Tuesday, June 8, 2010

some minis and some garden and a project of the week

Well, I managed to finish the kitty bed, but lost the camera cable and didn't feel like looking for it because the garden called to me.  I found the camera cable last night and so now I can share the new kitty bed with you.  Here is Latte trying it out for me- they almost fight over this new bed.....I cannot believe that all 3 cats like it!  I lined the inside with some green fabric and a green ribbon and the cushion is made from green fleece.  Fleece is really easy to vacuum or toss in the washing machine to keep clean.  I added some wooden feet made from curtain rod parts and re-enforced the entire bottom of the suitcase with a sheet of plywood glued to the inside bottom- just in case my male cat is a little too chunky for the bottom of the real suitcase :)  I'd hate to see him fall through!  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
I also have been working on a miniature swap that is due this fall.  I am pretty sure that my swap partner does not read my blog, so I have to share with you the chair I made for this swap.  I need to make a second one now- I hope it turns out just as well- I should have worked on them together!   I love how this turned out too- hope my swap partner likes it :)

The only work I did on the bus this last week was to add some shelves beside the still unfinished fridge.  I have to get working on that fridge! Actually, I have to get working on the bus so I can finish it up and start working on my candy house- the candy house is in my head all the time and it's driving me crazy to wait to work on it!  Is that a miniature sickness?  You are already thinking of the next project before the current project is finished?

Since I have not been so great at keeping up with my blog I'm posting a lot of random things.  Here I have to show you the most fabulous tablecloth I found when I went to visit my Mom a couple of weeks ago.  I layered it over a green tablecloth.  I love it soooo much and felt like I won the lottery when I spied it!
Last- I can't leave without showing you the bloom I spied this morning- so gorgeous!  Hope your week is wonderful!  Think I'll go glue the frame for a second chair :)


Claudia said...

Love the tablecloth, Kim - that is a real find. Your mini is fabulous.

I bet your cats are really enjoying their new bed. That was such a clever idea!


Tallulah Belle said...

I am so behind sorry.

I love that cat bed lol.

I am glad you are getting out in the garden as well.....hope the bugs aren't biting too bad :-)

That is a really pretty tablecloth as well....looks great layered like that.

Is the chair wicker...that always looks so fiddly to me....it looks great and they'll love it I am sure.

Oh and yes that miniature sickness...I have that as well :-)

sunshine said...

Hi this is your mini swap partner and I love the chair!!!
Muwhahahaha... ;P

Look at that fat cat in the suitcase!! How cute is that???? Pretty friggin cute I'd say. Personally, I think it would be funny to see the cat fall through the bottom but that's just me. :)

The table cloth is great, the bus coming along wonderfully and the flower is da bomb!
Whew! Was that everything????
But seriously.. everything looks amazing!


Julia said...

My cat would love it if I would take the time to make her such a great bed. She has a basket with a pillow in it. She chooses to sleep on our furniture, though, leaving her hair everywhere.
Your little chair is amazing as are the little tiny shelves by the fridge!
The tablecloth is so beautiful. I love it over the green.
Gorgeous iris. I need to go photograph my day lilies. I say mine, but they are really my grandmother in law's that she planted years before we moved here.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

So many nice things in this post. :)
I love how the cat bed turned out, how creative!

Did you design the chair for the swap? It's very nice.

Yes, I also have many miniature projects in my head all the time! But I like it as it keeps me motivated to try new things. Of course, it also means that I sometimes don't finish my projects very fast because I have several going on at once.

Beautiful flower! Have a nice week,

Merry Jingle said...

Your cats really appreciate your crafting :)

And why not start with the candy shop right away - I have 4 houses, all unfinished, but I work with one in a time depending on which mood I am :)

cockerina said...

Hello Kim! as you are? beautiful chair!
on my blog, started subscriptions to the new "holiday swap"
you want to join?
kisses, Caterina

kibbygirl said...

that chair is incredible Kim! The cat bed turned out great too. I would snuggle in if I were small enough!

Kim said...

Thank you all!!! I am so in LOVE with that new tablecloth- I have been looking for one like it for a long time and to tell you the truth- if my sister had not been taking ages to decide on her purchase I would never have seen it- so thanks to my sis!

Maia- I "sort of" designed the chair. I started with the basic pattern in a book for making wicker furniture, but I wanted something more grand for my project, so I made the back longer and added the beads and scrollwork on the top of the chair as well as the beaded feet. I like how it turned out- but think I have lots of room for improvement.

Laura- darn it- I was hoping you wouldn't see the chair!!

Julia- my cats sleep on my furniture too- but I try to only let them on the sofa and only one bed- when I can see them that is. Crafty little buggers! At least I never catch them on the kitchen counters.

Ira- I've been thinking about it and I think you could be right. Maybe the reason I don't have any inspiration for anything else is because I cannot get that candy house out of my head! I think I'm gonna drag the box out this weekend and start planning. Life's too short for waiting around, right?

You guys are all awesome- thank you!!!

Dani said...

You with your golden hands...beautiful art pieces Kim !!...hope the package turns up soon...miss you too Xxxx....have send you a msn message...don't know if you got it ?...

Zlatica said...

Oh Kim, the chair is amazing!!!
Your swap partner will be very happy.

Katie said...

Sorry, had to go back yesterday and find this bus you were talking abotu, lol. I sure did miss a lot, huh! I think the bus is neat and can't wait to see where you go with it!

So, We love that cat bed over here! Although, I haven't showed them to the cats yet or'd they think they were missing out on something!

I'm impressed with that chair! (Wicker scares me, lol!)

Love the Iris! My day liles will be blooming soon! Started with 3 and over 100 bloomed last year:) Gardens make ya happy, don't they:)


Melly Kay said...

everything looks so cool, love the chair! :D i love that little Tide box too!!! man i miss making miniatures...gotta dedicate some time to it. i haven't made anything in months :(

i have the sickness too so it's okay :D i can never focus on one project...always thinking ahead. i think it's why i can never get anything done lol.

Doreen said...

I have made different cat beds for my cats and they turn their noses up at them. They prefer an old beaten up cardboard box. I have even put down a new cardboard box but they still prefer the battered up one. I love that tablecloth - and that iris is such a beauty as well. I have never seen one that colour before.

viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

Hi Kim,
Hey, your suitcase makes me think of the one I have from my Grandma. Nothing special, just the same one she used everytime she visited us from out of state. I have pictures of each of my girls playing in it when they were babies. Looks like a good place for your babies to hang out! The feet are fab!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi Kim, I love the idea for the cat bed. It is great!
Thank you for yoru visit and note.
Smiles, pat

Kathi said...

I LOVE my wicker chair Kim!! You surprised me for sure! :D
Thank you SO much for all of your gifts! You are so sweet!!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Wow! That table cloth is awesome. Love the cat bed idea. Are you sure you didn't toss the cat into the dryer by mistake? :) The wicker chair is way cool and I can't wait to see more pics on the bus and you've got a candy shop in mind? Wow! I'm not the only one.

cockerina said...

Come to my blog to know your partner for the Holiday Swap!

Melanie Farrell said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cat bed suitcase! I will have to do that with my next suitcase find!!! Thanks for sharing :)