Monday, February 1, 2010

New Wonderfulness!!!!!!

My friend and extremely talented seamstress Amy at Ponder and Stitch recently had a free shipping sale and it was just enough to prod me to head over to her etsy store.  I have wanted one of her cuffs for a long time--this time I found one that spoke to me- especially right now as I am suffering from a bit of the winter blues.  My new cuff arrived this last weekend and I have only taken it off to take baths- I have had it on my wrist constantly!  I love it so much!!  It is so much more elegant and dainty than the pictures at her store show- the stitching is so sweet- I embroider a lot, but I have never been able to stitch words this delicately- I am in awe and inspired to work on my stitching more!  I also love the words so much- sometimes when I am a bit depressed it helps if I tell myself to stop overwhelming my brain- to stop and be still for awhile and be calm.  Now when I find myself needing to settle down, to breathe and relax- I just glance at my wrist.  I calm down and relax- but I smile too because I am reminded of the wonderful friends I have met from blogging that I have never met in person, but whom I feel so close to all the same.  Thank you so much Amy- I really love it a lot!  If you have never met Amy you should pop over to her blog and say hello.  She is the sweetest person and her blog is amazing♥  Check out her etsy store too- I see she just listed a new headband I am coveting !!
I'm going to list a give-away this afternoon, so I'll see you all a bit later !




PonderandStitch said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, Kim!!! I am SO happy you got the cuff and love it! That really warms my heart. I was so ecstatic to be able to send you this- thank you so much!

**now off to the new house to do some work- I closed this morning! wooohoooo!! ;)

Tallulah Belle said...

How can tell how much you love it from this post. Anything that makes us sit and think for a moment it worth every penny xxx

Deni said...

Those cuffs are really nice!
very interesting idea

beyondbaffled said...

Your cuff is beautiful. My counselor taught me a relaxation technique where you practice deep breathing. You say/think "peace" as you breathe in and "be still" as you breathe out.