Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A New Friend, A Finished Page and The Candy House

I feel a bit like the white rabbit.  I'm late, I'm late!  I have a little list of things to blog about but (thankfully) work has been busy and blogging keeps getting pushed aside.  Lets do some catch up today :)  I've been working on Amélie's Candy House off and on.  I found a tile pattern on the internet perfect for the bathroom so I have been making tiles and gluing them into the bathroom.  I still need to grout, but I like the way it looks so far.  I have the one piece of wallpaper just setting up against the wall to see if I like it- what do you think?  I think it helps the white and blue fixtures blend in better?  I think I need to sand and whitewash the toilet seat- I think the brown throws everything off.

Amélie also had a great surprise!  She has a new friend- made by the same doll creator that gave Amélie life!  Please welcome Susan- made by the fabulously talented Patricia at  I commented on a giveaway Patricia was doing on her facebook page and I was the lucky winner!  I think Patricia's dolls are the sweetest and I'm so grateful to adopt a second girl :)  Thank you Patricia!!!  Look at the cute little chalkboard Susan brought with her and the sweets in the cupboard!  ( I found that cupboard at the Salvation Army for $1.50!  What a great find- of course I'm going to bash it a bit eventually )  Susan, Amélie and Biscuit the dog have been playing all week- don't you think they should help me out and grout that bathroom floor??

I also finally finished the first week of the "Art, Heart and Healing" course I am taking from Tam at .  I really struggled with this first lesson- it's not my normal way of working and for some reason this did not come easy to me- but I'm so glad that I kept at it- I'm proud of myself for finishing week one and now I can move on to week two.  This is a fabulous class- Tam has been very generous in offering it free of charge- huge thanks to her.  If you are interested in taking this class there is a link in my sidebar there that will take you to the site.  What do you think of my finished piece?  I think I like it better now- even though I would usually say it's too washed out for me.  Isn't that funny?  The thing about it that I resisted I ended up liking in the end?

Before I leave you to go work on some more projects I'm including this picture of Miko the dog and Poopie the cat taking a nap together- they are trying to edge me off the couch I think!  Hope you have a great day!!  Back to work I go :)


Glenda said...

Your tiles are looking excellent, Kim!

I was moved by your comment about ending up liking the things we resisted at first - this is so true, and it's refreshing to come at things from a different angle. I was at a bobbin lace workshop once and the tutor said we had to choose colours that we normally avoid. It was a revelation how we ended up 'forgiving' those colours!

kibbygirl said...

I am sooo impressed with your art work! It looks amazing. That is one talent I really do not have but love to appreciate. I am glad you are liking it too. Way to go for pushing yourself and trying something that doesn't come too easily.

I am liking the bathroom tile too. Pretty colours!

sunshine said...

I had a list of things I was going to say about your dollhouse work but it all flew completely out of my head when I saw the animal picture!
That cat and dog are just too much!
SOOOO cute!

P.S. The toilet seat does need to be white.... ;p

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

I like the toilet seat brown and I love your tiles :) Your art work is brilliant, well done. I hope you are okay,
Julia xxxx

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

The tiles look wonderful, so colorful!

I really like the way your art turned out and congratulations for persevering, you must feel so proud! The course looks interesting but I'm not really good at painting, do you think it would still be something I could do?

Thank you for sharing the picture, it made me smile. :) Animals are so wonderful.

Dani said...

You lucky luck lady...what a beautiful new friend !...your candy house looks great, would love to take a bath in that kind of bath !, and the draw Kim...she is so did a really really good job !, up to next, needs to finish mine aswel...running behind a bit...and se sweet the dog and cat...same as our dog, before i know it he as more space them me to sit ;)...have a wonderful day Kim...soon we will chat again !...thanks for your message (msn) got it :) till soon sweety much love from the other side of the sea Xxxx Dani

Julia said...

Love the tiles and the dolls!! How cute!!!!
Your art work is really good, Kim. I'm glad that you finally decided that you like it, too. You are so talented in so many areas. I signed up to do this art class, but I haven't even gone back to the site since then. I'm trying to get all this sewing for Christmas done before our daughter calls to say she's in labor. She's due any day now!
Your cat and dog look so content laying there like that! Our pets do tend to take over!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Your journal pages are beautiful :) what an adorable little house! I love the tiling :)
Gayle xx

Marit said...

I love your candy house,with the girly things and my favourite colours! But I agree with you, the toilet-seat needs some adjustment. I think a blue-wash would suit it well too. The wallpaper is perfect.

Your art is amazing, I really like it. It has been long since I draw or painted. I always like the process of change and progress while working, and how things can become completely different than I imagined when I started on it. Not always for the better though... The perfectionist in me finds that hard to deal with...

Some time a go you wrote that you had some blood-tests. Any results? Just curious, but did you also check B12?


Katie said...

Miko and Poopie are almost the same color! I love it!! And I love the fact that the cat is as big as the dog:) Thought your comment about them trying to push you off the couch was too funny!!

The candy house is coming along! Love the tiles you choose, and I agree with you about that toliet seat. Maybe you could make a fuzzy seat cover for it? :)

And I'm so glad you finished your picture! It looks amazing! And I love all the color! Beautiful!!


Piikko said...

The tiles look wonderful!♥
May I ask where did you find them from? And how did you make them look so beautiful?
Greetings, piikko

Lorraine Escapita said...

The wallpaper color fits well, but the toilet seat does distract a little. And Susan is very cute!

Heather said...

Your artwork is really lovely. Looks very personal. The tiles are great. Did you make them? Looks like you are keeping very busy!

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Kim, your portrait piece is beautiful! I love the colors and the whole piece has such a lovely feel to it. I'm glad you stuck with it! :)

The bathroom is looking beautiful. I think I agree with you that the toilet seat is a little too jarring in brown. If there were something else dark in there to balance it, maybe it would work.

Congrats on your new doll. She's adorable.


Doreen said...

Wow Kim - so much in one post. The bathroom is coming along great so far but I agree that the brown seat throws it all off. Your finished project for week one is really wonderful. I love it. I have always admird people who could draw people. I never could. Poopie looks just like our Rusty and it is great that they are such pals. I am sure Miko has brought a lot of happiness as well.

Zlatica said...

The bathroom is excellent!!!
And Suzan... ohhh! sweet.
You are doing very well in the art course. Very nice painting. :)

Kim said...

Glenda- thank you so much! I agree- it is good to push past your initial reaction- once I stopped fussing and just went with the flow I really enjoyed the lesson.

Kibbygirl :) Thank you so much- you are so sweet ♥

Laura- Can you believe those two?? Poopie cat thinks he is a dog, so you can often find the two of them together. Poopie cat even likes to play fetch with the dog- crazy cat! Love ya girl ♥

Julia- I am doing good- I hope you are too. I even have my home all clean for the first time in a long time! Now I'm undecided about that toilet seat! Hope you have a great weekend!

Kim said...

Maia- I think that since it is free, it is worth a try! I did not have all the supplies needed- but I just used paint that I did have instead and tried to follow her general feel for the lesson. It's actually pretty fun and a good way to find out if it interests you and you would want to do more. Tam even takes you step by step through drawing the face and the shading and everything- they are little videos to follow. If you decide to try it out and are confused by the site (like I was) let me know if I can help :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

Kim said...

Dani- oh how much I miss you sweetie! Thank you so much- I hope you feel better soon.

Julia- I'm so excited for you! A new grand baby is such a precious miracle. Your christmas outfits are outstanding- lucky grands! Sending you hugs!!

Kim said...

Gayle- thank you so much!!! You are so kind ♥ Have a terrific day :)

Marit- ohhh- blue wash sounds good too! thank you! I struggle with continuing on when I don't like how things are going- so I know what you are saying- although I am far from a perfectionist!lol! I'm so frustrated with my doctors- I don't think they checked the B12- but they did say I don't have arthritis and I need to take vitamin D and fish oil caplets. Now they have me doing physical therapy- which so far just really hurts, but hopefully it will turn into strength? I've been trying not to concentrate on it as much as concentrating on staying happy and trying to do what I can.

Kim said...

Katie- Isn't Poopie a big lumox??!!! He thinks he's a dog too-lol! Thank you for your sweet compliments- a big huge hug back at ya girl!!!!♥

Piikko- I "stole" the tiles off the internet- this site here:
I copied the picture, then I pasted it over and over again into a word processing program, printed it out and cut them out individually. Then I glued them onto chipboard and cut them out again. After that I put a glaze on them and then finally glued them down. Does that make sense? Let me know if you want more info and I'll email you with more instructions. Thank you!!!

Lorraine- thanks- I was wondering if the wallpaper would work. Isn't Susan so sweet?? Thank you :)

Cia- thank you!!! Your compliments mean a lot to me since I know you are taking this course too. Now on to battle the next lesson!

Doreen- Thank you! I always think the same thing when I see Rusty on your blog :) I hope your packing is going well- I bet you are excited! I can hardly wait to hear about gardening adventures next spring! Big hugs to you my friend ♥

Heather- thank you! I "sort of" made them- but the pattern I borrowed off the internet :)

Zlatica- Thank you so much!!! Such sweet words from such a very talented painter means a lot to me ♥

Minnie Kitchen said...

the bathroom is soooooooooo nice!!!

Ascension said...

Me encantan los azulejos del baño, quizas si tendrias que cambiar la tapa del inodoro, resalta demasiado en marron, el baño es precioso.
La pintura fantastica!!!!

Sans! said...

Hey! You have a new doll and she's my namesake :):)!

I absolutely love the work you did for Tam's class! It really speaks to me . I think the words with the self portrait (?) was very moving.Your art always have that effect on me. I feel like I know you better after each piece. I also love the bathroom tiles and what you have done with the bathroom.

Miko and Poopie reminded me of Axel (my Alsatian) and Moshe (my 1 eyed grey tabby). Both were close like yours. Axel let Moshe lie across his paws and you know dogs don't like their paws being touched. Both are now gone and in a happy place, I am sure :).

Ani said...

Thanks for your comment! I really love your blog and your work!congrats and nice to meet you!