Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Presents from My sweet penpal Dani ♥

Yesterday I had a tough day.  Imagine how excited and happy I was to find a present on my doorstep from my penpal Dani!  She sent this some time ago for my birthday and I was quite sad thinking it had been lost- and I know Dani has been very nervous too.  I had so much to do last night- but the very first thing I did was drop my car keys and purse and sat down right on the floor to open up the box :)  I'm the biggest 41 year old child you'll ever meet!  Here are my goodies I just have to share with all of you- thank you soooo much Dani- I love you! 

Here are some of the packages waiting for me to rip into them with glee!

I was truly spoiled here- what wonderful goodies were inside!
An inkpen and treats from The Netherlands!
Art supplies, a dvd of Chocolat and a vintage birthday postcard ( I love the postcard Dani!)
Dutch potholders, sweet little dutch clogs on keychains (LOVE these!), more art supplies in my favorite colors and a handmade sweet stuffed kitty that Dani sewed love into for me!

I think Dani made this bag- it's fabulous and I don't see a tag- thinking it's handmade :)  Also 2 little owl charms- I adore owls!  I already had to put one of those on a wall in my dollhouse so I would think of my sweet friend every time I saw it. 
A satchel of wonderful smelling potpourri, some pretty tissues for my purse, an apron, a beautiful pashmina, a notepad that is sooo cute and adorable tiny clothespins!

But....this is my favorite one and I can't stop hugging it and wishing I was hugging sweet Dani instead.  Thank you- I feel like it was my birthday all over again and I love it all!!!!


Dani said...

Hooray :) am so so happy that received finaly at your home , it is so nice to see my presents at your place , am so happy you like it ...! i know that cat would be your favorite...;)....i made the bag too...ever told you i made a bag with my mum once which we didn't know exacly how to do it while it seems to be so easy ?well ...this is the one , suddenly i thought i send it to you ..:) , this mades my day happy and makes the pain i feel right now (wisdom tooth) a bit less ...enjoy it all Kim, sorry that i didn't bought mini's !

Have a good day sweet Kim !

Much love,

Dani xx

Ps you can bring Amy if you ever come :)

Briarwood Miniatures said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift package. (And lots of chocolate...yum!) I love owls, too, Kim and the ones Dani sent you are fabulous. Hope the coming days are better ones for you! Hugs, Cia

kibbygirl said...

Wow... lucky you! Such a cool package. Happy belated birthday too :)