Monday, April 19, 2010

The Bus and The Garden

I did not even turn the computer on over the weekend- I was a busy gal!  I worked in my garden during the day and worked on the bus at night- and I made a little progress on both.  The bus now has a front glued on and the bathroom has a tile floor, a half finished shower stall and a vanity with sink.  I am pretty proud to say that I built everything in the bathroom.  Practice is helping- I think my minis are improving a little bit.  I also tried to dirty up the bathroom a little- I'm not done yet, but at least I got past the nerves of starting.  I'm not really sure how I am going to make a toilet- but I'll figure something out.  I even made the little pocket door on the bathroom and it really moves!  Still needs a door handle :)   The dashboard is glued on and I started a sink and counter to go next to the stove.  The two seats came with the kit- I think I am going to make a table to go with them.  There will be a small sleeping area behind the bathroom there.   I also worked in the garden last weekend--here is a pile of brush and weeds that came out of there- still lots of work to do!  I have lots of green popping up through the soil- but this little white grape hyacinth is the only thing blooming so far :)  


Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

You were very busy Kim and both your activities were of the fun and creative kind, what a nice weekend!
The bus is coming along so nicely and congratulations on making so many of the things! As, you mention, part of making and experimenting is not having fear, I remember how scared I was to cut into my first wallpaper for my first dollhouse!
I can't wait to see the rest!

Julia said...

I just got my purse! It is even prettier in person than it was pictured on your blog! You are absolutely one TALENTED lady!!! Thank you so much. I am going to hang the tag that was on the package right near my sewing machine so I will feel "INSPIRED" every time I sew. Between it and my puppy I should really be making some incredible things! Your bus in unbelievable!!! I don't know how you work with things so tiny and make them so perfect!!!
You've done lots of work in your garden. I love the trail. We need to do something like that in our back yard.

Papillon Bleu said...

YAYYYYYY! you are back in the garden girl!!! whoop!whoop! let's celebrate!
Big hugs to you little happy gardner.

Melly Kay said...

i love the bus!! i can't wait to see the final product. Hmmm making a mini toilet, that's going to be interesting. will you make it out of clay? they have that clay that looks like porcelain once it's cured (I think) maybe that would work?

I also love hyacinths :D cant wait to see yours grow up!

Deni said...

OH WOW ! thats a big garden to look after Kim
Lots to do! I also get busy around the house and not always get time to mini, of late I have been trying to finish 2 quilts,1 of which I can't show on my blog as it is a surprise for my daughter... but I will after June lol
Today I am making a scrapbook album with a friend, so that will another day and no minis!!!!

Deni said...

oops forgot to comment of your bus, it is really coming along!
I haven't seen a bus in miniature so that is new to me, not much over here in miniature at one stage, we had quite a few shops but they seem to have closed, folks haven't really took the mini thing up over here, shame!

Tallulah Belle said...

Busy is ALL looking good.

I did some gardening yesterday and planted 4 plants :-)

Planting was fine...digging out the old dirt and then adding decent dirt was hard lol

cockerina said...

oh! Kim, you were very good at building small bathroom in the bus ... I guess a camper with whom you can go on vacation all year round!
your garden if you have patience, it will be very beautiful, you're lucky to see your grape hyacinth, my one died immediately for the sudden cold, and I could not even see the color of the flower!
kisses, Caterina

Claudia said...

Boy, I know how working in the yard can take a lot of time - clearing, cleaning, etc.

Your bus looks wonderful, Kim!


Marilyn said...

Your minis are amazing. And the yard word will keep you busy now for months. That's my favorite thing to do WHEN it's nice. We've had lots of wind and the only thing blooming are the daffodils. Have fun with both endeavors! ♥♫

dale said...

Good for you, Kim!

The best of both worlds, garden and mini-ing.

The bus is coming along really well, glad to hear you are pleased with it as well. :)

beyondbaffled said...

Kim the bus look so good! Love how the bathroom is coming along especially!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Just read this. OMG! You've made my morning. The bus is coming along great. The bathroom is really cute. Wow.

Love the garden too. I can't wait to see another pic when things are in full bloom.

Dani said...

Hey busy girl...wauwie...the bus looks so cool already :) and what a big garden you have !! it !...speak to you soon sweety Xxx Dani

sunshine said...

The bus is shaping up really well!
I see where you dirtied up the tile in the washroom. Looks really real! :)

It's nice to see your garden again... and the barn. :)


Kim said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on the bus. I think I am starting to have fun with it again, so maybe it will start moving forward! I'm thinking of making a video of the garden this week if I can figure out how to post it to my blog.....stay tuned and tell me if my camera work is horrible or not :)

Dlsarmywife said...

Kim, the bus is really coming along, it looks great! You WERE busy in the garden weren't you. Your hard work really shows though!

dale said...

Kim, if you figure out how to post a video, please share how. There's something I'd like to show in my blog in the round and it's only possible through a video. I think. ;)

Ever since I was little, I always wanted to take a school bus and turn it into a camper. Everytime I see your school bus, I am reminded of that. :)

Natascha said...

ou have been very busy. you project of the bus is great. i love the bathroom.

greetings Natascha

Jenny said...

Looks like you are really keeping busy! I really enjoyed seeing pictures from your garden in that bus is really neat!