Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome and a Blog Award!!!

I have some new followers to welcome!

First is Vane from  Vane is from Madrid and her blog is so pretty!  Vane has lots of sweet little dollhouse treats she had been making prior to Valentines day- they all look so real and good enough to eat!

Wendy is from  I can't remember how I happened upon Wendy's blog, but I am happy I did.  Wendy is much more skilled at needlefelting than I am and has been showing some awesome creations.  Wendy is also trying to finish some of her unfinished projects and has really been an inspiration to me.  If you read backwards in Wendy's blog you will see lots of projects she has been working on- she is an incredible artist. 

Alla is from  Alla blogs about dollhouse miniatures too- and gardening too if her blog is translating correctly.  I always love to read about gardening!  Alla has been published in dollhouse magazines and has some fantastic pictures of minis on her blog.

Marilyn is from  I met Marilyn through Less Apathy More Cake's Valentines Day swap.  Marilyn is a teacher- her blog is super adorable!!  Marilyn has  shown a couple of projects  that I love--I'm storing them away to try out later.  Marilyn is also featuring some different barn quilts in her area- I think they are on the sides of buildings.  I think they are beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of them- how cool!

Anna is from  Anna loves dollhouse miniatures too.  Anna has some cute polymer clay minis she has made in a recent post- as well as some hats.  Anna also makes the most amazing mini bottles from light brite pegs and works in 1/144th scale.  I'm always impressed by artists that work in 1/144th scale. 

Glenda is from  Glenda loves dollhouse miniatures too!  Her blog is fairly new so it would be nice to drop over and say hello to her if you have a moment.  Glenda makes gorgeous rugs and she has a jerkins and hat in mini she made that I think is amazing- what a talented artist you are Glenda!!

Thank you to all of you for visiting me- I am so glad to meet new friends!!

I also was given an award this week from Casey at   Casey has given me the Sunshine Award.  Thank you Casey- I could use some sunshine :)  The rules are to pass the award on to six blogs that I follow.  I have to honestly say that reading blogs is my favorite part of the day.  All of your blogs bring sunshine to my day so thank you all!  After much thought- here are six blogs that are always cheery, fun to read and written by wonderful people.

Doreen from

Laura from

Patricia from

Cia from

Susan from

Anna from


miniannalee said...

Thank you for the award. Its my first one on my blog. I'll have to take the time to pass it on. I follow so many blogs now it will be a tough call on who gets it. Thanks again.
mini hugs

Doreen said...

Thank you KIm. I am always willing to play along and especially if I can pass some sunshine at the same time.

Glenda said...

Thankyou so much for the kind welcome, Kim. I was hesitant to start a blog, but it has proved to be a delight, with so many talented and friendly people to find!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Hi, Kim! Yep, I caused a bit of an upheaval changing my name! LOL! I have had to go find everyone again and add their blogs back to mine and a few folks have 'missplaced' me in the shuffle. But I don't know whatever possessed me to come up with a stupid name like Mini Leaps and Bounds and I decided to name my Etsy shop something that didn't just mean mini's or quilts so as we are the true peach capitol of the world here in Inman (we once grew more peaches than the entire state of Georgia and still have some pretty big orchards left), I decided to name it Peach Blossom Hill and change my blog name to my match my Etsy name! Anyhoo, glad you found me and are following me again!


Papillon Bleu said...

Kim thank you! you are an angel!
Usually, I don't pass on awards, but this time I am going to make an exception.

sunshine said...

Congratulations Kim!
And thank you!!!!
I'll accept the award on Friday. (after HTT).

Love you!

beyondbaffled said...

I know you've already recieved it, but I wanted to pass the Sunshine award along from me as well. Your blog really does inspire me!

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Thanks so much, Kim. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you through your blog. Hugs!