Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm very behind on posting!  I just have not had the desire to blog lately.  I've been concentrating on getting more exercise and eating right, and it seems like I let other things slide a bit when I have a mission.  I have been working on the candy house in little spurts and I have a bit more to share.  I decided to make a wicker bed for Amélie to sleep in.  It's not completely finished, I have to add some more of the trim- but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I made a mattress using tips from Casey at http://caseymini.blogspot.com --Thank you Casey!!  Here's a picture with the mattress showing:

I'm going to make sheets, a comforter and some pillows next.  I did get the bottom sheet done- but that's it because I switched to a different project which I'll show you at the end of this post.  Here's a picture with the bottom sheet on the mattress:

I also re-furbished a little wardrobe I already had to match the room- I plan to hang a few dresses in here eventually.

That's all the work I've accomplished right now.  I still need to finish trim in this room and paint that little cradle.  I want to paint those cute little dutch shoes my sweet friend Dani sent to me so they will remind me of her even more.  I'd really like them to have a dutch boy on one shoe and a dutch girl on the other-but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to paint them that small :)  The sweet little oak leaf rug in this room was sent to me from Glenda at http://peppercornminis.blogspot.com- I think it looks so perfect in here and I've been saving it for a special place.  Thank you again Glenda- I really love it!

Now, for the other project keeping me busy.  I joined the free class given by Tam at http://willowing.ning.com/ titled "Art, Heart and Healing".  Tam is a fabulous teacher and I really enjoy the class- but I'm behind and still on week one- I just do not like how my first piece is turning out.  I did not have the exact supplies and I thought I would just use what I have since it's hard to find the supplies here in my rural city.  I'm not sure if I'm going to buy the correct color crayons, or if I'm just going to keep playing with what I have to see if I can end up with something I like.  I did notice as I was working on this that Tam is far braver with just adding, adding, adding to her work than I am.  I have a  fear of everything getting worse, and perhaps that is what is holding me back.  This is far from finished- there are more steps after the face and hair is added, but I'm so disappointed in what I have so far that I can't seem to get past it!  Isn't that stupid??!    Anyhow, I have more to post- hopefully I'll be back later this week and I'll get back to my blogging habit. 
Oh yeah.........before I leave......I have to post a picture of my helper in the craft room.  He's claimed this chair as his own- he gets irritated if Randy comes in the room to see me and kicks him out of his chair :)  Have a great day!!!


Lainie's Little Things said...

Hope you're feeling better. I have a horrible cold now. Second day out of work. I love the bed and the color for the bedding is gorgeous. I also love what you did with the wardrobe. I love the picture you did. I think it looks great.

kimsminiatures said...

Hi Kim, I read your post and you sound so much like me. I have so much trouble spreading my time. I'm really good at focusing on one thing at a time. Eating well and exercising takes time. But so good for you.
Love you little helper. Hugs and I hope you have a great day~ Kim

Julia said...

I love the little bedroom! I joined the art, heart, and healing site. thanks for telling us about it. I think your drawing is great!
I hope you are feeling better. I think about you daily.

kibbygirl said...

Oh Kim, I love the picture you have done, even just as it is! I think it looks great. I have no talent that way at all so I am in awe :) The dollhouse is looking great too. The wardrobe is so pretty and looks great with the bed.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

The bed and wardrobe are really pretty!
I can also get stuck while working on a project thinking I want it to be perfect and not continuing because of this. I have worked hard on just working and enjoying and thinking that each piece I make will help me learn more and get better at what I'm doing. I feel this has helped me and I can now work more freely and less tense. :)

Pan said...

You have been busy - I am afraid I am struggling to find time to do all the things I would like to do. The house is looking good and I really like your drawing.

Kim said...

Lainie- thank you for your well wishes-- I am feeling better every day :) I hope you feel better soon too!! Thank you for your sweet compliments ♥

Kim- I'm so glad I'm not alone! If I really want results it seems like I have to let something else slide a bit- but then I always feel guilty! I hope you have a great day too- and a hug right back to you and your little helper :)

Julia- thank you!! I think about you daily too- sending you lots of hugs ♥

Kibbygirl :) Thank you! You should see some of the other work- you would understand why I'm so frustrated! I just can't seem to achieve the rich layered look from her videos yet :( I'm going to keep at it and see if I start to like it. Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comments ♥

Katie said...

Oh Kim, I could just lay in that bed all day! It looks so cozy:)...and I'm loving your new rug! Reminds me of you cause of the whole acorn thing:)

>>>Now as for this new class your taking. You're an amazing artist Kim, ((I know, cause I have some of you Art:)) and sometimes what we do is never good enough for us, But other people see it in a whole different light. (BTW I love the face:))... Sometimes, you just have to push on and finish it to see what you get, and you never know, You might like it?! Yes, the scary part is not knowing, However, this is how we learn, right:) BIG hugs to you:)

Kim said...

Maia- thank you :) I totally need to change my mindset this way. I think I get scared of making it even worse and start to feel like quitting :( I'm going to keep working with it this week so I can move on to the next lesson- I'll be sure to post more pictures

Pan-Thank you!!! Time is so precious, isn't it? I hope you get some extra time to do some of the things you love soon!

Kim said...

Katie- I was just thinking of you last night! I went to find acorns and I could not find any-the squirrels really did well this year! I have some small ones I'm going to send you from last year- don't know if they will work for your houses- but if not maybe they will spark a new idea. Probably won't get to the post office till next week though-plus I have something else I want to send if I can finish it :) Thank you so much for your encouragement! You are right- this is how we learn. If I want to learn I need to push through my fear of mucking the whole thing up!!! You are such a great friend- I love ya girl!!

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim!!! did you make this bed from scratch? It is amazing! Amélie's bedroom is so lovely!I love her dod and your too!

You know? if you don't feel like blogging, just don't! It is important that you take time for you first!

You are going to laugh, I went to the hospital today...wrong day AGAIN!!! it is next week...silly me...big sigh...

Lots of love!

Zlatica said...

Kim, the bed and mattress are so cute!
I like your painting very much! I think that when you want to create you have to be brave and believe yourself! And with your courage your work will look more happy and natural.


Piikko said...

Kim, your litlle bedroom is lovely. The mattress looks very comfortable! I should go to test mine...I'll have early morning;DDDD
Greetings, piikko

cockerina said...

Kim you did a great job with the bedroom! it is very beautiful, I love the doll sitting on the bed, she has a very sweet face ...
the cabinet is perfect!

I also really like the painting, it's you, that face?
do not give up, do not get discouraged, your commitment you see everything, and I'm glad you're better!
kisses, Caterina

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Kim, it seems a number of us are taking Tam's class! I'm doing it, too, and I have to tell you I love your portrait face. She's beautiful! I finished my first piece and it came out very, um, vivid, while everyone else seems to be doing soft pastels. LOL, I wonder what that says about my inner psyche?! I'll have to post a pic on my art blog so you can see. Meanwhile, don't let that inner voice sabotage you! You're a wonderful artist!


Dani said...

Hi sis, I love the bed, it's amazing !, and the draw is beautiful ...please finish her !!...you can do it !, have a wonderful weekend Kim , make some time for yourself !!...much love from over sea Xxx

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Glad to hear you're back in business, getting healthy and feeling better. I have to get back to eating better myself. With so many out-of-town visitors the past 2 months, I haven't exactly been eating the way I normally do. Love the little bed. Can't wait to see more.