Thursday, February 25, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday!!


It's time for Healthy Thinking Thursday!!!  I had a pretty decent week this last week.  I had a couple of days where I fell off the wagon a bit, but overall I think I did okay.  The cupcake I had was entirely worth it :)    We have had a super busy week at work and that is what trips me up as I find it difficult to prepare a healthy and well rounded meal after work on busy days. I've been looking at the DASH diet plan on the internet as it is recommended if your blood pressure is high.  If you are interested you can read about it here:   I know I won't be able to follow this perfectly because my husband is not on board with a new diet, but I can slowly sneak it in and make changes and  he won't know the difference :)  I am also happy to report that this last week I managed to go for a walk after work every day and I lost 1.8 lbs!!  My friend Laura at has started this with me-   pop on over and see how she is doing- be sure to say hi- she's awesome!  I know a couple of other people are doing this along with Laura and me.  I think this is great because we can encourage each other on bad weeks and celebrate with each other on great weeks.  I've been trying to keep myself excited about this- I found a couple of tips I would like to share with you this week that I am trying out.

1.  Write your healthy goals down and put it somewhere where you will see it every day as a reminder.  I like this tip- I have my goals of lower blood pressure, more energy and clothes that fit better taped up on my fridge at home and on my bulletin board at work.  When the "snack box" at work calls to me- I just re-read my goals.  Working so far!  (the "snack box" is a box a vendor brings in for the guys in the shop every couple of weeks filled with candy and chips.  It has a little slot for money on the back like a bank and whenever you take a snack you leave 80 cents.  Darn snack box talks to me some days- calling my name and telling me it loves me and my money )

2.  Start a "temptation" jar.  This one actually ties into that snack box.  If I feel like I need an unhealthy snack I put the money I would have spent on the snack box in a jar for a non-food treat later- like a manicure, new shirt, plant for the garden, etc.  Then I go snack on some veggies instead.  I'm lucky here because I really love veggies and I'm looking forward to that snack box money being spent on something else.

Anyhow- that's my Healthy Thinking for this week.  Do you have any healthy tips this week?  I'd love to hear them!!!  If you post a Healthy Thinking Thursday post and would like me to include your link when I post please let me know--I'd love to edit my post and add your blog :)

***coming back in to post that Jessie from is also doing a Healthy Thinking Thursdays post too- pop over and say hi to her- her blog is awesome!*******


sunshine said...

Congratulations on the loss!!
Weigh to go. :D

I really like that idea about putting the money you would have spent on "junk" into a jar.
Heck, with me doing that, I'm sure I'd be able to afford another pedicure in no time!!! :P

Keep up the great work Kimmy!!
I'm so proud of you and happy that you are helping me out.


Kim said...

Girl- you are helping me out more than you know! With you doing this with me I get to save the money I would have spent rejoining weight watchers :) Is it sad that I already have a couple dollars in that jar? Tells you how addicted to that snack box I became! Now it's celery and carrots and money for cute new sandals this spring!!

Hugs to you too :)

Julia said...

Way to go! I'm going to post about my week tomorrow. I've decided that a Fat Fighting Friday post will work for me. I've done fair, too. I like your tips!!!

Kim said...

Thanks Julia--I'll look for your post tomorrow! I hope to find more tips to keep posting :)

Zlatica said...

Kim, I´m happy for you! That´s so nice and inspiring beginning of your healthy life...
Great tips!
Today I was again in the fitness club - it was my 3rd visit there :)

Jill said...

congrats on your loss! I love your "temptation jar" idea-- genious!

beyondbaffled said...

Kim you are more than welcome to link me on Thursdays. Maybe together we can all reach our goals :)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I think you're doing great. We just bought candy at work yesterday and I have no will power whatsoever. I want to lose weight and get in shape but I don't have the drive, energy nor will power to do it. I am planning to get out and walk when this frigid winter eases up! You are inspirational to me!


Kim said...

Zlatica- good for you! I am glad you are still going to the gym--little steps will win our battle!

Jill- thank you!! Its not actually my idea- I found it in a magazine- but I loved it and I thought it was a good tip to pass on :)

Jessie- thanks girl- added your link to my post :) Good luck this week!!

Jody- I can totally relate!! I am taking it step by step this time and it seems to be going better. Maybe you could do tiny goals- such as a 10 minute walk a few times a week to start. An easy one for me was to try to fill half of my plate each meal with veggies. I think this is making a big difference in my energy level. I know you are a busy woman so starting small would probably work a lot better for you too.