Thursday, March 25, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursdays

It is time for Healthy Thinking Thursday!  This last week flew past quite quickly.  I started taking my medication for my high blood pressure and for an infection last week.  I had a couple of days where I think my body was getting used to the new medicine- some dizziness spells.  After the first couple of days my headaches went away and the dizziness has pretty much stopped except if I am foolish and try to get up off the floor too quickly.  I honestly think I feel better this week than I have in a long, long time- not sure if that is because an infection was finally wiped out or if it is because of the blood pressure medicine, but either way it's such a relief to begin to feel my energy return and to get through a day without a miserable headache.  Since I have been feeling better it has been much easier for me to eat healthier this last week.  Eating healthy takes time and commitment and when I don't feel good it is so easy for me to blow it off.  I'm still not full swing into excercise- been taking it really slow because the dizziness I had at the beginning of my medicine scared me a little bit.  I've been stepping on the scale every single day- I thought for sure the way I was eating I would lose some weight.  Today the scale finally clicked to -1 pound.  I really was hoping for more, but I'll take one pound- it's one less pound than last week.  I also discovered this week that I LOVE prunes---who knew?  It's nice to discover healthy sweet things I can substitute for my candy cravings. are my tips for this week:

1.  Find something to be grateful for every day.  I think attitude is a big part of this journey I am on and if I keep myself positive I am going to do much better and stick to things than if I consider this a chore.

2.  This one I have been trying out (the prunes are a good example)....Think more about what you can add to your diet than what you are taking away.  I'm concentrating on getting a good mix of fruits and vegetables in my diet- and in the process it seems like it is getting easier to avoid the candy and fast food because the correct servings of good food are keeping me full.  Great side effect!

3.  I learned this one from weight watchers and I am starting to put it into use again--consider whether or not you are really hungry.  Drink some water- are you still hungry?  Think about what is going on--does my body actually feel hungry or am I just bored, sad or angry.  I am surprised how many times the answer is that it is my emotions that make me want to stuff food into my mouth.

So, that's my news for this week- I'm feeling like I might be on the path of feeling back to my normal self and I am grateful.  My friend Laura at also posts on Healthy Thinking Thursdays- she has had a great week if you want to go say congrats to her :)  Jessie at also posts- but I know she has been feeling a bit under the weather so I don't know if she'll have a post up this week.  My friend Julia from does Fat Fighting Fridays if you care to visit her tomorrow.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I think your plans sound good and it's better to lose weight slowly in the long run.
I have a terrible sweet tooth and finding it hard to resist sweets and chocolate. But for some reason i now eat olives in all their varieties when i have the munchies. I dont eat hardly anything processed or ready made and its amazing how good it can make you feel by removing it from your diet. I feel ill if i eat anything that has been modified or isn't totally natural and can only guess that my past diet must have been so bad for me.
Hope you feel better soon, i also like following your blog but never comment because i can never find the time for all the blogs i follow.
Nikki xxx

Julia said...

We have discovered dried cherries, too. Yummy! They are supposed to be really good for arthritis.

sunshine said...

I love prunes too!!!

Oh my gawd... We ARE old!!!!!! *gasp*
We are like, one step away from being The Golden Girls Kim!

Congratulations on the one pound loss. At least you are beginning to lose now. I'm so happy that you are feeling better too....

Love you,

sunshine said...

By the way...if we are The Golden Girls, I dibs being Blanche! :P

beyondbaffled said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy Thursday!

Angela said...

I am surprised how many times the answer is that it is my emotions that make me want to stuff food into my mouth.

This spoke volumes to me,,,,,,

Tallulah Belle said...

well done Kim.

I am glad you are starting to feel a bit better now.

keep your eye on the dizziness as it could be a sign that your BP is going to low. Are you checking it yourself at home ?

I've not tried prunes since I was a kid but I like raisins :-)

Jill said...

Such great tips-- I especially love #2. I never thought about adding to my diet, but adding variet totally makes sense!
Have a great day!

Kim said...

Nikki- thank you for visiting me! I visit you all the time, but don't comment as much as I should either- it's hard to keep up to blogland! I love olives but never thought to add that to my snack list- thank you for the suggestion!

Julia- Dried cherries sound wonderful- maybe I'll be trying those next!

Laura- I guess I am Rose then because I'm a little "simple" at times :) I think I'm on track now! Watch out fat!!!

Happy Weekend to you Jessie!!!!

Angela- is that because it is the same for you or another reason? Thank you for visiting me each week- you are too sweet ♥

Jayne- I have been checking my blood pressure a couple times each day at home- I go back for a follow up this week. How low is too low? I was thinking that might be the case too and had it on my list to ask the doctor. I know you are struggling right now too- wish we would both feel tip top and leave this mess behind for good!

Jill- thank you for visiting me each week for these posts- you encourage me because sometimes I think my hints are dumb :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!


thanks Kim
You're very kind with your comments
makes me happy to see you on my blog

Marinbambu said...

gracias por poner mi blog.