Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome New Followers!!!!!!

I apologize--I am sooooo late in welcoming some incredible new followers!  Please help me welcome them today♥

Louise from  Louise is new to blogging.  She is a crafter and--yes Louise, I think we can say you are an artist too!  (got to help a girl out with avoiding those dishes!!)    Louise has an etsy store also-- and has some wonderful creations there in polymer clay and needle felting.  I am in love with the little miniature pond on her blog with the goldfish swimming- so cute!  Please visit her and welcome her to the blogging world--nothing better than meeting a bunch of new friends!

Sketching Girl is from  I adore this gal and this blog.  She is an aspiring artist, miniaturist and writer (I stole that from her profile- but it describes her so well!)  Sketching girl is working on improving her artistic skills and I love that she is setting goals for herself and jumping right into projects.  Sketching Girl has been writing a script also, if you read back a bit in her blog you can learn about the storyline- I wish I could write- I greatly admire anyone who can!  Her dollhouse will have 3 different themes- I really hope she shows us some pictures someday because one floor will be themed after "The Borrowers"- a book I really loved as a child. 

Susanna from  This is the MOST delicious looking cooking blog- I see more than one recipe I would really love to try out.  I got so hungry looking at her blog--I wish my asparagus would come up- there are some yummy looking recipes using asparagus on this blog!

Monika from  What a gorgeous miniature blog this is!  I love the pansies Monika has just made- exquisite!!!  I was having troubles with the translator- but really you don't even need it for this blog.  Lots of wonderful miniature items made by Monika- Love the plant stands a bit back in the blog.  I really look forward to seeing more of your work Monika!!!

Minimal from  This is another blog with some wonderful miniatures!  My translator is messing with me today, so this is another blog I had some trouble reading- but no worries because I could just keep looking at all the wonderful minis all day long!  I think some of her items are things she has made, and some items are from swaps--it's all wonderful- you have to go have a look!


sunshine said...

Welcome to all of your new followers Kimmy!


LENIRA said...

Vi seu blog entre os favoritos de Doreen e visitei.Amei seus trabalhos e a partir de hoje vou ser sua seguidora.Beijosdo Brasil.

Sketching Girl said...

Thanks so much for including me in this post! You wrote so many nice things about me! :)

I will post pictures as I get my house together, I'm also looking forward to The Borrowers floor, both the TV series and the book caught my imaginaton as a child, I loved them! Possibly why I love Miniatures so much! I have a number of items gathered for my Borrowers floor - I will have to take some pictures of them together so you can see them!

I love your new followers blogs, you have some great miniatures blogs up them, and I really love the British Bits and Bobs by Julia, as well as her writing and reading blogs, love Louise's Polymer Clay creations too! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sketching Girl :)

Petite Wonders said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you for introducing my new blog! You're a wonderful and supportive blog friend!

Julia Writer said...

Thanks for mentioning me! Thanks also to Sketching Girl for the kind words, both made my day, I'm sorry that I only just found this post today :) Better late than never I suppose!