Monday, April 5, 2010

The Bus!!

Well, I've been steadily working on the bus, but I don't have a lot to show for it! After I completed the floor I wallpapered the inside walls of the bus. The kit did not come with inserts for the windows, so my hubby and I cut plexiglass to fit the window openings and then I framed the windows with skinny sticks. The next step was the bus door. I wanted the front doors to be able to open and close, but I did not want to order hinges and we don't have a local dollhouse shop. I took the easy way out and made cloth hinges- which should work well enough since this bus won't be played with.

Now I was finally ready for gluing the sides to the flooring!! You can see in the picture we used masking tape to hold the sides to the floor straight while the glue dried- and we also used some books and weights to help keep the floor straight as the floorboard was a bit warped.

That's a cast iron bear laying on his side there in the front- it weighs a ton so I am using it for a weight to keep the flooring straight!  In the next picture you can see the front side glued on also--now I can start working on the dashboard and the seats!  If you read the first part of the bus kit journey you know that I am going to needle felt a pig to live in this bus.  I think it will be his home, more than something he drives around a lot, so I bought him this nice little cast iron stove to install in his bus-heat and someplace to cook too- what could be better?  I think there will be a small living area, a little bathroom with a simple shower stall and toilet and a very small sleeping area.  Hope the rest of the kit starts to move a little quicker- I am the slowest kit builder in the world!!


sunshine said...

The pig is going to live in the bus? :P
Hahaha! Laura loves it! How "hillbilly" chic.

You have a lot more patience than I do Kimmy. I'd have tossed that bus by now for giving me trouble. :P
I love the wallpaper and the woodstove is really cute!
I can't wait to see your next progress report on how it's going. :P


Angela said...

My goodness, that is so neat....I made a bus..with egg carton..and than I took daycare children's pics and placed them inside so they look like they are looking out the window. I added myself and glued myself as the bus driver,,lol

Dani said...

Kim that is so so cool !!...i love it...and the woodburner...super....want one too ;)....really great ...what a wonderful travels she or he will have in the bus !! you give me so much inspiration !! what did you use on the floor...just brown paint ?...

Lize said...

The bus reminds me of the movie Summer Holiday! It was made in the sixties starring Cliff Richard. I first got to see it in the 80s and thought a BUS must be so cool!

De said...

It's looking great, Kim!

Julia said...

Such tiny little details!!!

Jill said...

Your bus is looking great-- that little pig will be livin' the good life!

Carol said...

I can't wait to see how this turns out. I'd like to try to recreate my parent's 1967 Airstream camper (a.k.a. Baked Potato on Wheels). I'm sure I'll get some inspiration from your project!

Briarwood Miniatures said...

I'm loving this bus. Lucky pig. :)


Jean Day said...

You have done so much already, it looks like a great place for a soft piggy. I really like the bear for a weight, great idea, he will probably want to live in it too since he helped so much!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I'm reading this in the am and I was cracking up. Thanks for giving me my laugh for the day. Can't wait to see the pig. This is going to be so cool.

I'm saving up for my first kit. We can be slow kit builders together. Maybe we can start a club. :)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

This is coming along well! I have not gotten to the wallpapering of Joanna's house yet--scared of that as well as finishing the wiring! I have to work today but intend to drink two cups of coffee this afternoon so I can work on it some more this evening! Maybe I'll get it finished in my lifetime!


Marinbambu said...


Kim said...

Laura- I'm going to try to "dirty" it up--never tried it before so I hope it works! I kind of hate the building process, so this is a good test of my patience :)

Dani- the floor is wood strips- took a long time, but I love how it looks! Love the floor in your trailer too- you did a fab job!!!!

Never watched Summer Holiday, but now I need to look it up!! Thanks Lize!

Wendy- Slow kit builders club for sure!! Do you have any idea what you want? A house or a different type of structure? You better be careful- you might get a little hooked! I'm glad I made you giggle!! Hope I can continue with this strange vision I have :)

Jody- I soooo wish I was close enough to help you out! I actually like the wallpapering bit :) I cheated and made my hubby wire my flower shop dollhouse :)

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! My house is clean right now so I hope to work some more on the bus this week!