Friday, July 9, 2010

more on the candy house :)

This week is flying past me!  I was only able to work a little bit on the candy house this week- hope to get a bit further over the weekend if I can catch up on housework a little.  First, I thought I would show you a little sketch I did in my journal of the candy house.  The dollhouse won't be a shop that sells candy- it will be a normal house inside....but the outside will be similar to a gingerbread house.  There will be square cookie siding with candy buttons added here and there.  The posts will be like candy peppermint sticks....the railing on the balcony will be lollipops and there will be touches of red rope licorice everywhere.  I don't know why I'm so excited to build this house, but it seems to keep calling to me so I'm finally just listening to it and starting to build.  Maybe I'll get bored after a week or so and go back to the bus, who knows?  Here's the sketch I made so I would have an idea of where I was going with the dollhouse:
 Here's some pictures of the start of the siding.  I think I like how the siding is turning out- I bought a little sheet of balsa wood and carved the cookies out and then painted it.  The candy buttons are those little wood plugs you buy to cover up a screw in your woodworking.

Before I go do some work for the day I thought I'd post a picture of a baby present I made- I like how it turned out and I hope the new Mom likes it too.  I bought the frame and painted the floral border and the little sheep I added to the corners.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm so excited to start mine!  It's so great to be feeling better lately....still no dizzy spells and what a difference it makes!


Tallulah Belle said...

Wow Kim this is going to be so cool. I love your ideas and your sketch is awesome.

I can't draw to save my life so have to keep all my ideas in my head which is not very effective at times lol.

The frame is really cute...a lovely gift.

Ascension said...

Me encanta el marco, es genial
El dibujo es una maravilla y la casita te esta quedando fabulosa!!
besitos ascension

Lainie's Little Things said...

I think your candy house will be great! You took the time to draw it out. I never do that either.
The baby frame is so cute, I'm sure the new mother will love it.

Fiver said...

It's going to be one awesome candy house!! I love the way the siding is looking, and your sketch is great. What a fun project, can't wait to see pics as it progresses.
No worries on your adorable picture frame, Kim. The new mommy will undoubtebly love it!

Merry Jingle said...

It's going to be fabulous, I love the siding you've done :) And I'm sure that your friend will love that picture frame, it's beautiful :) And good to hear that you're feeling fine :)

Eileen Bergen said...

That is so cute! I love the little candy buttons.

Sans! said...

Kim, don't ever throw away that drawing you made of the candy house. Add some colours and frame's real pretty! I have no doubt your candy house is going to be great!!

That baby present will be loved :). It's so cute!

Dani said...

Hi Kimmy, that looks so cool !!, who doesn't want to live in a candyhouse !!, must be so much fun to make that, see that you got the spirit back, mine is still lost somewhere, hope to get it back soon, have end you a message on msn but don't think you got it, miss you lots, hope to have a chat real soon again !! Have a wonderful weekend !! Xxx Dani

May said...

Que bonito boceto. Tienes muy buena mano.
La casa esta quedando fenomenal.
Besitos, May

Zlatica said...

This little house is going to be gorgeous, Kim. I´m looking forward to see it finished.
My father-in-law has sent the tiny gift for you in cca 10 days ago as a standard letter (although I asked him to use priority mail). I hope it will not last forever to reach you.

Katie said...

I've always wanted to do a candy house....So glad I get to see you do it! I can't believe you're doing the siding in basla wood- It looks awesome:) Ever thought of using polymer clay to make any of the candy? And what a cute picture frame:) Love the little lambs in the corner!!

...did you realize that the log cabin you're building is the same frame I'm using for the Mouse House??? I think it's sooo neat how you can change these houses into anything you want! Did you see that they have a castle out now??? Ohhh the possibilites!!!

Julia said...

The house is going to be so whimsical and fun!!! The frame is a perfect gift for a new baby!!!
Thanks for all your supportive comments lately. I've been trying to email you. I'm not sure it's going through. When I click on a person's name in my comments, go to their profile and click on their email, I'm not sure my messages are going through. Have you gotten replies to comments you've left me lately? I may have to go back to just emailing from my email site instead.

Kim said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments!

Dani- msn must still be not working right! so sorry- work has been crazy, but we are getting caught up and I am going to try my hardest to catch you this week for a chat- I miss you so much too!!! Boo, Netherlands lost- so sorry :( But Spain won- hooray for Mano!! Funny to cheer for both sides :)

Zlatica- thank you so much- I'll be sure to post it framed on my blog- you are sooo sweet to send this to me ♥ No worries- I am patient for your wonderful artwork :)

Katie- I am going to use polymer clay for licorice rope for sure- and maybe some molds I just bought too! So excited for that part!

Thank you everyone again- your comments keep me so excited to work on things! You are all awesome!!!