Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Candy House and a Few Gifts

I've been setting little goals for myself and I seem to be moving forward.  This last weekend I finally cleaned up my garden a little bit- I'm about halfway done.  After I did all that work I decided I would reward myself with some Candy House work.  I'm almost done with the basics in the bedroom.  I did the skinny stick flooring and I decided that I wanted to stain it gray instead of a wood tone.  I like how it turned out- after I was finished I tried to go back and do some sanding for wear.  I haven't decided if I will do more or not- I hate to ruin it since it was a lot of work!  I also have been slowly finishing the beadboard work- still a little left to do there, but it's close!  The board and circle that is under Amélie is eventually going to be a wicker bed- if I succeed with my plans.
I've also tiled the inside of the dormer.  I was going to make it a window seat, but then I decided I like how the birdcage planter looks in there, so I tiled instead.  I'm pretty pleased with how that turned out too.
I've recieved some wonderful minis this week .  Some I purchased and some were gifts from friends.  I'm going to show you a couple today and be back later to show more :)  Lea from http://liraeldreams.blogspot.com sent me the most beautiful miniature drawings she did herself while in Paris for school.  They are incredible and even more amazing in person- such detail in such a tiny little space!  Lea also sent the sweetest little Eiffel Tower and all of these items had to be popped into the candy house because Amélie is french you know and she claimed them straight away!

I have more things to share, but I'll be back tomorrow.  I have to go do some work so I have money to buy minis after all :)  Before I leave, here's a picture of someone that seems to be taking up a lot of my time lately.  I forgot how much attention young dogs need-he wants to play CONSTANTLY_ but look at that face!  How could I ever say no??!!  Please ignore the hair on the carpet around him- between Miko and the 3 cats the fur is there again 10 minutes after I vacuum!  The price you pay for your furry babies ♥


Lainie's Little Things said...

Looks great! I love the birdcage in the niche. The drawings are gorgeous.

Katie said...

Hi! Lea's drawing are really neat! What a special gift to give, huh!! I'm loving where you're going with the upstairs....That birdhouse is so pretty! And it looks great with the tiled floor!

Totally see how playing with dog is irresistable! Just look at that face! You should try working with all these cats! LOL! Either someone wants lovin' or they want to eat, or someone is getting in to something, or they're fighting....It's an ongoing battle! And I wouldn't have it anyother way!!! :)

I spy something hanging on the wall in the candy house:)


Glenda said...

I like the grey floor - the colour fits well!
And real mini art - a special treat!
The drawings are lovely!!

Briarwood Miniatures said...

The grey floor is lovely, and the puppy too cute! What a dollface. :)


sunshine said...

I can't get over how much Miko looks like Cheech. So cute!!! :)

I love that mini Eifle tower and the pictures!! They are amazing.

The candy house is coming along really well. I'm liking it a lot!


Papillon Bleu said...

Oh Kim i wish I could go there and play with your puppy while you are busy making lovely things for Amélie!
It is so nice to see all these delightful things you've made.

I love the wooden floor you've made. Everything inside the house is so lovely. In fact, it does have a little something French.

Lots and lots and lots of Love to you!!!!

( see? it worked this time!!!! YAY!!!!)

CLARA said...

Está precioso. Los dibujos muy buenos y muy bien enmarcados.
Besos Clara

kibbygirl said...

I wish I could babysit Miko too for you while you were gone. Too cute! The room looks really, really good too. I like the colours you chose, the floor looks amazing and the decor so far is perfect. Those drawings are a real treasure too. It is quite a talent to be able to draw at all let alone in miniature.

Dani said...

What a wonderful gifts Kim, you are a lucky girl !!, and look at his face...would fall in love right away !! , sorry for the short chat yesterday, hope till soon Sis much love from oversea Xxx Dani

Claudia said...

Wonderful minis, Kim. I'm glad you're working on your minis again. The floor and wainscoting look great. And your little puppy is adorable!


Doreen said...

I really like that little birdcage and it does look so good in that space. Miko is so adorable. Our little one also demands a lot of attention and wants to play all the time. But they are sooo sweeet and so lovable.

Cinderella Moments said...

Your floors turned out great. Now come and do mine! The wainscoting is fabulous!!

Jill said...

That beadboard looks so awesome!! I've had the materials to do that in The Little Pink House, but I'm such a chicken. One of these days I'll jump in and go for it. I think you've inspired me!
I love those Paris sketches~ sooo cool!

Sans! said...

Candy house is turning out just great! Show us your wicker bed soon :)

Zlatica said...

The house looks amazing! Amelie will have such a beutiful home!
And I can see my Magnolia girl there. :)))
Your dog is sooo sweet!

kimsminiatures said...

Wow those little paris sketches look amazing.
I love your cute puppy. I know how much attention little fur babies need. I know I would have the best time at your house. Miniatures and fur babies my favorites. Hugs~ Kim

Julia said...

Kim, this candy house is amazing. I can't wait to see the whole thing finished. Do you sell these houses?

Kim said...

Thanks everyone! Katie- don't you think you'd be lonely without all your kitties? I know I would be without my babies- but the cats are quite jealous of Miko right now because they only used to have to fight each other for my attention!

Laura- I think Miko looks a bit like Cheech too!! I still want to kidnap Cheech though!

Patricia- I think Miko would LOVE you!!!

Dani- don't worry- soon the snow will fly and we will have more time to chat. I do miss you lots though- much love!

Claudia- thank you- it does help to stop being so down and get back to creating again- making things makes a person feel so much better, doesn't it?

Doreen- You are right- they are so sweet! Maybe too sweet- Miko gets away with a lot of naughtiness :)

Cinderella (so sorry- I don't know your real name!) I would LOVE to come do your floors- your dollhouses are always so amazing! I think it would be fun to work with you ♥

Kim- you would be more welcome at my house- your pups are too cute too!

Julia- I don't sell them- never could because I am WAAAAY too slow :) I've been thinking of fairy projects for you though :)

Kim said...

Jill- go for it girl- every mistake can always be redone :) I just used those chunky tongue depressor sticks and skinny sticks- we don't have much shopping around here so sometimes I make do with what I can get :) I loved your fall decorating- your home is so cute!

Lainie- thanks sweetie! I love the drawings too- things like that are so special to me!

Cia, Clara, Glenda- thank you so much!! I was a little nervous about the grey floor since it took so long to glue and sand those skinny sticks, but I'm glad I did it now!

Kibbygirl- today Miko is being very naughty- could you come to babysit today?? Please with sugar??

Sans- thank you! I am behind on your blog- I read your last posts and meant to come back to comment after I thought about them a bit and forgot to come back! Your blog always makes me think- I love it so much!

Zlatica- I LOVE my little Magnolia girl so much- every time I look at it I smile- it's one of my very favorite mini items ♥

Angela said...

Oh my gosh, he is absolutely adorable. Definitely looks like the prince in the house!!