Tuesday, June 1, 2010

 I tried so many times this weekend to get this uploaded.......I think it may be time to start saving for a new computer at home.  I finally gave up and I'm posting this video later than promised  from the work computer.  For some reason I can get it to work here at work, but not at home.  So, anyways....here is the promised video.  I sound like a dufus, but maybe if I make more I'll sound better.  Laura from http://sunshineshangout.blogspot.com and Angela from http://www.freespirithaven.com  ,   I have great respect for how awesome your videos look and sound.


Dani said...

I love it ,i love it, i love it !!!!....cannot wait to see it full of flowers...wish i can see it once being there myself !!...nice to hear your voice again .....have a great day...and keep an eye on your mailbox...well think it will not fix in it...keep an eye on the postman haha...think it will be too late but you never know , hope you like it...it is send with love ..Xxxx Dani

Julia said...

This is beautiful! Wow!

sunshine said...

I can't believe how much the garden has grown since the last video. It's looking really good. I guess in the next one, everything will be blooming eh!

You DO NOT sound like a dufus! You have a lovely voice. :)
For some reason I thought that it would have more of a sarcastic sneer to it, like mine does! :P
Great video. I loved it. :)


Claudia said...

Kim, your garden is enchanting! The video makes me wish I was there in person to walk through it. Love hearing the sound of the chimes in the background, but even more - love hearing your sweet voice!


Just Jessie... said...

Kim you have the cutest voice! I want to do a video now just so you can hear my Tennessee twang - then we can fight over who sounds like a dufus!!! Love the video btw :)

kibbygirl said...

Your yard looks so amazing! I can just imagine when it is full of flowers in the prime of summer. I can picture myself out there with a cup of tea, hearing the birds, smelling the gardeny smells and soaking it all in. Definately post more so we can see the progress.

Angela said...

Oh girl, this was so much fun. I loved the tour. I so adored the sound of the wind chime. I love the path that you have like that. A dream of mine for my back yard actually....no grass,,just paths and flowers, plants everywhere !!

I have to be honest here,,girl, you sound like a young 20 year old. Your voice is young..I'm not saying your old but i don't think your early 20's.Dufus my ass girl..young chick!!! Your video made me feel like I was walking along with you at your place.