Monday, May 17, 2010

New Treasures!!!!!

I meant to pop this up yesterday- but after I went to the movies I spent the entire day in the garden!  I think my garden may be my most favorite place on earth.  I have a bird building a nest in one of my birdhouses and yesterday afternoon I heard the beautiful song that tells me the oriole is back!  Last year I was lucky enough to see the female oriole weaving her nest together in the tree beside my garden- it was amazing!  Anyhow, I wanted to share my wonderful new treasures with you.  I purchased a handmade miniature journal from Glenda at  (here is her etsy store too: )  When I saw her post the journal with the little gold oak leaves I just KNEW it had to come to my dollhouse!  I adore oak leaves and acorns- they have special meaning to me.  Look how adorable it is!  Thank you Glenda for the extra journal- you are so sweet and I love them so much!  These will go somewhere in my flower shop/bakery dollhouse- they are too wonderful to be in a piggy, messy bus!  I also recieved the most amazing gifts from a give away from Susan at  .  I'm saving these items for when I finally get to build my "candy" house that will look like the candy cottage from Hansel and Gretel on the outside, but be more "shabby chic" on the inside.  I cannot say enough times- a picture does not do miniature crochet justice.  These little potholders are so intricate and delicate- and just perfect.  I could stare at them for hours amazed by the craftmanship- I would not have any eyesight left if I tried to do this!  Amazing Susan!!  I am pretty sure Susan also made the cute little utensils and basket- and they are fab too!  Thank you so much to both of you- I am so proud to have minis made by friends in my dollhouses!!  Oh yeah, I put my finger in the picture so you could see how tiny this crochet is- please disregard my beat up, dirty gardening finger!!  Next time I'll use a penny or something!!  LOL!


Papillon Bleu said...

I am so happy for you. It is good to know you can go in your little heaven you call garden.
I love love love the little books and the little wooden spoons.
The candy house project makes me dribble...greedy me!
And don't worry about your finger.
It is so sweet to have a little close up on a little bit of you .He!he!he!

Lots of love my dear friend.

sunshine said...

How beautiful! I love oak and acorns too! :)
I can't get over the fact that someone actually crocheted those little doilies! Oh my gosh! Just lovely.

I love the idea of a Hansel and Gretal house! Yay!!

Don't worry about your gardening finger.. I've got them too. :(


Glenda said...

Thankyou, Kim, and thanks for the links!
The crochet is sooo fine!! I'm almost tempted to get my crochet hook out again, it hasn't seen the light of day since the 80s.
And I very much prefer your finger to a penny - I don't know how big a penny is!! And gardening wounds are a mark of honour! I looked up oriole on wiki, it looks beautiful. I was thrilled to have a kingfisher land near our house for a while yesterday.


Angela said...

My goodness, what a wonderful giveaway present you received. Those journals are just AMAZING. I adore journals. Thanks for sharing. Glad you showed your finger. I need the visual to see just how small they are...too adorable.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Your new miniatures are beautiful!
It is very special to fill your scenes little by little with special items and remember later on how you got each one.
I'm so glad you're enjoying your garden.

Debbie said...

Love your New Treasures..

cockerina said...

Kim I'm happy for you! Glenda's books are fantastic and Susan potholders are adorable, so perfect, so small and delicious ...
um... maybe you should do a manicure ... ha ha! you saw how my nails are ruined! that's why I use the penny in my photos ... OH YES!!
a big hug with affection, Caterina

Claudia said...

Everything is beautiful. How anyone can do that delicate work is beyond me. I am amazed!


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Such lovely items, Kim! Glenda is so talented and the little crochet items are wonderful. I never learned to crochet and now regret it!


Susan said...

I'm glad your parcel arrived Kim! I hope you can find somewhere to use everything. I did make the utensils and the trug.


beyondbaffled said...

Those journals are adorable! I just wish I could crochet anything let alone minis!

Zlatica said...

Kim, those books are gorgeous!!! And the spoons --

Kim said...

Glenda- I need to remember that not everyone is from the same area! I should have posted a picture or link to the oriole- so sorry! He has such a beautiful song- but I don't always have one stay in my yard, so I'm so happy when he shows up and sings for me!

Thank you all for your comments- I am so thrilled with these items- I can't even put them in the dollhouses yet- I have them on my table beside my chair so I can keep picking them up and admiring them ♥

Pan said...

The books are great and those tiny crochet dollies are so sweet.

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Such wonderful treasures, Kim!

Cia said...

oooh, please build the candy house soon- I love candy its so pretty to look at. Actually I took my daughter out for lunch- when she saw the desert display case her eys got huge and she litterally laughed with joy- doesn't bode well for her waist line but it was wonderful to see.

dale said...

Cute stuff, I love the books. :)