Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I need advice please mini friends!

I have been slowly working away at the bus- I'm going to try to actually keep at this project until I finish it.  I need advice ........the bus is the home of a pig (that I still need to needlefelt) and at the end of the project I want the bus to have a really lived in, messy--slightly dirty and dingy looking feel to it.  For some reason I am scared to death of that part of the project.  I'm unsure how to even start making things look dingy and dirty.  Do I just use really thin and watered down washes of brown paint?  Will that look too heavy and I will mess everything up?  I really like my progress so far, but I'm wondering if I should be adding the messy parts as I go along or if I should do it all at the end.  If anyone out there has some words of advice, some tips or even tutorials they want to point me to I would be super grateful! 


miniannalee said...

I'm emailing you the Creative Notebook—aging tips from Pat and Noel Thomas. I hope this helps.

Lize said...

No advice... just wanted to say a bus for a pig? What an interesting idea!

Very curious to see the result.

Merry Jingle said...

A pig bus :D Fab idea :D

I did my dirtying with watered down acrylics. I actually mixed some colours - khaki beige, cream, light gray - added some water and started painting, but did it so that I dipped the paint brush to water before and sometimes after the paint. The plastered walls were "painted" with a small sponge that I wet, then dipped to the paint and dapped and squeezed most of the watered down paint away. If the colour was too dark on the wall, I went over it with a clean, wet sponge.

After the base color I painted the corners etc. darker and added more dirt. This is really hard to explain, but you can see the result in my blog on the Gray/Toscana house.

Really can't wait to see your piggy bus :D


houseofduck said...

To imply that a pig would live in a messy bus is playing into a sterotype and a very piggest thing to do. You should be ashamed of yourself!

;) love ya sis!

Kim said...

Thank you Anna and Ira- I really appreciate the help more than I could ever say! I think I'm getting some nerves for this project now!

Little bro- I'm ashamed of myself all the time. Maybe you could start a pig support group for him after I get him made- the pig and froggie could carry little picket signs around my house :) Love you too- sure do miss you! When we gonna talk Lost???

beyondbaffled said...

Clutter can also add to the messy look. Unwashed dishes in the sink, an overturned can of soda abandoned on the floor. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I think making things look old and dirty and well used is a combinatiion of ageing and dirtying as you go and then at the end touching up on all the dirt and ageing.
I would say practise on scrap bits as you go along and just use the materials you have and also follow your instinct.
Ageing for my work is a combinations of sanding and staining and i use all kinds of things to do so. But mostly i always use raw umber acrylic paint for dirt mixed in with other tones, but then sometimes i also need to add whites and creams and even green.
But this bus is differnt to how witchy items are aged and just wish i could fully help you out.
I would say just dont be frigtened of mistakes, you can always correct them. Practise on scrap and eventually making things dirty will be a doddle. Plus everyone finds their own way that works for them.
Will look forward to your updates and will help if i can, you only have to ask and if i know i will always be happy to help.
Nikki xxx

Tallulah Belle said...

Well I don't think I can add anything here ....loads of good advice.

I would say the hardest part about aging is not overdoing it and trying to be completely random. it is too easy to try and be precise and sometimes it just doesn't work that way.

But you can't go too wrong...don't like it...just go over the top :-)

Angela said...

That was the first thing that came to my mind was the watered down brown paint and than read that was what you were thinking too,LOL...

Can you try it first on something else to see how the look will be, some scraps...so you wont' ruin it if you don't like the look..

You will get it figured out girl.Your an artist and an amazing one at it!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

This is going to be very interesting... a house for a pig, I love the idea!

Besides the ideas that have already been given and which are very good; I have also used tea to add an aged look to things. Prepare some black tea and let it steep for some time. Then use a sponge or soft towel to add it on until you get the look you want. What I like about this is that it is more subtle so you might try it in certain areas. The important thing is to experiment on scrap pieces first and have fun!

kimsminiatures said...

Cute cute cute. I'm sure you will do well don't be afraid. I love pigs! Sounds like you got some awesome advice already. I can't wait to see this. Hugs~ Kim

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Wow, I'd love that Crative Notebook from Pat and Noel! And I'm sure your piggy bus will be divinely messy as it needs to be!


sunshine said...

Send the bus over to my place for a couple of weeks.
I'm sure when it comes back it will have that lived in feel you're looking for! :P


Wendy Luane Barber said...

I just keep seeing Arnold the pig on Green Acres. :D I loved that show as a kid. Uh oh, showing my age.

Kim said...

Thank you to all of my sweet friends for the comments and the advice. I've printed out all the tips and have already told my hubby that I need some "experiment" time this weekend so I can play around and see what effects I can get. I am pretty excited now- and isn't that what every project needs--that spark of excitement to get ya moving! Hopefully I'll have something to show next week on how I'm doing :)

Pandora said...

Great question - I want to grunge a room scene and this has been really helpful. Thank you.

I love the pig on the bus idea.


Doreen said...

I think clutter is the best as it can be changed and does not ruin anything. But I have also used chalk dust to dirty things up, terra cotta if you want it to be a little rusty or brown if you just want it to be dirty. Ground tea leaves for dirt on the floor.