Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday On Wednesday again

Before I begin, I have to apologize.  I have new followers to welcome and I have not been able to keep up with reading everyone's blogs.  I have not been feeling very well and although I've been trying hard to keep up with everything I'm not really doing a very good job of it.  I've decided that I need to stop beating myself up over it and trying to be super-woman and just achieve what I can right now.  A huge thank you and welcome to my new followers and I promise I'll do a proper welcome as soon as I can.  Now onto Healthy Thinking Thursday, which I am doing today because tomorrow is full booked and I don't know if I'll have time.
I stopped with these posts for awhile.  I would read them and think to myself- you sound like a broken record, you sound like you are not even trying.  I have felt frustrated and depressed.  The appointment with the endo is getting closer and I think that I'm going to start these posts again- simply for myself.  If you want to read and comment- fabulous!  I love the support!  However, if you want to skip past, that's okay too and I won't feel offended.  I just want to chronicle the next few months for myself.  I want to have someplace to write down if I feel better, if I feel worse, if I feel confused, etc.  I am not sleeping well and all these questions in my brain I want to write down and get out of there!  I struggled with whether or not I was going to blog about this new adventure with Hashimoto's disease or keep it private.  I want my blog to be happy and full of creativity and gardening and fun......but since I feel like all of those things are such a struggle for me lately I feel more true to myself if I just have thursdays for posting about the real things going on behind the dollhouses and the art projects and gardening.  I still want to get this extra weight off of me.  Unfortunately it has increased a bit since I started this quest- but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it.  I'm hoping going on medication will allow me to re-start exercising again.  I am convinced that being unable to exercise has a lot to do with my depression.  If I could choose just one thing the medicine would help it would be the aching in my hip and joints. healthy tips and  no progress....but a countdown of 13 days until I see the endocrinologist and hopefully start on a road to feeling better.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far ♥


.... x hel x .... said...

Hi Kim,

Sorry to hear you are poorly. Have you thought about swimming. I know it's a bit of a non starter when you feel overweight and don't want to be seen in your swimming wear but it might help your pains in your hips and joints.

x hel x

sunshine said...

I think that it is a great idea to keep these Thursday posts (sometimes on Wednesdays.. hehee) to keep track of your health. You'll be able to use it as a tool for your Dr.'s as well.

I know that once the meds start doing their job, you are going to feel so much better. It may take awhile but, I promise will happen. There IS a light at the end of this miserable tunnel Kimmy.

Just know that I'm thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers always.

Thank you SO much for the beautiful birthday card(s). I love them. They came yesterday but I was tres busy and didn't get a chance to email you.
THanks again. You're the BEST!!!

I feel like I'm so behind on blog reading too. I'm an awful friend. ;p


Heather said...

We all know that life isn't always happy. It's ok to express that. I know a little about what your going through. I have rheumatoid arthritis and last year I had half my thyroid removed because of lump. (Turned out fine). But it is a challenge to get the meds balanced. On top of it all I've always been prone to depression. I think it helps to talk about it.

Good luck


Ascension said...

Kim, me encanta pasar por tu blog y leer tus comentarios.
Me gustaria que fuesen cosas alegres, trabajos en miniatura.......pero comprendo que estas pasando por un mal momento y necesitas hablar y contar.
Por lo tanto me parece genial que utilices tu blog para ello, no obligas a nadie a leer ni a comentar y a ti te sirve.
Espero que cuando visites al endocrino aunque tengas que esperar unos dias, te de la solucion y puedas ser un poquito mas feliz, hasta entonces yo seguire pasando por tu blog y leyendo como estas de animo.
Estoy segura que todo se va a arreglar, ten confianza.
Te mando un monton de besitos y toda la energia positiva que tengo.
besitos ascension

Katie said...

Hey you! Lets start with a Big hug! Then some advice:) Why don't you write things down?? Get a notebook, or even an art journal (I know you can make a beautiful one!!) ....and just write it down as it comes to you. I do this...and it helps. Next, Stop stressing yourself! It's your blog, You can do what you want! We'll still be here:) And if you ever need to vent, you can always email me:) I'd be glad to listen:) Hope you start seeing brighter days soon..... Just remember.... One Day at a Time!! Big Hugs!!

Julia said...

I am thinking of you daily. I am praying that when you get on the medicines that you will start feeling better and have more energy! I would definitely keep going with the blog posts on your health. If I didn't have the blog about my mother I think I would be as crazed as she is sometimes. I guess that didn't sound too nice, now did it? Oh well, that's why I need my blog. It really does help. It helps me to know that you are reading it sometimes and that it seems to be helping you with some of your issues.

Tallulah Belle said...

Kim I really hope you get to feeling much better very soon.

Please don't beat yourself up not being able to do need to rest a while and get better.

Thinking of you often xxx

Eileen Bergen said...

I made it all the way to the end, Kim. Know that your followers care about YOU.

Life is not all "sunshine, lollipops and roses". These posts are real life and let me know that you need a few extra prayers.

I'll be counting down with you ...

ittybittyandpretty said...

it is hard to be in such a want to lose weight but the pain stops you which leads to more depression. they say the first step out of the blues is to get active...maybe you could find something that doesnt hurt your body but is still a bit of an activity that gets you out in the air or in a social setting...
i hope the doctor gives you something to help with your pain and that you can start to feel happy once more.
p.s. your candy house looks fabulous!!

Jill said...

Hello Sweet Kim,

Sounds like your health will be making some positive changes soon. I think your Thursdays are a great idea. You simply can't go wrong if you stay true to yourself.

Please take care-- I'm sending positive thoughts your way...


Briarwood Miniatures said...

Girlfriend, you have lots of support behind the scenes. Sending lots of hugs and healing thoughts your way!

The only thing of importance, when we depart, will be the traces of love we have left behind.
~ Albert Schweitzer

And you do that in abundance!


Sans! said...

Hey Kim :). Just me again popping by to see how you are doing. I want to just tell you to forget the guilt about not doing everyone right, be it reading blogs, welcoming followers et etc. We all know what life's like when health is not on our side. At the moment, that is. It will get better:). Keep being optimistic :). We will be here when you need :).

Kim said...

Hel- swimming! Genius- I don't know why I didn't think of that- I bet I could do that without it hurting so much! I think you may have helped my sanity- a thousand thank you's for the suggestion!

Laura- thank you for always having my back girl- words can't say. I'm mad my cards didn't make it in time :( Maybe next year I'll be on the ball.

Heather- thank you for your sweet comment. It helps me tons when others know what I am struggling with- definitely makes me feel less alone and less crazy.

Ascension- you are one of the sweetest bloggers around. You are always here with a nice comment and support and I really appreciate it- I send you hugs and kisses too and lots of thanks!

Katie- I know you have challenges too and you know- partly because of you- I have been writing tons of things down...I'm taking it to the doctor with me to discuss the things I don't understand or the things I am wondering about. I figure that I'm going to take charge and MAKE the doctors pay attention to me :) One day at a time is excellent advice right now because I am struggling with impatience. Thank you sweetie!!

Julia- thank you so many times over and you know you stay in my daily prayers. I'm very thankful for our friendship ♥

Jayne- I am trying to settle down and be patient- mostly so frustrated. I know you know all about wanting to do things and having your body fight you on it. I think I'm slowly realizing that I need to concentrate on my body first and foremost and let some other things go for awhile. You are a wonderful friend- thank you for your support.

Eileen- thank you so much for reading till the end :) You are also a wonderful surprise friend- I'm so glad that we met through blogging. Thank you for your will be easier after this first appointment when I know more about what is going on with me.

Rosey- you are so sweet- thank you for the support. I'm going to beat this crap- I am positive :) I hope your store is doing well- I've thought about you and the store a bit over the past few weeks :)

Jill- thank you so much- every single comment lately keeps my chin up and you are a wonderful friend also ♥

Cia- your comment made me get tears in my eyes- darn messed up hormone levels! Thank you so much- that is the sweetest thing to say ever and has lifted my entire day ♥

Sans- I can't believe my luck in having you for a swap partner and meeting such a caring person. I am blessed by blogging- that is for sure. Thank you for your support and for visiting me ♥

Right now I really have to work on keeping my attitude positive so every single comment here has been very important to me and helps me battle on more than you know. Thank you everyone ♥

Doreen said...

Hi Kim. I am sorry that you have been down. I am afraid that I have also been away from minis and my blog for awhile so I was not aware of it. I feel that your blog is a very personal thing that you can use as you see fit and it does not matter what others think. It can be a place where you can vent or use it as a tool in any way you see the need. Sure it is great to tell of your hobbies and gardens but sometimes you need to tell your thoughts and just express concerns or hopes and this way you can connect with a support group. I have not written in my blog for awhile as I have nothing to write about. My garden has been the pitts this year and I just can't seem to get back to my minis unless I have a project to work on so I am in limbo right now. I had a nervous breakdown a few years ago so I know what depression is. I went to a psycologist and he helped me through it but you do have to have patience and just take one step at a time. You mean a lot to me as I really feel a kinship with you and I don't like to see you down. Don't beat yourself up and don't worry about what others think. True friends will still be here and we love you.

Dani said...

Hi Kimmy, hope you have a relaxing weekend with lots of inspiration , hope things are things go a bit better, saw a bit of more sunshine a few days this week ;)...sending some to you also in the message....hope till soon sweety Xxx

Zlatica said...

Kim, I´m thinking of you!
I hope you are feeling better.
Sending you a lot of energy!!!!