Monday, April 26, 2010

I Hate Technology and I Think It Hates Me too.

Well, I kind of made a video of my garden.  There is no talking because this was about the 100th try.  The quality is really bad because it is on my ancient point and shoot camera that I don't even use anymore- I was just curious if I could take a video with it and actually get it to post.  I think it will work, but if you don't see anything here that means that once again it did not work and I give up for awhile. goes- tell me if you can watch it if you happen to click play, ok?


kimsminiatures said...

Hi Kim. It worked for me. What nice space you have. We live in one of those neighborhoods where all the houses are close together so not much yard :(
I think your video was perfect. thanks so much for trying 100 times lol so you could share with us here in blog land. Have a happy day! Hugs~ Kim

sunshine said...

Yep! It's working.
I could hear you walking (stomp, stomp... kidding!) and breathing. :P

Thanks so much for the video. It was so great. I have a better idea of how the garden really goes now! I love it.
I can't wait for everything to start blooming!

So.. any more video's on the horizon?? :P


Kim said...

Thank you gals- I was not sure if I was the only one who could see it!

Laura- do I sound like Darth Vader? I'm thinking of doing them throughout the season- and talking of course next time- do you think that is stupid? Is the quality ok to get an idea?

sunshine said...

Kim~ A very feminine Darth Vader. ;P
I think that is a great idea! I know that I would love to see that AND get to hear your voice!
Tres exciting indeed! :)

The quality is fine for getting what you want. Unless you want to go out and buy a high def camera!

I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!


Zlatica said...

I can watch it too.
Your garden is beautiful! Thank you for sharing a piece of your home.

Ara said...

I can see it!!! I love the ambiance of your garden. I feel like i'd be able to sit there for hours!! -ara

Dani said...

OMG Kim, this was so cool !...thanks for sharing...i loved it !! xxx..till soon

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I saw it fine. Such a nice garden! I can imagine it full of color in a few months and enjoying it all in those nice chairs you have. :)

Doreen said...

It was so nice to take a walk around your garden with you. The pathway turned out realy great and I like your little sitting area. I don't remember seeing it in the pictures last year. I will look forward to more trips in your garden as your plants come up.

Jill said...

Oh, Kim-- I LOVE it!!! I love the pathways, the picket fence, everything! Please, please, please update us with video as the garden evolves!
I spent this weekend prepping for my veggie garden and mulling over ideas for a new pathway, picket fence with arbor to protect the garden from Hagrid... oh, it's fun to imagine and dream of the possibilities!

Fiver said...

Hi Kim, worked for me just fine as well. That is going to be one awesome garden, can't wait for the update when the flowers are in bloom!! And holy Land batman!!! I live in a cramped tiny apartment in downtown, but I've always wanted to live out in the country or up in the mountains (and have a couple horses and a cow, chickens, maybe a pig and a goat, LOL). What a beautiful place you have!!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Go Kim, go. Loved it. I can't wait to see everything in bloom. Love the breathing and the birds. :)

Kim said...

Thank you everyone! I'll narrate a bit in the next one :) I was not sure if the quality of the video was going to be good enough- this camera is pretty old- I couldn't get it to work with the newer camera, of course! I can't wait to make another one when things have grown in a bit! stay tuned if you want to see more- and thank you for all the sweet comments!!!!

Tallulah Belle said...

It worked and it was fantastic.

You already know I love your garden :-)

Narration would be cool :-) I wouldn't do it with my funny accent lol

beyondbaffled said...

Cool video Kim. Once again I love your outdoor space. How far away is your closest neighbor?

Jenny said...

It worked for me. Love that barn (shed?) back there. Is that a rusty headboard on the right. It looks neat! Good for you for figuring it out!

Katie said...

Hi Kim! Love the garden all the rocks along the path! I love this time of year! It's always so exciting to watch flwers grow! You'll have to do another video when it's in full bloom....and btw, the video is good!

Hope all is well with you! I see your taking a mini break, too.....maybe by the time you come back, I can be back online:)
Take care hun!

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim, feel like being you in your garden!
I am so pleased you have filmed this.
All I was thinking was:"one day, I will have alemonade in this garden".

Enjoy your blog break dear friend.Hope you are ok.



Kim said...

Jessie- I had to ask my hubby how close the neighbors were- LOL! He said our closest is 400 feet or so--Where you can see the huge falling down barn and the little road next to it---that is our driveway and the neighbors are at the other side of that barn. We live on 7 acres total :) I am sooo blessed!!

Katie- I hope you get back online soon- I miss you so much while you are gone!

Patricia- I really hope we do have lemonade together someday- although I would so much prefer to be able to see your charming home :) I am in love with it from only having seen a doorway♥ I hope all is well with you my sweet friend!!