Monday, February 8, 2010

A Winner!!!

Hi all!  I am popping in very quickly to announce the winner of my small give away for the long haired chihuahua needle felted dog.  It is .......

Jayne from Tallulah Belle!!!!!!

Jayne- I have your address already so I will get him off into the mail sometime this week!  Thank you again everyone for all your sweet comments.  My neck is still hurting pretty good- I am worried about this because I work the later part of this week at the flower shop after my full time job.  I hope I do not make it worse- I go back to the doctor again tomorrow to see if it is healing up correctly-so I guess I'll see what he says.  I have not done ANY crafts in over a week and I think I am going stir crazy!!!!  I never realized how much creating is a part of my every day life!  Don't know if I will be around much this week with 2 jobs going on....but I am determined to be back on the weekend with a basic needlefelt tutorial of what I have learned so far--even if I have to rope the hubby into helping me with it!  Have a great week!!!


kimsminiatures said...

Congratulations! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway Kim!!!!! Hugs~ Kim

sunshine said...

Congratulations Jayne! Lucky you!! :P

I'm SO sorry that you are still feeling badly Kimmy. :(
Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy(er) recovery. Hopefully the Dr. will tell you everything is on the mend. Tell him you need drugs!!!

Love you!


julia said...

i hope the doctor has good news for you tomorrow. Can you reschedule with someone and take the weekend off at the flower shop? I worked in a florist shop some as a teenager. I loved it and i really think I would like that kind of work again. Hum.... I have been wanting to do a part time job again. I just wonder if the florist up the street from me needs extra help at certain times of the year. I bet they do for Valentine's, Mother's Day, etc....
I may just check into that.

Claudia said...

Feel better, Kim! And congratulations to Jayne!


Tallulah Belle said...

ooohh meeee....I won...yay :-D I am soo excited...thank you.

He will be the resident doggie in the Pickled Vicar me thinks :-)

Can you hang fire on mailing him please Kim...I am going away for a few days on Friday and I don't want him left on the porch.

I honestly think you should see if you can get out of work at the florists.... you really need to rest that neck (((((()))))) Hope the doc has some good news.

Jill said...

Congratulations, Jayne! Hope you feel better soon, Kim--

Deni said...

Oh how wonderful Congratulations Tallulah Belle your very own puppy!

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh my dear Kim!!! it is so nice to hear from you!
I am sorry to hear you're still in pain. Ther is something great that is calles Tiger is Asian and very efficient! But don't know if it would be enough for your poor neck.

Congratulations to your winner!

Big hugs to you!