Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Kitchen and some swap items from Ira!!!!

The other day I was reading the blog of my new friend Eileen from
She had a link to tutorials for metal reposse and I mentioned that I had done that same technique to my kitchen cabinets.  I don't think I have ever shown it before here on my blog- but here they are. 

My kitchen is VERY small and the cabinets were a horrible stained plywood- I hated how small the dark stain made the room feel and I hated how cheap the cabinets looked.  Since a major remodel was not in the cards I decided to do what I could myself to fix  things up.  I bought some metal on a roll from the art store- I think this is aluminum, but not sure now. I drew the design out on paper and then used a dried up ink pen to transfer the pattern to the metal.  Then you take a stylus or one of those stump pencils for blending charcoal and go over the design on one side with a mouse pad underneath the metal.  After this is finished you turn your work over and go along both sides of the raised design to further pop up and define the design.  Now you have valleys on the backside of your work- I filled these in with wood putty so the design would not be ruined if it was banged on from the front. Next, I took India ink and covered the panels, then wiped the ink off so that the ink was left mostly in the valleys.  They received a heavy dose of sealer and then the last step was to attach them to the cabinets and trim them out.  You can probably see I am not the best carpenter if you look closely, but I really love these cabinets now and the white wash type paint treatment makes the room look much larger. 

Okay....on to my new swap items from Ira from  !!!!  I cannot tell you how happy I was as I opened each little package from this swap.  My package should be going out on friday Ira- so sorry I'm so slow!  Here are my are going to be amazed!!!

First, we have a little garden basket and 3 pots of flowers.  Oh how much I LOVE these little orange daisies.  They all went to my flower shop/bakery patio :

Next, there was these adorable arrangments on metal stands.  I saw Ira make some of these on her blog and wanted one soooo bad- and I recieved two!!!  Lucky me!!!  The pink one will go in the bedroom of the candy house and the blue one is going in the flower shop.  The sweet little bird is going to the living room in the candy house I think.  I love them all so much!
There's the blue one up there on the counter in the flower shop- of course it is selling right away!  Ira also sent the most adorable basket of pink daisies- I had to add that to the flower shop too- they are perfect!  There is a little bouquet of roses and I couldn't decide where to put them- they were perfect in so many different places, but I think they are going on the bed in the flower shop house for right now....right next to my treasured journals from Glenda.
I saved the very best for last.  Don't get me wrong- I love every single item, but this just made me jump up and down like a little girl.  This is a pot of sunflowers with red centers for the candy house.  I love it soooo much and it's going to look so perfect sitting next to the front door.  There are also some adorable signs with teddy bears that I'm going to use in the candy house- I didn't show them too close because I need to fix one of them- I accidentally tore it a bit trying to get it apart :(  It's not too bad though and should be an easy fix- they are soo cute!   Thank you sooo much Ira- I hope you like what I send to you!!


Dani said...

Oh wauw Kim, that looks so cool !! are so creative !!..i love the miniture things you made too smart girl Xxxx

Merry Jingle said...

Good that the package arrived :) And better that you liked the minies :) The varnish must have been melting in the heat, just put some darker varnish on top of it, it will be instant shabby chic :D

I love what you've done to your kitchen cabinets, they look great!

And I'm 100% sure that I'll love what you've done for me :)

sunshine said...

Love your cupboards! They turned out amazing! What a great idea.

The things that you received in the swap are too cute! Lucky you!
It almost makes me want to start doll housing... :P


PAKY said...

Your swap gifts are wonderful, so cute! the kitchen cabinets looks great... hugs

Glenda said...

Thanks for the metal technique, Kim!

Ira's goodies are lovely - I've just received a parcel from her, too - great excitement! She has a lovely knack of knowing exactly what to send! said...

Kudos on your getting-it-doneness! Looks like a big project and honest it would have taken me a year! It must be so much brighter and more fun in your kitchen!

Zlatica said...

Kim, your kitchen looks great!
And the mini bed... amazing! I just do not understand how someone can make such tiny things so perfectly. I do not have such a patience.

Kathi said...

Ira's daisies with the pink centers are just too cute! Love what you've done with your kitchen cabinets Kim. They look great!

Kim said...

Dani ♥♥ You are so sweet. The cabinets are by me...but the minis are by the talented Ira- aren't they beautiful??? I'm working on something for you sweetie--I'll try to mail asap ♥

Kim said...

Ira- darker varnish- thank you for the tip! I knew I could fix it, but too nervous to try before I took the pictures. They are so adorable and I love everything soooo much! Thank you!!

Laura!! ♥♥♥ I can recommend some dollhouse sites :) ( just kidding- but maybe when all those kids are grown?) Thank you dear!!

Kim said...

Paky- thank you so much!

Glenda- you are correct-Ira is sooo good at sending the perfect items- I'm so happy I had the chance to swap with her. I'm not the most confident in swaps yet :)

Chris- I didn't write that it took me about 4 or 5 months--I could only do it for so long and then I would have to let my hand and shoulder take a rest. Attaching them to the cabinets took the longest because I'm not a good carpenter. thanks for your sweet comment :)

Kim said...

Zlatica- thank you so much....the minis are all by the fabulously talented Ira- are they not terrific?? I am so lucky to have such generous and talented friends- yourself included!

Kathi- did you have a hard time choosing a favorite? I sure did! Thank you for the compliments on the cabinets ♥

Eileen Bergen said...

The cabinets are gorgeous!

I'm so impressed that you did them without any special tools - mostly stuff many crafters have laying around the house.

Plus you didn't use smelly liver of sulfur. Thanks for sharing the detailed how-you-did-it.

Now I'm off to buy some craft metal sheet. :-D

It must have been like Christmas in July when you opened the package from Ira. What wonderful little delights!

I hope you'll share what you send Ira in return ;-)

Sans! said...

Kim, what an inspiration your cabinets are, I think I have exactly those cheap ugly cabinets you talked about!! Yours turned out really beautiful. I can just imagine how fabulous your kitchen must look.Hmmm, do I have the energy? I seem to lack the enthusiasm and energy I have for minis when it comes to real life craft :).

Ira's little swap is wonderful :). Its good to see you so happy :).

miniaturista said...

Un patio con flores siempre es acogedor.
Un abrazo