Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday

I gotta get myself moving and making something so there's more to this blog than these posts!  It's thursday again and time for some healthy thinking.  I went back to the doctor and had bloodwork done- won't know the results of that for a bit since they send it out to a different lab.  However, I have had a major mindset change.  I have decided that part of my problem is concentrating on what is wrong rather than what is right.  In other words, I'm focusing on what I can't do that I used to be able to do, and not what I CAN do- even if it takes me more time right now.  Small goals is where it's at in Kim's house right now :)  If I can only do five minutes on the treadmill before it starts to hurt too bad, then five minutes it is.  So, this week I've been setting little goals.  Clean up the kitchen before you go to bed so it doesn't turn into a huge job from neglecting it.  Do a little exercise multiple times during each day since I can't seem to tolerate a full 30 minutes at once.  Eat better.  I'm not saying I did perfect on these things this week.  Tuesday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself again because work is very stressful right now and I'm so tired so I ate 2 cupcakes to "feel better".  At least they weren't one right after another:)  I space them out--lol!  For the most part I'm increasing my veggie intake and my fruits- cutting back a little on my meat and trying to cut back a lot on my wheat- I still think that cutting back on the wheat may help my tummy.  So- that's my healthy thinking story.  Still don't know why I'm feeling this way- but trying my best to be super duper positive and do the things I can do.  Hope to be back in the next day or two with some things I've been working on :)


Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Its so easy to concentrate on the 'whats wrong' and forget about the 'what works' bit. I am of guilty of that too at times. Little goals are perfect, you stay encouraged and posative because you achieved your little goal and you can aim towards building up the goals when you feel ready. Five minutues on the treadmill is good going, I would be a soggy mess on the floor after 3!!! lol
Keep it going, Kim, you are doing great. Good luck for those blood tests and I hope you have a good weekend.
Sending a hug,
Julia xxx

sunshine said...

Yeah, it's hard not to focus on how crappy you feel when, that's what you're feeling!
I think that you are on a great path though. The small goals is a wonderful idea and you will feel like you are accomplishing something .. because you are!
And hey... the 5 minutes on the tredmill that you did... was 5 more than I did so, BRAVO!!! :)

You're doing great Kim. I'm rooting for you and so happy that you are feeling more positive.
Just remember... I'm still here for ya when you need to vent too. I don't mind listening when you're feeling less than positive. :)

Can you believe that fuck wad (pardon my french) B. (I won't write his name down, but, you know who I'm talking about).. left me a message on my Wish post that I am "so sick"?? I deleted it and didn't even feel badly about it. A few months ago that would have bothered me SO much. Now.. I actually felt nothing. If he doesn't "get it" then, too bad for him. :)


Heather said...

Good for you Kim! Keep it up. I hope the new blood tests will turn something up!

cockerina said...

well Kim! I'm happy to hear that you're starting to feel you better!
keep going and remember, optimism!
reduce the grain is really good for your belly, it worked with me!
I embrace you! I come back again another day, give me good news, please!
kisses, Caterina

Ascension said...

Me encanta pasar por tu blog y recibir buenas noticias.
Volvere a pasar y espero que todavia sean mejores.
Quierete y cuidate mucho.
besitos ascension

Zlatica said...

Your attidute is very clever! Positive thinking is the best help for you.

Briarwood Miniatures said...

It's always best to look on the bright side, but not always easy when you're feeling poorly. Keep your chin up, girl. Things are going to get better for you...I can feel it!



Eileen Bergen said...

I'm a firm believer in small steps toward any goal. "The longest journey starts with a single step." Keep baby-stepping, Kim.

I love your positive attitude and hope the doctors will have some answers soon - like yesterday!

kibbygirl said...

I think a bit at a time is a great way to go about things. I find for myself it never works if I try to change too much at once. Plus, everything you can do to help yourself is a good thing so your right... keep focus on that!

Sans! said...

BITE size is always a good idea :):) pun intended :).

*happy dance again