Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome New Followers!

I would like to welcome new followers!!!

First is Kristin from   Her blog is titled Places, Things & Me.  So cute!  Kristin sounds a bit like many things to discover and do, so little time!  Kristin is an artist, a scrapbooker, a Mom, a Wife, an animal her profile- she does it all!  I love the paper bag album she just posted on her blog- I have to admit that I have never tried making one of these-maybe this should be a future project of the week!  Kristin does art journaling also- something which I love but rarely post pictures of.  You gotta head over and check out her adorable cats and dogs too!  Kristin is a design team member of the next blog I am welcoming....  I started following this blog because I found it on a blogger search for blogs using the key words "art journaling".   I keep an art journal- it's a combo of artwork and a personal journal of my life.  I don't show it on the blog too often because sometimes I sound a bit angry or whining in it- it's a place where I vent and celebrate life without the worries of having to censor myself.  Anyhow- this blog posts art journal prompts---but it's so much more than that.  There are tons of projects and inspiration- artist trading cards, crafts to do with children, altered tags, cards---lots of fun stuff.  I love this blog- I rarely comment there but I read every single post- after you visit them you just want to go make stuff- and for me that's what happiness is---making stuff :)

Ira from has visited me.  Ira makes dollhouse miniatures that are amazing!  You have to pop over to her blog and see her work- just lovely!  Ira also love Christmas, so I look forward to her blog as the holidays approach because I love Christmas too!   Ira is working on a bakery dollhouse--go backwards in her blog to see the start of it- OMG is it adorable! is another miniature blog.  More amazing work- of course I love the clock she just posted!  There are lots of beautiful minis that she has crafted in this blog and links to tutorials on some of them.  I can't wait to go backwards and try some of them out!  I especially love the fireplaces- incredible!!  is next.  This blog is full of wonderful inspiration- there are many treasures in the shabby chic sort of decor and collecting.  If you read back a bit there is a beautiful necklace she has made from wool- right up my alley!  There are also links and tips on how to change the background of your blog.  Very pretty blog!

Ernesto is from This is another superb dollhouse miniature blog.  Right off the top there is a tutorial for making an african violet in mini that I want to try out!  If you read backwards a bit there is a rabbit hutch and rabbits he has made- toooo adorable!  What a talented artist- read backwards further and you will see gorgeous mini orchids!

Carol is from Carol has recently posted a tutorial on using photoshop for mini making- I have not read it through yet because I want to have the time to try it out at the same time and I have not been able to fit it in yet- but I am pretty excited about it!  Thank you Carol for taking the time to put this wonderful tutorial up!  Carol also loves dollhouse miniatures and she has a dollhouse she has been working on that she started with her Mom 25 years ago!

 Angela from is last.  Angela is a Wife, mother, daycare provider, motivational speaker, writer, business entrepreneur and one who desires to 'laugh at the days ahead'.  I stole that right from her profile!!  Angela is also very talented in crafts, an excellent thrift and garage sale diva, a woman with a great sense of humor and a woman striving to be the best she can be for her family and for her God.  I met Angela through my friend Laura at is a very sweet person.  Angela hosts weekly challenges "It's About Time" about projects she needs to get around to and get finished and "What you are Looking At" about what is going on in her world and what she's "looking at" this week.  I love them both!

Please pay these great folks a visit if you have time and say hello!  Thank you everyone for reading my blog- I am always happy to meet new friends!!


sunshine said...

Welcome to all of your new followers Kimmy!


Punto Sur miniaturas said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words towards my humble work (not just mine,m I share this passion with my wqife any time my little son agrees).
I really like your site, you do terrific stuf!!

Marinbambu said...

very nise, thank you for your comment.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Some lovely blogs there!
I have gone back to your recent posts and left comments. Im doing a blog catch up tonight and have loads to look at still!
Nikki xxx

Julia said...

Look at you, with all these new followers. I don't blame them though. You have a great, fun to read blog, with amazing photos of things you've made.