Monday, November 15, 2010

Candy House

Well, I 'm right in the middle of Christmas ornament painting at my house.  Every year I paint and mail about 45-50 Christmas ornaments- usually I have them finished by now but I am really running behind this year!  Since I won't be doing much besides painting for awhile I thought I would treat myself and work just a little bit more on the candy house last weekend.  I started putting down a wood floor in the living room and my hubby helped me put a beam divider up between the living room and the kitchen.  The divider is also for added strength for the second floor so the floor won't sag in the middle on the second level.  I  bashed a Michael's hutch for some shelving in the bathroom.  I still have to paint it and add some towels and bathroom goodies

I also started thinking about a fireplace in the living room.  So far it's just a chipboard prototype. I think Amélie likes it.  I'll be missing in action for awhile now while I furiously paint for Christmas.  Have a great week!!!


Julia said...

This is amazing! You are even more amazing!!!

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Wow, fifty ornaments, that's alot!!
Loving your house, it is so cute!!
-Kim :)

sunshine said...

I don't envy you, having to paint all those ornaments! Of course, you wouldn't do it if you didn't enjoy it, right? :)
The house looks great. Loving the fireplace!


Dani said...

May i join her....sitting in the front of the fireplace..relaxing en enjoy the warmth of the fire...everything you make turns in something beautiful Kim ....Miss you too, tonight again no time...hope to catch you tomorrow !..much love Dani xx

Kim said...

Julia- you are amazing too :) Hugs!!

Kim- thank you so much! 50 is a lot, but they are a lot of fun to send out :)

Laura- I do like painting them- and I love that people look forward to them- makes it all worth it. I hope that the fireplace gets better- I'm not really sure where I'm going with it yet. Did you make my batch of xmas goodies yet? Can you ship perishables across the border?? I want xmas goodies!!!!

Dani- Amélie would love, love, love for you to visit and sit in front of the fire with her. I would love it even more. Do not worry- we'll catch up sooner or later. much love across the sea sis ♥

kibbygirl said...

ok, thats a lot of ornaments! lol Good for you for taking that on. Your house is looking better and better too. You've been a busy girl!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Enjoy your ornament painting, it always impresses me that you make so many! I'm only making a few and each one takes me a long time!
Will you be sharing pictures of them? :)
Thank you for answering my question about the free course. I think I'll try it but will most probably wait until next year to start new projects as I have a lot to do before the year is over!

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh! Do you think Amélie is going to sit in front of the fireplace all night to see father Christmas arrive with all his presents on Christmas eve? He!he! I love the photo of your dog looking through the window near the doll's house. He is so cute. And, isn't it Bernard I saw in one of the rooms?
I am sure that the Candy House is going to look fantastic for Xmas.

Claudia said...

Okay, how come I never thought about bashing a Michael's hutch??? Looks great - and the fireplace will be gorgeous, I'm sure.


Jill said...

I love how you bashed that Michael's hutch! I'm going to have to store that idea- it's a really good one!

Girlie, I think you must feel like one of Santa's little elves, with all that ornament painting you are doing! Any chance that we'll eventually get a peek at them? I bet they're so cute!

Thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday~ I had a wonderful day!


Sans! said...

Kim, I never liked Xmas tree because it's so much trouble putting up and then keeping everything ..tee hee but this year, I found so many of you sending each other handmade ornaments. Now, I think that's a really special thing to do. A tree filled with unique ornaments from all over the world. That is really meaningful and it's good of you to be sending your love this way to 50 of your friends.

This time of the year, I too will have to start making plans to send out my little parcels but I don't think there will be 50 of them .

I like watching your progress of teh candy house. It's progressing like my tribal house :):)except much faster :):)

Cinderella Moments said...

How funny! We're all having to put the dollhouse building on the back burner. Well, I know how you feel with your 50 ornaments. Good luck and may you get done quickly!!

Ascension said...

Estas haciendo un fantastico trabajo en tu casita.
Enhorabuena a los 50 receptores de ese detallito Navideño, seguro que sera precioso.çbesitos ascension

Kim said...

Kibbygirl- thank you for stopping by- you are always so sweet to me :)

Maia- I will be sharing a picture. I assembly line paint them so it's not too bad-but they still take time which is why I usually have them finished by now. Hard to be grumpy while you are working on christmas things though, right? I love christmas :)

I think Amélie will probably have lots of presents under her tree- I spoil her a bit :) Poor Bernard- he told me the other day he is sick and tired of the Candy House! I will probably need to work on his house soon!

Claudia- do you have a Michaels near you with the hutches? I still have some if you don't- just let me know and I will send you a couple. They are fun to bash-sometimes the glue is a bit hard to seperate but I just have patience and keep at it and it eventually breaks. Thank you for stopping by!!

Jill- I will show ornaments for sure. I wish I had time to paint 50 more to tell you the truth- it's great fun to send them out to people :)

Sans- my Candy House is not nearly as fine and detailed as your Tribal House. The Tribal House is so special because of the research, care and detail put into it. The Candy House is a cardboard box in comparison- but it is such fun to work on :) I always enjoy your comments- thank you for stopping by :)
PS- Wait till you see my tree :)

Cinderella Moments- you are a much busier elf than I am!!! In fact- too bad I can't come work with you- you would inspire me to get much more finished I think! Good luck to you on your projects too ♥

Ascension- thank you!!! Hope all is going well for you ♥

Pan said...

The house is great. I like the little doll in the chair.

CLARA said...

Estás muy activa :)
Muy bien pensado esa devisión en la planta.
La chimenea despues de pasar por tus manos le encantará a Ameli.
Besos Clara

Kristin said...

Adorable house, you have done an amazing job on it! Thanks for sharing, Happy thanksgiving :)

Kristin said...

Kim, I was scrolling through your posts- you've been busy! Being a dog person of course I checked out your puppy staring out at the snow- she's beautiful. But did you notice she's in the exact same spot when you took the pics of the your newest house? Was that the same day or does she hang out there a lot? BTW-we still have green grass in our yard....

Minnie Kitchen said...

this makes me want to make a house of my own!!! so beautiful~

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I love your upgrades. I hope you are doing well and good luck on your ornaments. I just finished holiday cards for my cousin.