Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gardens and chickens

I've been busy, but I don't have much to share because I am working on 3 different miniature swaps and I don't want to ruin any surprises.  I did take a new garden video and there is a chicken video too- so you can hear me sound silly talking to my chick chick girls :)  Hope you are having a good week.  It has been cold, rainy and grey for many days here in Minnesota.  I love the rain- but a girl's garden needs a little sun too!  Especially for the peppers and tomatoes- please sun, won't you visit Minnesota soon??  Here is the silliness:



Fiver said...

OMG,cute little chicks!! Kim, what are their names? You have to give them names, you know.
Thanks for sharing that little video of your chickens and beautiful garden! That was fun.

Doreen said...

I loved the tour of your garden and it was nice to have the voice commentary with it. It made me feel like I was right there with you. I also loved the chicks. Those are Rhode Island Reds aren't they? A good dual purpose chicken. We had a mini farm a long time ago and I loved every minute with the chickens and other animals. We had a few pigs as well and they were a hoot.

sunshine said...

Hey chick chick!!! :P
Haha! Laura loves it! :)

I could only catch bits and pieces of what you were saying on the garden video because Massimo hasn't shut his mouth since he got up this morning....
It looks great though. I really like those ones that look like Daisy's but are a really bright pink!
I can't even imagine how much work you put into that. I can barely dead head my hanging basket. That garden of yours wouldn't last a season with me caring for it. :p
Good Work Kimmy Bear!!


Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I loved seeing your chickens and hearing you too. :) I talk to all animals too!

Zlatica said...

Kim, you have wonderful garden and cute animal friends!

Papillon Bleu said...

I love your garden!!!
It is great to hear you. You have got the sweetest voice ever.
I am happy to see the hens!
You know what? when I used to have mine I use to organise hens races. It was sooooo funny! You take a piece of bead and show it to them. Then, they will all gather in front of you. Then, you throw the piece of bread and see them run. I quickly found out that one of them was really clever as she remained at the back knowing I was goin to throw the bread in that direction.

Sans! said...

Kim! It's cats and dogs here too !! I too love the rain but not when I am rushing to work! haha :) Let me go look at your video while waiting for the rain to stop .

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Love the chicks. I have a friend I get fresh eggs from. Your garden is awesome! I've got chicken skin. I'm sure the fairies are loving it too. Your pig can go camping in the garden when the bus is done. :)

Kim said...

Kristy- no names yet- except I call the one that will let me pet her "sweetie girl". I'm just starting to be able to tell them apart, so names soon :)

Doreen-I think so- I was not with the hubby when he bought them, and when I asked him what kind they were he could not remember :) I want a pig and a goat but the hubby said it will have to be chickens only until we work a little less. I love animals so much too!

Laura- silly video, right? I almost didn't post it because I sound so ridiculous, but then I thought- ah well- it's how I am in real life, so post away! Maybe you could teach Massimo how to deadhead your hanging basket...hee hee hee. Love ya girl!

Maia- thank goodness I am not alone! I really am starting to think that those chickens recognize me and like me- I'm trying to deny the fact they run to me when they see me is because I have food :)

Patricia- thank you sweet friend! I feel some chicken races in my future! I love to see them run- they have been playing and testing their wings out and it is so cute and funny to see!

Sans- on the news they said it has been 14 days of rain! No wonder even I am tired of water pouring out of the sky! The peas like this weather- the peppers....not so much. If we don't get sun soon the peppers will turn yellow! I hope you see sun soon too :)

Thank you Zlatica :)

Wendy- thank you for your sweet comments! My garden would be a wonderful place for the pig to camp! What a fabulous photo idea! I actually have the felt out and an armature started, but then I started working on some swaps and didn't finish. Hope to have a pig bus driver soon though! Hope you feel better soon!

Petite Wonders said...

Hi Kim,

It rains quite a bit these few days in W Virginia. I've only a few tomato plants in a small pot. I started them at least 4 weeks ago but they look quite retarded in growth. :(

Sunshine will come soon.


Tallulah Belle said...

Oh Kim how I love your videos.....you have the sweetest voice.

Tell hubby a goat would earn it's keep by mowing the lawns :-)

The chickies are so cute. Will you eat them ?

Your gardens is amazing but I've told you that before. it is exactly how I want mine to be :-(

14 days of rain...you need a vacation to somewhere sunny dear :-)

oh I planted 3 vincas yesterday...I know have a 2ft patch that is pretty lol

Ara said...

Loved both videos! YOur chickies are so cute!! And your garden is beautiful as always! hugs, ara

Dani said...

Oh Kimmy, please send them to me :)....they are so cute, i guess you didn't receive my msn message ?...love your garden too, flowers start to grow looks really nice....let me guess...still no Dani package ....?...hope it turns up soon !...M.Y...by the way...Miguel passed his school exames....are really happy !...hope to chat soon....much love Xxx Dani

Melly Kay said...

omg Kim your voice is so cute :D LOVE the chickens and the garden!!!!