Friday, June 18, 2010

fab new minis and a new floor

Slowly my creative side is coming back to me.  I've been working on swaps, but at the same time I have been working on a new floor for the rooftop patio above the bakery dollhouse.  I'm doing the egg carton method- and to tell you the truth, I am not 100% sure of what I am doing, but I like it so far.  I'm going to grout it this weekend and hopefully get it installed so I can start working on plants for the patio- so excited about that next step!!  Here's my before shot, hopefully I'll have an after shot on Monday :)
I've also received some incredible new minis to add to my houses.  First off, I bought a wonderful little pumpkin birdhouse from Nikki at  .  You can find her etsy store here: .  I plan to add this into my patio rooftop garden- I adore pumpkins and have shelves with ceramic pumpkins in my living room year round- so I really was pleased to be able to add one of Nikki's pumpkin creations into my dollhouse.  Nikki also sent along the most adorable little basket and spatula- thank you so much Nikki- I love them all!!
I've been saving pennies for a new laptop and really trying to limit my mini buying, but when Julia from posted this little owl pillow for sale I had to snatch it up!  I have a little owl tapesty from Julia hanging in the bedroom of the bakery/flower shop dollhouse and this little pillow matches so sweetly.  I can't stop opening the house up and looking at it- I am in love.  You can find Julia's etsy store here: .  Thank you so much Julia!!!
Katie from sent me the most fabulous miniature mail.  I won a special package from her because I was the first person to correctly guess the question on her blog giveaway- I was secretly crossing my fingers and hoping, hoping, hoping I would get some mini mail, so thank you so much Katie for sending me a special package!  Katie also sent me a little package of printies-I'm going to use some of them for the bus.  The little fridge magnets are too darned cute and the playgirl magazine cracks me up!  I might have to have that one half hidden under the bed :)  Here's some pictures of what she sent and of course I had to put the mail on the desk in the unfinished library :) 

Before I go, here's one more picture of my bakery/flower shop dollhouse. I hated how the side of the building looked so I printed off some advertisements and attached them to the side of the building. I think I like how it turned out- I'm not totally positive about them yet. What do you think of them? Hope you have a great weekend- I hope to be able to pull some weeds now that the rain has finally stopped, finish up one of my swaps and grout the patio flooring.


Heather said...

Love the ads on the side of the bakery. Good luck with the egg carton. Looking forward to trying it again now that i've learned some things!

Glenda said...

Kim - thanks for this post - I love to see peoples' goodies in the mail, second only to getting them myself!!
You've got some treasures here!!

The bakery looks great with the advertising - brilliant idea!

Elaine said...

So cute!

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Julia said...

I love everything you do! The ads on the side of the building are great. Do you sell your houses, etc....?

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Kim, love the ads on the side of the building. Very clever! And I love all your new "things", especially the pumpkin.

kibbygirl said...

I think the ads on the side of the bakery look great. Very authentic too!

Wee Cute Treasures said...

This miniature mail is so gorgeous. I am very envious!! Carol :)

sunshine said...

Oh Kim!!!!!
Everything looks amazing. I just love everything!!!
(that Playgirl is hilarious).


Dani said...

Still cannot believe that all is so so tiny , it looks so perfect !..hope you doing fine and hope you have a wonderful weekend !

Xxx Dani