foam core.  Since I have been working on the White Rabbit for the last couple of weeks I am cheating and using him as my project of the week this week also :)  The White Rabbit would love to stop and chat with you, but as you can see......he is late!!  Have a great weekend and be sure to pop back over to Patricia's blog next week to see the slideshow- I can hardly wait!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday


Well, it is time for another Healthy Thinking Thursday.  This week's post is hard because I have to be honest when I know I could fib and no one would be the wiser.  However, that is not the point of Healthy Thinking Thursdays- so brutal honesty it is!  I did horrible this last week.  My husband and I have been moving my Mother-In-Law to a new apartment.  We spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday helping her move, and we have spent each night after work helping her out.  I have been eating whatever take out type food that we can easily pick up for dinner and I only went for my walk 2 nights out of the week.  I have had a couple of chocolate bars in the mix- but really-- I am proud that it wasn't a couple dozen chocolate bars because when I start to feel stressed out chocolate is often my answer.  That is my positive for the week- I only had a couple chocolate bars instead of a couple dozen.  However.....having said all of that- I am ready to start again this week and try to find the time for myself in the mix along with my Mother-In-Law.  I hope by the end of next week she is settled and we can work into some kind of routine with her.  I did not step on the scale this week so I can't share that  news with you.  I know I must have gained after all the fast food we have eaten and I don't want to start this week feeling discouraged.  So...that's my news for this week- might have been some healthy thinking going on but not much healthy action.  Here are some tips I found for anyone joining in the Healthy Thinking Journey.  These are not my tips- but rather tips I have jotted down from magazines or surfing the net.

1.  If you have a hard time getting your water in (as I sometimes do) try starting out mixing your juice half and half with water or sparkling water.  You will cut the calories from the juice in half and still be getting some water too!

2.  Write down your food.  This one is proven to work for me.  If I write down what I am eating throughout the day I am more aware if I am snacking too much and I can either drink water or switch to veggies.  Never can get enough veggies.

3.  I have not tried this one yet- but I am going to use this tip this week.  When you feel like snacking try some excercise first.  Do some jumping jacks, sit-ups, march in place- whatever.  If you still feel like snacking try to go ahead and have a small snack.  The theory here is that the small burst of excercise puts your mind on track to your goals and makes you decide if you really need the snack or you just WANT the snack.

That's my post for this week....Check out my friend Laura's blog , Jessie's blog- and I believe Julia has been posting on Fridays if you want to see how other people are doing on this challenge :)