Thursday, April 8, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday!!

Well, here we are at Thursday again :)  I am very pleased with this last week.  First, the bad news.  I only lost one pound this last week.  However, I exercised almost every day---- I missed the weekend but the spring cleaning I did was exercise in itself so I'm gonna say it counted in a way :)  I ate pretty well but I still need to work on my portion control.  I think I need to set up a better system of veggie snacks during the day so that when I do sit down to eat a meal I don't feel quite so starving hungry and eat more than I need to.  I have not been dizzy- I have not had a headache- I have not had stomach I am calling this the greatest week of the year so far on the health front.  I have 2 goals for next week.  I'm going to post them so that I have to tell you how I did with them next week.

1.  Spend the time to clean and chop veggies for snacks for work.  This will help me stay away from the snack box at work and also help me from feeling sooo hungry.

2.  Walk every day for 30 minutes on the trail before or after work and 2 days out of the week do my Jillian Michaels Exercise DVD.  I have to ease into the DVD slowly or I'll be so sore my hubby will have to pull me up off the toilet after I pee :)  What's that- more than you wanted to know?  Trust me- I know this will happen from past experience.  Do not EVER do too many lunges without thinking how your thighs will feel the next day :)   No- I didn't really make my hubby get me up off the toilet but there were a few seconds I was thinking he might have to!

Soooo  here are some tips and facts I found from looking around this last week.

1.  If you’re always tired, and prone to colds and bugs, here's a great healthy eating tip. Cut down on sweetened foods. Sugar makes white blood cells less able to destroy damaging micro-organisms.

**go figure- I think this could be part of some of my problems.  Curse you my precious sugar!**

2.  This is a tip for adding whole grains into your diet- which is hard for me because my husband rebels against it.  Add a cup of regular uncooked oats to each pound of ground beef or turkey in meatballs, burgers or meatloaf.

So- that's my news for this week.  5 pounds until my first Healthy Thinking Give-Away.  At this rate it will be in 5 weeks :)  They say that weight that is lost slowly is weight that stays off, right?  Please visit my friends to see how they are doing.  Laura at has been doing great- but she has been sick this last week so if she doesn't post that is why.  Get well soon Laura!!!  Jessie at has been on a healthy living journey with us and Angela at is going to post with us this week too!  Glad to have you along with us Angela!!  My friend Julia from does Fat Fighting Fridays so please be sure to check in with her tomorrow.  Have a great day!!!


sunshine said...

Great job on the one pound loss! At least you are losing now. And good for you on all the walking!

I'm the same, I need to start cleaning some veggies to have on hand for when the hunger strikes! So far I've been hard boiling a couple of eggs and using them as snacks during the day. They are actually quite a good energy booster!


Julia said...

my dear, one pound lost is great! You know that muscle weighs more than fat, so you are replacing the fat with muscle!! It sounds like you are doing such a great job! I have done better this week, but I don't think I've lost an ounce. Go figure!
We are really into the vegetables! Most meals that's all we eat.

Julia said...

Oh yeah, I have caused my sciatica to flare up something fierce!!! I don't really know how to prevent this and exercise, too!

Zlatica said...

Oh Kim, you are doing great!!!
I have an advice for you which helps for me quite well: as a snack eat some proteins (such a egg´s white, low fat cheese or some nuts,almonds...). Proteins will help you from staying hungry much better than vegetables.

Angela said...

You know Kim, slow weight loss also means it will STAY off.. Fast weight loss means you will gain it back PLUS more. I usually peel and slice a whole bag of carrots and place them in glass containers. (I'm using more glass these days than plastic). My children love carrots and dips so it is so handy to have them in the fridge for everyone. I do the same with the red peppers.

Great tips. I've done the rolled oats also...great way to 'hide' food from my family that is healthy for them,lol

PonderandStitch said...

You are doing SO great and I really look forward to Healthy Thinking Thursdays! You have no idea how much you are motivating me to eat better and get back into shape!

Dlsarmywife said...

Kim great job on the loss, a loss is a loss...and remember that muscle weighs more than fat, and you are ADDING muscle as you work out. It will all work out in the end.

My mom does the oatmeal thing with spaghetti sauce...although she always did it to make it less 'soupy' lol

Kim said...

Laura- I forgot about hard boiled eggs! You are right- good snack and good protein!! Thanks girl!!

Julia- better not to aggravate the sciatica! Do you visit a chiropractor or doctor for it? They might have some tips for you to ease it or something gentle you could do for exercise?

Zlatica- Thank you for the tips! I wasn't thinking of a few nuts or a little cheese either! I am getting good tips this week!

Angela- Thank you for your encouragement- you all keep me going at this :)

Amy- Thank you- you are so sweet! I bet you are getting plenty of exercise making your home beautiful! I've loved watching your progress!

Deborah-Thank you for your encouragement too! Sometimes its so easy to get discouraged when that scale stays the same! I feel so much better though- and I think that counts for a lot :)

Jenny said...

Kim, congrats on losing the one pound! It takes a disciplined person to get where you are - good job!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Just found your blog - good luck! It's hard work!