Thursday, March 4, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday


Well, it is time for another Healthy Thinking Thursday.  This week's post is hard because I have to be honest when I know I could fib and no one would be the wiser.  However, that is not the point of Healthy Thinking Thursdays- so brutal honesty it is!  I did horrible this last week.  My husband and I have been moving my Mother-In-Law to a new apartment.  We spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday helping her move, and we have spent each night after work helping her out.  I have been eating whatever take out type food that we can easily pick up for dinner and I only went for my walk 2 nights out of the week.  I have had a couple of chocolate bars in the mix- but really-- I am proud that it wasn't a couple dozen chocolate bars because when I start to feel stressed out chocolate is often my answer.  That is my positive for the week- I only had a couple chocolate bars instead of a couple dozen.  However.....having said all of that- I am ready to start again this week and try to find the time for myself in the mix along with my Mother-In-Law.  I hope by the end of next week she is settled and we can work into some kind of routine with her.  I did not step on the scale this week so I can't share that  news with you.  I know I must have gained after all the fast food we have eaten and I don't want to start this week feeling discouraged.  So...that's my news for this week- might have been some healthy thinking going on but not much healthy action.  Here are some tips I found for anyone joining in the Healthy Thinking Journey.  These are not my tips- but rather tips I have jotted down from magazines or surfing the net.

1.  If you have a hard time getting your water in (as I sometimes do) try starting out mixing your juice half and half with water or sparkling water.  You will cut the calories from the juice in half and still be getting some water too!

2.  Write down your food.  This one is proven to work for me.  If I write down what I am eating throughout the day I am more aware if I am snacking too much and I can either drink water or switch to veggies.  Never can get enough veggies.

3.  I have not tried this one yet- but I am going to use this tip this week.  When you feel like snacking try some excercise first.  Do some jumping jacks, sit-ups, march in place- whatever.  If you still feel like snacking try to go ahead and have a small snack.  The theory here is that the small burst of excercise puts your mind on track to your goals and makes you decide if you really need the snack or you just WANT the snack.

That's my post for this week....Check out my friend Laura's blog , Jessie's blog- and I believe Julia has been posting on Fridays if you want to see how other people are doing on this challenge :)



cockerina said...

Hello Kim, it is about doing the swap for a single partner, you do it to a friend, and your turn will get one from another friend ..
it's OK??? thanks!!!!!!
kisses, Caterina

Kim said...

Caterina- Perfect!!!! Please count me in and I will start working on something right away- thank you again for asking me!! I am very excited!

sunshine said...

Well, we are going to have our bad weeks, that is a given.
Dealing with a mother in law? That gives you a free pass and a 5 pound loss for this week. No questions asked. No weigh in required. :P

Just try to get a few fruits and veggies in today. That is a positive change and something small that you can do.

I love you!! Come on! We're 29! We've got the whole world at our feet. We can do this!!!!


kibbygirl said...

Hey don't sweat the less perfect weeks. I find changing small things at a time are great because then it becomes a habit for me instead of something I give up after awhile. Chocolate is one of my big temptations too and several years ago I cut out what I call 'unnesisary sugar' such as in my coffee or tea or little candies ect, so that when I have some chocolate I know I am not consuming so much sugar overall. Once that change became a habit I moved on to something else - like more veggies... blech! Just remember we are all behind you! :)

julia said...

i haven't done so well this week either. You have a great excuse. I don't. I'll write about mine tomorrow. Keep on keeping on, as I used to always tell my students.

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Don't feel bad Kim, being honest with yourself is a huge part of healthy thinking!
I find that when I exercice I get hungry for different kinds of food: healthier, more fruit...
Also, I try to have "good snacks" at home. When I get hungry I have raisins or dried fruits or a yogurt... I also carry some in my purse as I get into a bad mood when I'm hungry and don't eat!

Papillon Bleu said...

I've decided to go for one big meal during the day and the rest is fruits! It seems to be working on me as I have lost a kilo in 2 weeks so far and I've done no exercise at all.
I know it really works to write down what you eat.I entirely agree.
I know that starting the day with a good breakfast ( half a grapefruit, and cereals) is great!You can eat as many fruits as you want during the day and you can have a bit of chocolate too. It works if you are not frusrated.If you are frustrated, it won't work because you will keep on focusing on food. So please yourself!
The good thing also is to cook yourself!We love to cook in France and it is healthier. I lost 13 kgs one year in 5months, but I did walk a lot everday too with my dog.
He's no longer here so I don't enjoy my walks as before.
It is nice to read you because you are very honest.So, I am all with you and will keep on sharing a few things if they work.OK?
Bye for now!


Kim said...

Thank you everyone for your support. I love that you are sending me your tips too- I will take all the tips you can give me! I am actually missing my exercise this last week- I cannot wait to get back to it- things have just been so hectic! My Mother-In-Law spent her first night in her apartment last night- hopefully next week we can get her things put away and get her settled a bit♥

Jenny said...

Hi Kim, sounds like you have your head onf straight with this! I wish you look...changing habits is so darned hard!