Monday, February 1, 2010

Small Give- Away!!!

I was avoiding  my housework on sunday so I decided to try some more needle felting.  I was curious if I could create a smaller dog so I decided to try a long hair chihuahua.  In my opinion it is harder the smaller you go- I feel that way a bit about minis too though :)  Here is the new doggie....and I am offering him as a give-away.  If you would like a chance to own this little guy just comment on this post between today and friday night.  I will draw a winner on sunday and ship him right off to you.  He is not exactly dollhouse size- maybe a little more towards Barbie or playscale size- but he is cute :)  I'm going to keep practicing---I would like to be able to make 1/12 scale animals eventually.


For all the professional dollmakers out there- is there a big difference between chenile stems and armature wire?  If I wanted to try a needle felt gnome would I be better off starting with professional wire? 


Daisy said...

Hi, I loved his little dog, love wins it.

sunshine said...

I have the perfect name for him!
Cheech!!! :P

He's adorable. Great job.


Tallulah Belle said...

Gorgeous Kim.....smaller is harder yeah :-)

Not sure about the wire but regular wire would be more sturdy than the chenille stems.

Don't buy armature wire though...just look in the garage :-)

Papillon Bleu said...

Me!me!me!me! I am going to win!!!!!
I have a better name than Laura's one: CHONG!!!( well...don't know if you've heard of Cheech and Chong...).
Ok...I'm being a bit silly but' I've had a horrible day and now I am relaxing a bit and admiring your new little dog.

kimsminiatures said...

He"s adorable. I would love a chance to have him. You will get better each time you make one. At least that how it has been for me with the mini food. I will cross my fingers. Thanks for this giveaway! Hugs~ Kim

De said...

He is adorable.

I use chenille stems for my dolls and have not had problems with it. I don't have any experience using armature wire.

Deni said...

so cute! A little sweety "Silky"
Felting these tiny little animals is very intriguing to me!
So tiny and neat!

cockerina said...

very cute! do not worry about the stairs, slowly, you become more and more good!
Caterina, from "hot Italy"..... LOL!!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I really like this new little dog. :) I think he would bring me some warmth for the winter days. :)

beyondbaffled said...

I cannot believe that you just started making these - they look so amazing! I am anxious to see what you can do when you try 1:12 scale!

Ara said...

He's really cute Kim! I didn't know you started needle felting - that is so awesome! That's one thing that I don't understand how it works! So glad you're enjoying it! hugs, ara

julia said...

I hope you will do a tutorial on needle felting!!!

Melanye K. said...

oooooooh I want!!! sooo adorable Kim :D great work!!

Tallulah Belle said...

Just had to come back for another peek...can't beleive he is mine...all mine !