Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More new Minis!!

I have more new minis to share- I have such talented friends!  First, Maia from sent me the sweetest card and a couple minis.  I adore this little mushroom book- it's so sweet- and look at the perfect tiny pencil and note pad!   There is even a tiny magnet on the back of the notepad for hanging! The mushroom book has readable pages and wonderful little mushroom illustrations.  Maia's minis are always so delicate and perfect.  Thank you so much Maia- they really made me smile and I'm so glad to call you my friend.  Here is Maia's wonderful etsy shop:

I also have some things from Katie at .  I have to laugh at this one.  First, because Katie recognized her sign yesterday and I was hoping she wouldn't notice it until today :)  Doesn't it look fantastic under my wonderful painting from another great friend- Zlatica from ??!!!  When Katie made these little wooden signs I REALLY wanted the one that said "perhaps a cupcake would help?"  I LOVE cupcakes, and I thought that sign would be perfect for my bakery dollhouse- another project still in progress :)  Well, when Katie opened her etsy store I rushed over to look for that sign, but it wasn't there!  I ordered a fabulous Halloween sign instead and one of her cute birdhouses.  I came home from work a couple days later to an envelope from Katie and I thought- wow, that was fast!  Katie had sent me the cupcake sign I wanted so badly before I had even ordered from her store!!!  I almost cried I was so happy- and the reason she sent it to me is because of the day I ate 2 cupcakes in one day!  I guess good things come from being naughty sometimes, right?  There were some more fabulous signs with the cupcake sign- and even more goodies when my order from her store came- thank you so much Katie- I love everything!!  Katie even sent me an owl stamp that she thought I would love- and I do love it so much!  I think your shop is going to do well Katie because your minis are fabulous- I'll be a return customer :)  Here is Katie's etsy store if you'd like to have a look:

I think I might have to put a poster of cupcakes here instead of the bread now :)

I also ordered a couple of pillows from Julia at .  I have some of Julia's work already- an owl tapestry and an owl pillow that I simply adore.  When I saw her Halloween pillows on her blog I knew I had to have one for decorating for fall each year.  I also snapped up a cute little house pillow for the candy house.  They are so adorable and well made!  Julia sent me some extra goodies- some Halloween items, a wonderful leaf jug and fabulous labels, map and scroll.  I think that I am going to have to give in and start planning and saving for a witches house after the candy house is finished- there are just too many wonderful minis out there in that theme and it keeps calling to me!  My favorite extra goodie is the bolt of string!  I love it so much- I can't decide if I want to use it in the design room of the flower shop or if I want to use it somewhere in the candy house.  Thank you so much Julia!!!  I'll be back to see you again too :)  Here is Julia's fab etsy store if you'd like to visit her:

I have been trying to spend some time outdoors the last couple of days before it turns really cold and the snow flies. Last night after I finished putting some more things from the garden away for the season I snapped a few pictures. Here is the view outside my kitchen window. These are the neighbor's cows- I sure do love when they are in this pasture and I can hear them mooing out there while I do the dishes. Miko the dog is not as fond of them and growls and growls at them when we are outside.

Here is a couple shots of my poor neglected garden as I hastily try to ready it for a winter's nap.

Last, the chickens don't mind the cold yet and are usually out in their yard until dark.  Aren't they beautiful?


Doreen said...

They are beautiful Kim. I have always like the Rhode Island Reds. I finally went outside today and dug up the last of my dahlias for the winter and moved a few other plants around. I managed to find a few stray flowers among the dead ones so that I now have a small bouquet in the house. So my garden too is ready for the winter.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I'm very happy to call you my friend too Kim. :)
I loved all the presents and miniatures you received and the stories that go with them, that always makes them even more special.
The pictures are really nice and the hens are so cute.

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Such wonderful gifts, all of them. You're very lucky, my friend. :)


P.S. Be sure to stop by and enter my giveaway!

Heather said...

Wonderful items and wonderful friends! I, of course, had to check out all their sites. I've already ordered from Katiesclaycorner and will probably be ordering from some others too! You should get a comission!

CLARA said...

Unos regalos muy bien trabajados y con mucho cariño en ellos. Todos todos preciosos.
Tu vecino tiene un buen pasto y tu tienes una estupenda melodia en el jardin con esos mugidos.
Besos Clara

Ascension said...

Kim que precioso libros los de Maia, me encanta su trabajo.
Las miniaturas de Kate son maravillosas.
Esos cojines de Bearcabin, me enamoraron cuando los vi en su blog.
Cuantas cositas y todas preciosas.
Esta muy bien acompañada cuando sales al jardin jejejeje
besitos ascension

sunshine said...

So, are we going to eat those chickens or what are we doing with them? :)

Love all of your new mini's. They are all so beautiful! That sign is just too much. LOL, that's great! :)


kibbygirl said...

You got some great minis. Those pillows are really sweet. I like that you put a pictue of your chickens in too. My husband really wants them but we live in a very residential area that doesn't allow them! Ah well, maybe someday!

Katie said...

LOL... Whne I first sent you the set of signs, I was gonna email you and tell you to stay outta my shop for a little while, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise:) Thought I'd send the #1 card to own of my #1 friends! You're the best Kim!!! I've been putting all the other stuff aside for you for wahile now... Just hadn't gotten around to sending it:) Glad it all got there OK:)

OH...And I'm loving that little pad of paper~ and you said it has a magnet on the back? Too cool!

Love the little house pillow, Julia can make some beautiful pillows, can't she:)


Zlatica said...

The sighs are great!
I´m absolutely in love with those cute pillows.

Kim said...

Doreen- how wonderful that you had one last bouquet! Feels a little good to shift seasons, doesn't it? My chickens thank you for your sweet words :)

Maia-thank you ((Hugs)) All of my favorite minis are from friends- and I have a few from you now!

Cia- I visited you :) Thank you! I am soooo lucky- I need to remember more often ♥

Heather- Thank you for visiting the shops of my friends! If I receive wonderful minis I always like to tell others about them- I really believe in supporting artist and things that are handmade ♥ I know you'll love your items from Katie :)

Clara-isn't the view of my neighbors land fabulous??!! I am so lucky to live here. I agree- the music of the chickens is wonderful ♥

Ascension- I agree- fabulous miniaturists!! I love everything I was sent :) The chickens are fabulous company- I love to hear the rooster crow each morning- a good start to the day! hugs ♥

Kim said...

Laura- I will cover my chickens ears and pretend we did not hear that! We will eat their eggs- but no chickens shall be slaughtered at my house :) They are more like pets to me- you grew up on a farm, so I know you know how good the eggs are though. Hugs girl!

Kibbygirl- I hope you do get to have chickens someday- they are so wonderful to have around. Until then I hope you'll share mine with me virtually :)

Katie- I think you are the best too. I'm glad you think I'm a #1 friend and not a #1 stalker- lol! I love the sign sooo much -it's so funny you sent it to me when I was looking for it when your shop opened! Thank you again soooo much!♥

Zlatica- I love the signs too- they are even cooler in person! I've got my eye on another of Julia's pillows already- they are kind of addicting :) hugs!!!

Cinderella Moments said...

All those adorable little minis! I love the sign and the picture together. They look like they were just meant to be!
Your view of the cows in the pasture is so nice! I can imagine your dogs being very interested by those!

Minnie Kitchen said...

Hi Kim! these are too cute :)

Papillon Bleu said...

Isn't life magical? all those minis!
I would love to go and run in your garden! And the hens...awwwwwwww.Love hens so much.

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Sorry I'm late Kim, I am behind with all my comments. All your goodies are wonderful and I love those little signs from Katie, I am going to pop over there next :)It's good to see your doing your minis again and also getting some fresh air before the snow flies! I love snow, so I would be the opposite to you, snuggled up now and then out there in the snow! Your chickens look gorgeous and your view of the cows is very restful. I hope your feeling better and better each day.
Lots of hugs, Julia xxx

PS thanks for mentioning my cushions and I'm so glad you liked your extras :)xxxxx

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Thank you for your comments about my decorations, I enjoyed making them and it's nice to have the miniatures displayed instead of inside their box!
Decorating your dollhouse for each season is really nice, I imagine it's a lot of work but how special. :)
Have a nice weekend!

Julia said...

What great little treasures!!! Love your post, as usual. The hens look very content.

stranamenteio said...

hola, muy, muy bonito tu gusta mucho... felicitaciones... saludos

Christel Hutson said...

Hi Kim, I just had to pop over here and take a peek at what you create after seeing your ornaments for the swap at Cindys! They are great! I love them both so much. I hope I am lucky enough to get one in the swap. You sure do have an interesting variety here at your blog, I'll have to stop in more often. Nice to meet you xoxox Christel

Sans! said...

I have caught up with all you posts and am now leaving my comments :), Kim.

The Katie story really moved me. She is so special, that girl. I have been at the receiving end of her generosity and thoughtfulness as well :).

All your little gifts and purchases are great and I especially love the one with the painting by Zlatica and Katie's sign that says Follow Your Dreams :)