Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am trying to catch up from my little hiccup in life here- and I am very late in welcoming some new friends to my blog! I'm so happy you have all come to visit me!!

First is Susan from  .  Susan is a miniature artist that does wonderful crochet work, along with other miniatures such as furniture.  Susan is also been working on minis with her grandchildren- which I think is so awesome!  If you go back a bit in Susan's blog you can see the crochet hooks she uses for mini crochet- so tiny and amazing!

Next is Dawn from .  Dawn is working on a beautiful dollhouse named the Longbourne House.  Dawn also does mini crochet, needlepoint and does needlefelting!!!  Dawn has the most amazing 1/4 scale teahouse dollhouse on her blog- you should take a look- it is wonderful :)

Victoria is from Spain and has many blogs.   I really liked looking through her blog entitled which is translating "the hiding of the swallows".  The translator is translating her blog strangely, but I believe she has made many of the things she is showcasing on this blog- I especially love the nativity further back in the blog made from dried gourds.  I also love the blog  which is a blog centering on rescuing and helping animals that have been abused and neglected. 

Last, we have Paulette from .  I stumbled across Paulette's blog while blog hopping and I love it so much!  Paulette does such delicate and beautiful stitching and beadwork. I don't post mine here often, but I love beadwork, my favorite is beaded embroidery.  I will enjoy watching her creations and she has already inspired me so much- thank you for visiting me too Paulette!!

My neck and shoulder are feeling so much better today, but I am still taking it slowly and one little step back into a normal routine at a time.  After this past week I can truly see where a bad fall can be devastating for an older person--I guess this has been a very good reminder that I am not getting younger and perhaps I better get my body a bit stronger.  Hope you all have a great day!


sunshine said...

Welcome to your new followers!
I'm so happy that you are feeling better today.
I know you start at the Flower shop tonight so take it easy!!
That's an order from Dr.Laura. :P


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Hope you are feeling better, Kim! I will check out the blogs of your new followers soon. Having crackers and peanut butter for lunch at work!


Papillon Bleu said...

Nice to have some news from you grandma'!(he!he!he!)

Susan said...

Thanks for such a warm welcome Kim. I'm glad you're back with no lasting harm from your fall.

Melanye K. said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. I've fallen at my job a few times and it sucks!

rest up ;)

Marilyn said...

I received your WONDERFUL Valentine in the mail. I'm sorry to hear about your mishap and pray that you are doing much better. I read in an earlier post that you love to be out in the garden working--ME, TOO! Thanks so much for the pin (what a lot of work) that I plan to wear to school tomorrow and all the other goodies. I'm sure I was matched to the BEST partner in the swap. Thank you for sharing.

julia said...

I'm glad you are better. I hope you heal completely very soon. I know what you mean about how bad falls are for older folks!

Dawn said...

Thankyou for your welcome, and kind words about my 1/4 scale tearoom. I hope you are a few steps further into normal routine.