Monday, April 12, 2010

New Followers and an Award!!

I have some new followers to welcome and an award too!  I love blogland so much!  Let's start with the followers.

Natascha from   Natasha is from The Netherlands.  She enjoys dollhouse miniatures and her blog is very new.  If you visit her and say hello you can see the most gorgeous crocheted bedspread her Mom has made for her miniature bed- as well as some great goodies she just purchased at the dollhouse show in Arnhem.  I look forward to reading your blog  Natascha!

Mirja from  Mirja also loves dollhouse miniatures and has just started a mini chocolaterie.  Her miniature chocolate goodies she has created so far are mouth watering!  It's not only chocolate creations though- go further backwards and drool over the wonderful pies and pastries Mirja has created in miniature- and you have to see all the wonderful goodies she received from a birthday mini swap!  Beautiful blog- you won't want to miss it!

Carey from  and  First I would like to tell you about the first blog- softies for Shelby.  Shelby is a young girl that has been battling some health problems.  Her Mom is a fellow blogger and Carey has come up with the wonderful idea of creating some stuffed love for Shelby to bring a smile to her face.  I am making a softy for Shelby and if you have the time and would like to join in on this project please visit this blog where you can find Carey's address as well as links to patterns and all the other info.  Carey's other blog is so sweet- I can't believe I have never come across it before this.  You can find pictures of her 39 square embroidery project (which makes me drool whenever I come across a blog that participated in this) as well as pictures of mini projects she is working on and fabulous table arrangements.  If you go backwards a bit you will see a tablescape of rustic cabin type theme- I am in love with it!!! 

Kristy from  Kristy's blog is also fairly new.  This is another blog you just have to visit because not only is Kristy very talented, but she has a great sense of humor too.  Kristy creates jaw dropping minis- you have to take a look at the miniature etch a sketch!  Amazing!  You have to go see her "Animals Smoking Area" for yourself because I just can't tell you how awesome it is in words. Please visit her and say hello if you have time.

There is also Monique and blogger does not tell me her blog address.  Monique, if you read this would you please tell me your blog link?  I would love to read your blog too if I don't already!

Thank you all for visiting me!  Lovely to meet new friends!!!

I also have a blog award to accept today!!  Jamie from has sent me the Premio Amigo Artesano Award.  Thank you Jamie- so sweet to think of me!  I believe I have to give this award to 5 blogs and I have seen it going around, so if this is a double for you then it must just mean your blog is fabulous!  It's always hard to choose, but here are 5 blogs that I think show fabulous craftsmanship- but there are so many more than 5 that deserve this.

Kristy from  because I have just discovered her blog- she's new to blogging and her items are both amazing and they make me giggle.

Julia from because she can sew the most beautiful creations out of  anything and she is a master paper cutting artist.  (I know there is a name for this art but I was too lazy to look up the long word :) )

Jenny from because she is an incredibly gifted writer.  She does some awesome craft projects also- but it is her painting with words that makes me laugh and makes me cry.  

Jayne from because I purchased my first "handmade" miniature from her and she opened a whole new world of minis and mini artists to me.  Her work is exquisite and you can tell how much time and love goes into her pieces when you look at them.

I know these last 2 ladies have this award, but I have to mention them on my list because they both inspire me to make miniatures and to use materials I have- to keep my eyes open to mini possibilities.  You both inspire me more than you know.  De from and Doreen from

Hope your Monday is sunny and wonderful!!!!


Julia said...

I just got on line for a couple of minutes. I saw that you had a new award and thought I'd check it out. Lo and behold I saw where you passed it on to me!!!! Surprise!!! Thank you so much!!! I also checked out the Softies for Shelby project and I am going to participate. Thanks for the link!!! Poor baby!!

Fiver said..., thank you Kim!!!! An Award!!!!!

Kim said...

You are so welcome ladies- you are both very talented and I am so happy to know both of you!