Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Caterina's swap!

Happy Easter- even if I am a little late in the day :) I have a few pictures to share with you on this Easter sunday....first, I would like to share what I received from Irene in the swap held by Caterina at  I'm not sure if Irene has a blog or not. These are all so tiny- and adorable!!! I love them. There is a tiny sculpted bunny holding a painted Easter egg, a tiny fuzzy white rabbit, a beautiful bouquet of Easter blooms and a tiny little nest with a bird and eggs.  What a fun swap this was- a huge thank you to Caterina for including me and a huge thank you to Irene!!!

This is what I sent to my partner. I started with an unfinished bench.  I painted it and tried to shabby it up a bit.   I made the little Easter baskets, and the daffodil is my first attempt at a flower kit.

Next--here's the dollhouse flower shop for Easter.  I wanted to do something different, but ran out of time.  There's always next year :)

I also wanted to show you my Easter decorations for this year :)  I fell a little behind this year and I never even brought my Easter decorations down from the attic.  Thankfully my sweet friend Dani from sent me these adorable little egg cozies- so I had a little Easter like decor out- aren't they adorable??!!!  Thank you Dani- I love them!!  Happy Easter to everyone- hope your day was wonderful!!


Jean Day said...

I love everything so much, your gift is great and I really liked your Easter bench, so exciting for your partner. Your shop is great. I still haven't taken the Easter items I put in my toy store for a display photograph last year.

JFolk said...

Hi Kim! Oh I am jealous! lol! I love your gift and the bench! And I always like seeing your wonderful shop done in the holidays and themes!
mini hugs

sunshine said...

Everything is awesome!
You got and gave great gifts!
The flower shop is beautiful, as always!

Happy Easter!


Meli said...

Kim, the gifts your received are just lovely!!! I realy like the bench is just a dream!!!
The shop is amazing, so congratultions Kim for doing such a great work!

Claudia said...

Love the bench and the baskets, Kim! And the gifts you received are wonderful! Happy Easter.


cockerina said...

Happy Easter to you Kim, I'm glad that the gift of Irene you liked!
I'm glad you've participated in my Easter swap!
Irene's blog is this:

remember to collect your "Easter Swap Award" on my blog!
bye bye

rudoo said...

Weeeeee!!!! Just wanted to stop by thank Kim for my Easter Swap gift! The little bench, daffodils, Easter baskets are mini, mine, mine! :-) Aren't they so cute?!!
Thank you soooo much Kim!
Jonna :-)

minire71 said...

Hi Kim,
I'm glad you liked my gift, I'm sorry I do not know English use a translator.
Kiss Irene

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Very pretty Easter gifts! I opened mine too. :) This was such a fun swap! I hope you had a nice Easter.

Jenny said...

Wow, girl. You just got an amazing assortment of riches!

It sounds like your Easter was filled with joy and giving!

dale said...

Happy Easter, Kim!

Wonderful swap items each way. :)

The flower shop looks cute.

kimsminiatures said...

Happy Easter Kim! Lovely swap Hugs~ Kim

Kim said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! Swaps are such a good way to learn new things- and so fun too! Happy Spring to all of you!!!

C. said...

I want to live in the flower shop when I'm not living in the bakery!!! Those birds are adorable.