Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Give away winnings and Welcome to New Followers!

I have some new followers to welcome today, but first I wanted to show you an awesome prize I won from a give-away by my awesome friend Laura at  Laura lives in Canada and while the Winter Olympics were going on she  had some mittens to give away.  They were lost in the mail for awhile,but they finally arrived and they are awesome!!!  I promised Laura I would post a picture of me wearing them so here you are chickie!!

I also have some new followers to welcome today- hooray for new friends!!

First is Anneke from  I just stumbled across Anneke's blog this morning and started following her.  Her dollhouse is gorgeous!  You have to visit her blog just to see her kitchen!  If you go backwards a bit on her blog you can see a peek of her sweet pet bunny Kronk- adorable!

Next up is Mary from   Mary makes incredibly detailed dolls- the dresses on these dolls are amazing- I cannot even imagine the hours each doll must take!  Beautiful!!

Esperanza from has  been by to visit me.  What beautiful miniature plants she makes!  Please take a look at her artwork.  Lovely work Esperanza!

Finally, I would like to extend a very late, but very big welcome to Pandora from     Pandora also loves dollhouse miniatures- she has some 1:24 scale rooms she has been showcasing if you travel backwards in her blog- I love the kitchen again!  I must have a soft spot for kitchens :)

Thank you all so much for visiting me- I am so happy to meet new talented friends ♥

Before I leave I thought I would show you a picture of my garden.  The snow has finally melted, but there's not much green yet.  I'll leave all this dead stuff up until May to help protect anything that does grow if we get another freeze.  I can feel spring coming!!


PonderandStitch said...

Oh, those mittens look cozy! Congrats on winning. :)

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Lucky you Kim. :) Everyone was wearing those mittens here during the Olympics, it was great!

Marinbambu said...

sorry I can´t visited you because I had a weekened of exams thank you for visit my blog.

sunshine said...

I love how great the mittens look on you!!! Yay!

I undeleted my blog. I'm so weak. :P


Kim said...

Laura- you make me laugh! I didn't link to you cuz I wasn't sure how you would feel about it- but I'm going back to edit it now. I love you girl!!!!!!

beyondbaffled said...

Oh how I adore pictures of your yard - in spring or when it's all covered in snow! That's what got me hooked on your blog in the first place (minis were second!). It looks so beautiful there!

sunshine said...

BTW~ I'll be doing "Healthy Thinking Thursday" tomorrow as well... :P

I love you too....

p.s. Gabby told me to tell you that you look skinny in the picture.

Pandora said...

Thank you for the welcome Kim.


Kim said...

Thank you for your sweet comments everyone! Jessie- I am truly blessed to live where I do- my yard is huge and I love it so much! I'm itching to start seeing some fresh bright green start popping out though :)