Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project of the Week April 24

This week for my project I made some flowers from some kits I bought from

I bought a kit for daffodils and lillies, as well as a plain terra cotta rabbit container.  I painted the planter and made the flowers from the kits- then planted them in paper clay into the planter.  I need to put a spot of "soil" on the top when the paper clay is dry, but I am pretty pleased with the results.  I cannot believe how long this planter took me to create- I have HUGE respect for miniature plant artists like my friend Jayne from  It was fun though- and I think with a little practice I could get them looking a little more realistic.  I can't wait till next Easter to be able to display this in the flower shop dollhouse.  I'm off to try to create a toilet for the bus kit.  I'll be posting pictures if I can get it to work- hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!


beyondbaffled said...

Kim those look so great! I've never heard of that site - I'm off to check it out now!

sunshine said...

That's beautiful Kim!
I showed it to Gabby and she loves it too! (she really wants to come stay with you! :P )


Dani said...

How cute is that Kim :)..Xxx Dani

Pandora said...

So sweet and springlike.

Papillon Bleu said...

You are the Queen of flowers Kim!
I love what you've done and if I were you I wouldn't wait until next year to put the bouquet in the shop...hmm...I am sure you've already tried !

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Wow Kim! Your flowers really look good!
I love them

Kim said...

Thank you everyone! Laura- I wish sooooooo much that you were close enough to bring Gabby over- we would have so much fun! Please tell her I said thank you ♥

Tallulah Belle said...

You trying to put me out of work girl :-)

They are fabulous. They do take a long time though huh....imagine making them from scratch.

I've thought of making kits but to be honest the majority of the work is in the cutting out and painting.

I love the planter. I've not been to Ruth's site in ages so I must take a look. I sometimes get wire and paper from her. She isn't far from you.

Jenny said...

Those flowers look great. I've made them out of tissue paper but those look really neat, too!

I'll have to visit that site.

Thanks for sharing, Kim.