Monday, September 6, 2010

New Goodies and The Candy House

When I saw this cute little Mr Potato Head toy on Minnie Kitchen's blog I knew I had to have one for Amelie if she listed them in her etsy shop.  I was lucky enough to snatch one of them and Amelie loves him!
I also received a bonus surprise gift from Minnie Kitchen- this adorable little bowl of roses!  They are so tiny- and perfect too!  I put my finger in the picture so you can get an idea of how small and delicate they are.  I put them on the nightstand in the bedroom of the flower shop dollhouse.  Thank you so much for the extra gift- I am amazed by both items and love them so much!

 I've done a bit of work on the candy house too.  The shingles are moving along and I've started adding some more frosting to the house.  There are gumdrops on top of the dormer roof and chocolate bar bites on the chimney.
I also started working on the bedroom inside the candy house.  I started the wood floors- they needed to be sanded and then I'm going to paint the floor a medium gray.  I put a thick bead board around the bottom edge of the walls and painted the top lavender- with lavender checkered wallpaper in the dormers.
Last, but not's one of the chickens on the swing in their outdoor pen.  She sits here all the time, even when it's windy and the swing is moving.  Have a great day!!


Melly Kay said...

the mini mr potato head is killing me!! I love it :D I really really love your candy house. You're so awesome Kim!

(& I can't believe your chicken sits on a swing LOL! so adorable!)

I hope you have an awesome day *hugs*

ShellbyFay said...

Wow those little roses and the Mr Potatoe Head are adorable! And the small pot of roses looks great on the table.

Kim the Candy House is really coming on. I'm loving the gum drops. The whole house looks good enough to eat!!

Lainie's Little Things said...

The Candy House is looking great! SOOOO Much work!
I don't think you entered my 100 Posts Giveaway yet. I couldn't resist another giveaway.

De said...

The Candy House looks so good! The bedroom colors are very pretty, too.

sunshine said...

I love mini Potato Head! That is too cute! The flowers are just amazing as well. I got a kick out of the shoes kicked off by the dresser. :)

The candy house is coming along really nicely. And I love the chicken!

Papillon Bleu said...

it is good to see Amélie! Am still gobsmacked by the progress of the candy house and the detail you put in it.
The photo of the hen really makes me laugh! She looks so cute and happy!

Have a beautiful week Kim!

Fiver said...

OOOH, I saw those little Mr. Potato Heads on her blog, I just love them! And the little roses are beautiful and so tiny!
Wow, Kim!! The candy house is looking so awesome! It's seriously making me want something sweet to eat with all that talk of frosting and gumdrops and chocolate, lol. Love the gum drops on the dormers, great idea!
What a cutie little chicken on her swing, LOL. Great photo. :)

Jill said...

I'm so totally lovin' that Mr.Potato Head!! Just checked her site and didn't see any left. I hope she makes more!
Your candy house is looking great! I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together. You're so creative-- I know it will be great!

Ascension said...

Tu casita de caramelo esta de dulce!!!!
Mister Potato te ha quedado de lo mas real, enhorabuena tambien por esas flores.
Me encanta pasar a visitarte.
besitos ascension

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Lovely miniatures!
The candy house always makes me dream. :) It's nice that you have started on the interior, it's turning out wonderfully!

Katie said...

I'm loving this house:) The frosting looks amazing! And that tiny little mr potato head is so tiny!

...A swinging hen, huh!! That's something you definitly have to do in mini, lol!! So freaking cute....but then again, Why do the chickens have a swing??? lol...

Pan said...

Mr Potato head is so cute! Love Amelie and the Candy House too. :-)

Sans! said...

Shoooootie shoot shoot! I love so many things about this post. That picture of Mother Hen on the swing should be submitted to some magazine. Or take a video and send it to America's Funniest . LOL

I am in love, Mr Potatoe Head, will you marry me ?

But the best thing is your candy house, Kim. I can see all your love and affection in this house. It will be such a gem . It already is .

Clara said...

¡Muy buena compra Mr potato y un detalle el tazon con rosas exquisitas!
La casita de caramelo lleva buen ritmo, vas adelantando un poco de cada lado, asi no te aburres mientras se seca el trabajo.
Besos Clara

Julia said...

Oh my!!! I'm almost speechless over this candy house and all the detail work you are doing. That Mr. Potato Head and bowl of flowers are so wonderful!

Eileen Bergen said...

That Mr. Potato Head is just too much. I don't know what it is about miniatures that delight us so much; but they sure do.

The candy house is scrumptious looking. I love the gumdrops!

Kim said...

Melly Kay- I love it when you visit me! Thank you for your sweet words- you can see why I HAD to buy Mr Potato head even though I'm supposed to be saving money, right??? I love him so much! You are awesome too girl- I think I probably will never change my blog I love it so much and I think of you every single time I see it!

Laura- I made a doll!! I think mini Kim and mini Laura are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality!

Patricia- I adore Améile--I finally figured out how to put the correct punctuation!- I think of you every time I work on the candy house- you are my inspiration for it!

Ascension- you always leave such sweet comments- thank you!!!

Katie- I'm not quite sure why the chickens have a swing- my hubby put it up for them. I don't think he thought any of them would actually use it- but this hen loves it!!

Thank you so much everyone that leaves comments- it inspires me to keep on working on the candy seems so slow going some days :) You are all just the best!!!

Cinderella Moments said...

The house is looking fantastic! I can't wait to see it done!


Dani said...

What a great goodies Kim ! love them !!....and how fun is that a chicken on a swing :) sure she loves it !! Till soon Kimmy , Much love Dani Xxxx

Thimbleprims Studio said...

I LOVE Amelie. Did you make her? She is a lovely little girl. And, the house takes my breath away.
Big hugs from,
Cindy at Thimbleprims Studio

Kim said...

Caroline- thank you- that is a wonderful compliment from such a skilled dollhouse artist :)

Dani- much love back to you! It's been a bad week...but I'll catch up with you soon, I promise. The kitties are sooo cute!

Cindy- I'm so glad you stopped by! I just visited your blog and it is adorable! I love your creations! I did not make Amé wonderful friend Patricia did. You should peek at her blog- it is magic ♥ Here is her link- she is a talented doll artist too :)

Zlatica said...

Oh Kim, the house looks fantastic. A lot of work... :) Your fingers are very nifty.
Don´t you wish sometimes to be a little smaller to use all those wonderful things in your house?

sunshine said...

Hey Sweetie!
One of the blogs that I follow just started up a new blog about miniatures. I think that you will LOVE it. She's got some amazing things. :)
Here's the link if you get time to check her out.