Monday, March 29, 2010

My Craft Room

I posted some work I did for my "work in progress" giant bug lady over the weekend and some newer followers wanted to know what she is all about.  I live in a very old farmhouse.  It is 2 stories and there are no heat vents up to the second level- so we don't spend tons of time upstairs.  There is one large room upstairs and one tiny little room that I decided would be my craft room.  I have been doing arts and crafts for as long as I can remember and I am a bit of a hoarder- I save tons of things thinking that one day I will use it and so I was pretty excited to have a room to store all of this "junk" in and also to retreat to if I wanted to make a big mess and be able to leave it out for days and days without having to worry about cleaning up.  The ceiling and all the walls are plaster and the ceiling in this room was full of lots of cracks.  Since this is just a craft room and so much of the house needed work, we stapled fabric to the ceiling to hide the cracks rather than knock it down and replaster- which is not a fun job- believe me, I know.  I thought the ceiling looked a bit like a stormy sky- so one day while at the dollar store I bought a bunch of barbie dolls and set about making "bugs" to decorate the ceiling.  These are the original bugs- they hang all over the ceiling in my craft room.

One day after I had made the ceiling bugs I was staring at a bunch of birdhouse gourds I had from my garden that I needed to use up and I was suddenly inspired to make a large bug lady to share my craft room with me. Like a lot of my projects- she is a work in progress and has been unfinished for awhile. I'm going to try to finish her up now. Here's some more pictures of my crazy craft room- it's not beautiful like the ones you see in magazines, but it does reflect my personality pretty well :)

This is one of my female cats- Latte.  She was helping me out  while I was cleaning up the craft room on Saturday.  She really didn't do her part- she's a bit lazy ♥


Lirael said...

It IS beautiful! It's personal, stuffed with projects, ideas and things you love and that shows. It's exactly the way a craft room is supposed to look :)

Zlatica said...

What an inspirational place you have:)
Thanks for a peek to your creative room.
By the way, those art studios showed in magazines are often too clean and neat for me.
Yours is just perfect.

Briarwood Miniatures said...

What do you mean? That *is* Latte's job. Napping and supervising, supervising and napping. Two of a cat's greatest skills. They do them so well! :)


P.S. How funny. My word verification is "foode." How'd it know? lol

Angela said...

Kim I adore your craft room. What a great idea with the cloth on the ceiling. I love how organized and everything in it's place looks. What an inspirational room....Thanks so much for sharing. I clicked on all the pics to enlarge them. Just beautiful

Claudia said...

Your craft room is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


Deni said...

And that is a wonderful studio!
I can see you have decorated it very nicely I could work there!
Very homely and those bugs are really cute!!!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Thank you for sharing your studio Kim! I love it: it's colorful, cheerful, interesting and inspiring. :) I just love your bugs, the description of how they came to be made me smile.

Tallulah Belle said...

it is a fab room Kim. I love the Buddhas...would go great in my guest room :-)

I think the cloth on the ceiling is great and better than any ceiling , cracks or not.

I love how it is all crammed in...just like mine :-)

sunshine said...

I'd love to sit in your craft room and talk your ear off while you try to do crafts.. :P
You'd probably throw me out, right?!


dale said...

That looks like a great craft room.

I like the bugs on the ceiling.

Ara said...

I think your craft room is awesome Kim!!! It looks like it would such an inspiring place to work!

Kim said...

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! You can see by this room that I LOVE color and that I am pretty messy :)

Laura- I NEVER throw people out of my craft room. Usually they back out slowly because I am so excited to try and get them to create something. This room is all about playing and making a mess! Plus, you can see the company I have now (Latte cat)is pretty quiet- I'd probably enjoy a little noise :) Sometimes she gives me nasty looks if I get too crazy!

Kristin said...

Wonderful ceiling bugs and I love the shots of your room, what an amazing place.

Meli said...

Kim is a nice place to get inspired and be able to do all your great projects!!!
I hope I could have one like yours.
Warm regards,

Peach Blossom Hill said...

What a wonderful, colorful work room! My basement is just that--an unfinished basement full of boxes and clutter. I so need to clean it out and get it organized and make it an inviting place to be! This is inspiring and what fantastical 'bugs'! I get the real ones in my basement as we are in the middle of pastures and woods. We get huge spiders who come in, once a bat flew in somehow and once a snake fell from the ceiling onto my cutting table! And of course, we get mice. No matter how well insulated or shut in your house is, when you live in the middle of a farm with woods, they find their way in!


Jenny said...

Love your space but more importantly I can totally relate to the no heat upstairs scenario.

My last house in Ohio was built in 1813.

You about froze to death upstairs.

We found some old floor decorative floor grates and cut a hole into the ceilings downstairs (I had exposed all the wood ceilings in beams but you could frame in a box), reinforced the studs around the hole and installed the grates.

They were awesome and really helped.

In the summer they almost created a convection effect from the open windows and it was lovely.

I had a metal shop cut iron squares that could slide underneath the grates so we could close them off.

One of my favorite memories is my kids being upstairs peering through the grate to see if Santa had come.

Just a thought!

Together We Save said...

Wow - those butterflies are so cute!!

Kim said...

Jody- I can relate. Every fall I get a few mice that get into the house- nothing I can do about it- an old house is not as airtight and sealed up as newer houses. Thankfully my cats are good mousers and I don't have the problem for long. I have to say that I have not had a snake in the house yet- you beat me on that one!! I think I may have peed my pants if a snake fell from the ceiling!

Jenny- what a great idea! I wonder if my hubby would go for it??!! I'm sure he sends his thanks for giving me this great idea :) Don't worry- he'll never know. I come up with lots of crazy ideas for him :) Gotta keep the boy on his toes ;)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I absolutely adore your room and would never leave if you let me in.
Ive had a good nose and you have so much treasures and beautiful objects. Its a reall treasure trove.
I also love your bugs and think they're cool, i'd have things hanging like that too but they'd end up a mess in this room because the ceiling gets cooking fumes and lots of dust blows into it too.
Fab idea with the material, I'd like that for my bedroom.
When i was a teenages and a goth, i made a giant spiders web from white sheets and pinned it to the ceilning, then hung papier mache spiders from it. Against the all black walls what a dive and how my mum d espaired, lol.
Have to agree with everyone, your craft room is a total inspiration.
Nikki xxx

C. said...

Hey, thanks for re-visiting the bug lady and your art room. Your house sounds interesting with lots of character. Does it have any ghosts? If so, I bet they totally approve of your work!!!

beyondbaffled said...

Love seeing your craft room again. What do you have hanging in front of your window?

Kim said...

Nikki- I think your teenage goth room sounds incredible! Thanks for your sweet comment♥

Chris- that's a good way to describe my house- it has character :) I always tell people it's an ongoing work in progress- I don't think a single room is entirely finished. I have not had any ghosts show up yet- I wish I had some! I believe in ghosts!

Jessie- I should take a better picture- those are glass lanterns that hold votive cups. It's really pretty when I have them all lit up :) Wish you lived closer to me- I KNOW you would love to hang out in my yard and my craft room :)