Thursday, April 22, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday

It is Thursday and time for Healthy Thinking! I'm going to ramble a bit- just be warned. I'm still finding it hard to find some kind of balance in my life. I'm a girl that likes lists, schedules, and little change. Right now with trying to help my Mother In Law find some kind of new balance in her life, I feel like my own life is all out of sorts. I've tried to work out some new "schedules" for myself to stick to- a constant that won't change so that my mind can feel a little calm. I wonder if I am the only person to feel this way- almost like if I don't have a plan I can't concentrate and I end up just floating all over the place? So- first let me tell you about last week. I did pretty good. I did not exercise every day- but I spent a lot of time out in the garden and I know that counts in a different way. I ate pretty good- lots more veggies, less sugar. I had the most wonderful greasy hamburger from the bar on the corner this last week-but made up for it the next meal with an awesome salad. Like my friend Laura says- it's all about balance and not denying yourself all the time. I finally stepped on the scale and for the last 2 weeks I am down one pound. I was originally really upset about this- it's not coming off very fast for me and it's frustrating. However,I just think that I have to stop thinking this way- who cares if it comes off at all- I just need to be healthier. I can feel muscles in my legs and butt that I couldn't feel before and I'm falling into bed and sleeping through the night- and those are healthy improvements. I tend to beat myself up and head towards the negative and thankfully my friends that are with me in this journey are there to remind me that it is about being positive and being healthy- not about being skinny and starving myself for that pound. I know from being in weight watchers before that I will reach a point that these struggles will suddenly disappear and I will wonder why it all seemed so hard- so I just have to stick it out and keep my chin up. Go away bad, negative thoughts- I have no time for you! So....I got out my pen and paper and made some lists. First off, I chose a couple of exercises I could do in my office each day that I am at work. I am lucky in that I work in an office alone. People are in and out during the day- but I have plenty of time alone to do 15 jumping jacks or 15 lunges as a break from my paperwork. It's a schedule I can stick to and puts some  order back into my life. I also sat down and planned some meals that I can prepare for lunch as well as dinners. No more rushing to figure out what to make for dinner when we get home from work or errands, and I can make my lunch for the next day at the same time as I am preparing dinner. Just this little bit of order and schedule should make my next week a lot more pleasant and hopefully help my concentration a lot.

Here is my one healthy tip I found this week:

Focus on complex carbohydrates. Foods such as baked potatoes, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain breads, and bananas boost your “feel-good” serotonin levels without a crash. They also provide plenty of fiber, so you feel full much longer

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Have a great day all!!!


dale said...

(((Kim))) it sounds like you are doing a great job.

I think working in the garden is definitely exercise. Also, if you are gaining muscle, muscle weighs more than fat, so that could explain the only one pound loss.

Be kind to yourself, you are on a wonderful journey. :)

(too funny, my word is laterbro)

beyondbaffled said...

Kim I agree with you about the lists! Just wanted to let you know that I may not be able to post today - if I do it will be late - I'm working 10a - 7p. I'm sneaking a minute in here on the work computer during break! If I can't post today I'll make up for it tomorrow :)

Kim said...

Dale- thank you! I feel weird being kind of a downer in some of these posts-but I want to be truthful and record my true journey- the good and the bad. I'm trying to work on the patience and being good to myself- it sure helps to post my thoughts and read my friends posts- gives me incentive to be strong and carry on! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Jessie- I totally understand- don't worry if it is tomorrow or even if you take a break for the week- no strict rules on this :) Hope you have a great day too!!!

Angela said...

That is so wild you would write, 'go away negative thoughts'...we sure were on the same page today weren't we.

so that my mind can feel a little calm

ya,,,,,,,,,,, I can relate girl TOTALLY!!!!!

sunshine said...

I am a list maker and creature of habit by nature as well so, I hear you on how "out of it" you feel when anything screws with your schedule.

I mean, I'm not totally inflexable and I'm sure you aren't either but.. I like my routine. :P

Congratulations on the pound GONE! You're right, this is just a hurdle that eventually will go away. Soon you'll be losing more. :) And think about how much healthier you are!

I'm proud of you. You CAN do this Kim. I know you can. Our goal is "Health" .. not supermodel skinny. I will never be rail thin. I'm just not made that way... :( *unfortunately* :P

Love you! Keep up the awesome work.

julia said...

You and I seem to be living the same life lately, what with the moms and all. It is hard to concentrate on taking care of yourself when there are others depending on you so much!

Fiver said...

Hey Kim!!! Believe me you are not alone when it comes to the "lists" and needing a regular routine! I have lists as well, and without them I wouldn't be able to focus or concentrate or even know where to begin, LOL.
And about being healthy - that is awesome!! You should be so proud of yourself girl! I need to get back to doing some kind of exercising and eating better - I've been soooooo bad about this lately. And dale is right about the muscle / fat thing. In fact, you may even gain a few pounds because of this so don't freak. You keep this up and the pounds will start dropping off eventually!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Woo hoo Kim!!! A pound is great. Don't forget to drink lots of water. That's my problem, not enough water. That helps keep you full too, especially after 8 pm when you shouldn't have anything to eat.

I get crazy with lists too but I've got to have them. It's just knowing when to start doing things on the list for me. When I can cross off several things in red on a list I feel great.

When I was in Japan, my diet changed and I knew I had lost weight. Got home and hadn't lost a pound but I was so toned. A true brick house. :D Only because we walked everywhere. So keep at it my friend. We are our own worse critic but you've got a great cheering section.

Goooooo Kim!

Julia said...

I came back and reread your post today. I was in a huge hurry earlier, but I was afraid I wouldn't get a chance to read you today. Now, it sounds like you are doing wonderfully well! You are eating better (yeah, a hamburger, but I had one last week, so I can't judge) and even though you may not be EXERCISING you are definitely getting EXERCISE! I admire the fact that you are exercising in your office. I'm home all day and I'm not getting nearly so much ex. Okay, so I'm not really HOME, home all day, but I don't work outside the home for $$$. I haven't done well this week at all. I've been so sick with my allergies that I haven't felt like doing anything! I have eaten okay, i guess. My husband and i are going to a dinner for his work tonight. I'll probably eat a dessert.
I finally posted about the darling purse that you sent. I was going to post about it yesterday, but my camera battery died when I took the photos of my t-shirt fabric.
Okay, I'll quit rambling.

Tallulah Belle said...

1lb is better than a poke in the eye with a shark stick my dear :-)

Gardening absolutely is exercise....I though I should have lost 10 lbs after my little stint :-)

I don't so lists or schedules but keep thinking I should.

I keep everything in my head...always have. When i worked I was told I ought to write stuff down so that if I was off sick someone else would know what was to be done but I just couldn't get into the habit. Even though I always had a bazillion things to do and 250 plus staff to look after I always knew who was where and what they were doing.

The old use it or lose it adage is so true and now I can barely remember where I left my glasses 5 minutes ago so lists would be very good for me. But even now, I can't get into the habit of it :-(

Zlatica said...

Kim, you re doing just great!
I think the garden work is an ideal excercise! And very practical one :)

Kim said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragment- it really does keep me going from week to week. I'm glad I am not alone in the need for lists- and do you know it gets worse as I get older?? I am so lucky to have all of you as friends!!! My mood is really great today and it's all because of wonderful support ♥

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Hi Kim! I am always very amazed of how thoughtful you are! You are a great friend. People near you are very lucky!
I have been again away from the net for a while, but now i am back with an Award for you...feel free to collect it at my blog.

HUGS, <3