Monday, October 4, 2010

Goals, Great Friends and Swaps

This last weekend I set a goal for myself to get 2 rooms cleaned up- top to bottom- and set out a little fall decor.  I did it!  I now have a shining clean bathroom and dining room.  Here is some of my fall decor :)
Miko and Henry cat were busy watching squirrels and birds out the window in this picture :)
I even finally framed my treasured print from my friend Zlatica at .  Isn't it beautiful?  I plan to hang some other things with it, just need to figure out what still.  Thank you again Zlatica- everytime I look at this picture it makes me smile.

  After I cleaned up those 2 rooms I went upstairs to clean my craft room.  I decided that the craft room clean up is a goal for the MONTH of's a mess!  I've just taken things out and left them out- I've brought things upstairs to put away, but just pitched it in this room instead :(  I can't even see the surface of the desk!  So, the craft room will be worked on a little bit each day after work.  Here's a sneak peek of the mess ahead of me-I'm a bit ashamed of myself:
I had a good weekend.  I took a nap with Miko after cleaning  and I started an embroidery project to keep my hands busy when I feel too tired to do anything else.  I really think that when I'm not creating I let my depression get worse so I intend to stay busy if I can. 
Last week I received a couple of packages that I'd like to share with you .  The first package was from my sweet friend Doreen from .  This was a get well wishes package- each item has a special little note with it and it touched my heart so much I had tears in my eyes as I opened each package.  Thank you so much Doreen- this meant so much to me- I'm so glad you are my friend ♥  I'm keeping the notes to myself- I think I'm going to paste them into my art journal- but take a look at the sweet things Doreen sent to me.  I love all of it!  I have it all sitting on my side table right now to remind me what wonderful and supportive friends blogging has brought to me.
I also received a wonderful package from Wanda at from a flower swap we did.  Wanda-I LOVE everything you sent!  Wanda sent me a large bag of flower heads that I forgot to take a picture of- the bag is huge!  Wanda also sent me all of the following fabulous flowers- I feel like I cheated her on my end!  I can't wait to be able to use all of these in my rooftop garden!  For now they are also sitting on my side table so I can have lots of  lovely things to look at :)  Take a look at what Wanda made and sent to me:


Julia said...

You have wonderful friends who wish you well because you are such a wonderful friend to them. I know that because I am your friend, too. I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering just how you are. I haven't been as faithful in my blog reading lately as I would like to be so I am a bit behind. Have you started on a treatment plan?
You certainly are leaving comments for me that are so encouraging. I am meeting with the Hospice nurse today, in a couple of hours.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Your fall decorations are beautiful, I love the leaves in the window: very poetic!
How special your presents are. :)

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Your fall decorations are lovely and I am so happy to read that you have set yourself some goals, you sound much more posative, which is fantastic. Your gifts are wonderful, I'm sure they brightened your day too :0)
Take care,
Julia xxx

cockerina said...

Hello Kim! I'm so happy that you commented on my blog! it does not matter if you have no desire to participate in international swap, the simple fact that you're reacting to your depression, and given you a goal to reach, it makes me feel happy!
But if you change your mind, let me know soon, you have until October 10 to decide, I'll wait! this is not just to join you, remember, but it is a stimulus for you to create, and keep your hands and your brain busy ..
never stop to keep your head busy with positive thoughts, this is the primary objective that you must have.
Take the medicine that the doctors will give you and not be tired too, but remember that the best medicine for you is optimism! courage dear friend, I am close to you, hug you and hope to see you soon in your blog your fantastic minis!
imagine you, is beautiful, with the gifts that you received and see the joy in your eyes! I'm happy for you!
I also would like to send a gift to you, leave me your address to my mail, please!

a big hug from far away Italy!!!!

Ascension said...

Hola Kim!!!
Me laegro muchisimo de verte tan animada.
Te ha quedado muy bonita tu casa.
La foto del gatito mirando por la ventan es adorable.
Enhorabuena por tantos regalitos, son maravillosos y seguro que te han ido genial para subir el animo.
Cuidate mucho.
besitos ascension

Tallulah Belle said...

Good for you having goals...keeping busy will help but please don't push it. I so wish I lived by you still :-( Just remember I am here should you need a mid winter vacation ;-)

Love the fall decorations and I remember these are your favorites. I love the it just paper leaves...looks really effective whatever it is.

Take care xxxx

Lainie's Little Things said...

Your decorations are lovely. I love your walls! Mine are just painted sheetrock. (Which really could use some refreshing)
Your little gifts are wonderful. Hope they brightened your day. I haven't commented much, but I have been keeping up with your blog along with all the others. You have inspired me to set some goals! My house is a wreck!

Sans! said...

I love love love that window you did. Your home look so cosy and no, your craft room doesn't look that messy. It looks like it belongs to an artist :).

I feel energised reading your post and I am happy Doreen and Wanda made you extra happy :):)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

So glad to hear that you are keeping busy with something creative. Love your craft room and the seasonal decor.

My place had a tornado go through it too and it's just now starting to look decent again. Ready for the next big mess up. ;)

Zlatica said...

Dear Kim, you are such a busy lady!
You did a lot of work. The autumn decoration is amazing... your home looks very cosy.
And my picture is in a beautiful frame. :)))

Kim said...

thank you everyone :) Jayne- those are wood leaf cutouts that I painted and hung with some wooden beads. I did them a few years ago, but I love to drag them out and hang them up each year- doubt I'll ever chuck them out I love them so much :)

Lainie- our walls are plaster and were in bad shape in some rooms- so after taking down the plaster in one room we decided never again and went over them with the wood :) I love the woodsy look and adore wood so it works good for me :) Our home is a constant work in progress- some days I wonder if things will be finished before I die-lol :)
Zlatica- I was hoping you would not think my framing too unprofessional--I'm not so good at framing :) I adore this picture so much- my favorite colors. It makes me smile every single day!