Thursday, March 18, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursdays and Welcome New Followers!!

It's time for healthy thinking thursday, but first I would like to welcome some new followers to my blog.

First is Lara from  Lara is like me- she has quite a few miniature projects in progress.  She is concentrating on a thirties inspired dollhouse right now- the piano she just made from a kit is gorgeous!  Lara is also having a miniature give-away because she has hit 100 followers.  Congrats Lara!!

Next is Alpal from  Alpal makes the cutest miniature food!  Some are charms, necklaces and earrings and some could be used in your miniature dollhouse.  All of them are adorable!  I love the hostess cupcake and twinkies charm she has posted not too long ago!

Marinbambu from  has  visited me.  Her blog is full of artwork she has created and is fantastic!  I love being inspired by other artists- I love the color she uses in her art- I love her work-please go visit her and say hello and check out her artwork for yourself.

We also have Marleen from  Marleen does beautiful miniature knitting- a skill I know I will never master because I struggle with 1:1 knitting!  Marleen's Villa dollhouse she has restored is gorgeous- you need to travel backwards in her blog a bit to see it- but it's worth the trip!  I think Marleen also makes miniature bears- so adorable!

Last we have Patricia from  Patricia actually has quite a few blogs- they are all magical- I adore all of them.  Here are a few more:   Patricia is incredibly talented- if you have time you really should visit all of these blogs- what a feast for the eyes!!  Patricia has just finished a sculpt of  a minitature horse on the first blog listed- it is amazing!!

Thank you everyone for visiting me- I love to meet new friends and I love the inspiration I get every day from all the blogs that I follow.

Soooo....on to Healthy Thinking Thursday.  I have still not been feeling well.  I have to say that it is very hard to make any progress on trying to live more healthy when you don't feel great.  I have had headaches almost every day and I feel so tired so I broke down and went to the doctor.  The doctor took a look at my charts and told me we needed to get me on medication for my high blood pressure.  I had to give a urine sample to check things on my kidney and when the doctor came back he asked me if I had any symptoms of a bladder infection.  I had not- but apparently I have a good infection going on there also- I hope this is why I keep feeling so run down and everything seems to be such a struggle for me lately.  So, now I am on medicine for my high blood pressure and medicine for my infection(sorry if this was too much information).  Hopefully in a couple of weeks when I go back to the doctor I will be feeling much better.  I did not exercise a lot this last week.  Short little bursts because I was afraid of how my heart seemed to race and wanted to clear exercise with the doctor.  I did pretty well on the eating- I've been keeping the fridge stocked with veggies and fruit and I pretty much eat 5 times a day now- small portions that keep me full and help me to eat slower and not overeat like I did when I was eating lunch and dinner only. I finally stepped on the scale and I am exactly where I was the last time I stepped on the scale- so either I gained and then lost it or I have been maintaining this entire time.  Either way I did not gain so I feel happy about that.  I guess I rambled on enough on this thursday- hope to have a better report next week as the medicine gets in my system.  Crossing my fingers my energy returns!  Here are some tips I found for this week:

1.  Chop high calorie snacks that you choose to indulge in into smaller portions.  I really like this tip- if I absolutely HAVE to have a chocolate bar it makes more sense to me to break it into 20 little pieces and take my time eating it.  Seems to me that by doing this I might even make the decision to only eat 10 and save 10 for another time.  I would seriously not do that if I was eating the candy bar whole.

2.This tip is from when I attended weight watchers ....when you go out to eat ask for a to-go container right away and seperate  half of your main course into the container when your plate arrives.  This really works- the food is tucked away in that container and you are not tempted to keep eating and picking at your food even though you are full.

3.  I know everyone has heard this one before- but I find it has been working for me at night.  Brush your teeth after eating.  This is supposed to be a signal to your brain that it is time to stop eating and you'll  be less tempted to have those extra bites after the meal is finished.

My friend Laura from is doing Healthy Thinking Thursdays along with me.  If you have time please visit her and see how she's doing!  Jessie from is also doing Healthy Thinking Thursday this week and  Julia from is doing Fat Fighting Fridays so you can visit her tomorrow and see how she has been doing :)

Hope you are all having a great week.  I'll be back on friday or saturday with new pictures of that clock I have been working on!  It's getting close to being finished!


sunshine said...

I'm so happy that you finally got to the Dr. and that (even though it sucks)..he's got you on the meds. Hopefully soon you will begin to feel much better! :)

Good for you for not being discouraged with the zero weight loss. Like you say, at least there has not been a gain. I'm sure once you are feeling better, things will start happening in the weight loss area.

I like the idea about breaking the chocolate bar apart. Unfortunately, I'd probably eat the whole thing as I was fixing it up. :P (that's just how I roll).

I've discovered Kashi bars. They aren't too high in calories or fat (have 4g's of fiber I believe) and are good! They've been helping me with my sweet tooth.

I missed you while I was "gone". :P


rachel awes said...

great to bloggymeet you! & fun to see the blogs you've mentioned & also be inspired by continued reminders to eat well!! best to you!!

Julia said...

I found a couple of blogs to follow from your new folks. Thanks. I hope to goodness that your bloodpressure meds and knowing you have a UTI and have meds for that will make you feel back to normal soon!!! I don't like to know you are feeling so run down. I have not done well this week at all. I guess I'll have to confess tomorrow.

Pandora said...

Hi Kim. I hope you are feeling better. The tip about brushing your teeth works but perhaps because everything tastes weird after toothpaste!

Will check out some of the links you mentioned.


Kim said...

Thank you to everyone for commenting and encouraging me. Hopefully I will start to feel better and my Healthy Thinking posts will be more positive from here out!

Pan- I'm sorry I didn't mention you in new followers! I saw you are new and I knew I followed you, but I could not remember the name of your blog and blogger would not tell me any info! I will post about your awesome blog this weekend when I do my Project of the week post- I'm glad you are one of my new friends!

Papillon Bleu said...

Hi Kim,
hope things get better with your health.But at least you know what is going on with your body now.

Thank you for the tips too they are great!

Big hugs.

Tallulah Belle said...

poor you...I hope you feel better soon. Even if you have no UTI symptoms hopefully the meds will sort you out soon.

And don't stress about the BP meds... once you are back to feeling well you can concentrate on sorting that out.


Melly Kay said...

Feel better Kim adn take it easy!!!

& thanks for the tips :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Kim, Kim, Kim, we seem to be on the same Not feeling Good Boat. I do hope things are truning around for you. I can breathe myself, now. I will try the teeth brushing thing. Haven't heard of that one before. Feel better.

Jean Day said...

I'm very sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, I hope you will be feeling better really soon!! Loved your hint about brushing your teeth, great idea.

cockerina said...

hello! how are you? I would remind you that you share my "swap Easter" and that the deadline is tomorrow ... please read my last post!

thanks, Caterina

Jenny said...

Kim, I'm sorry you're feeling so awful. It is hard to take care of yourself when you feel bad.

Hope that turns around for you.

Sounds like some cool new blogs to visit.

Thank you.

Angela said...

Thanks for the great tips,,and will say a prayer for you and for your energy level to pick up and the med's to kick in to get you back on track to feeling better.