Monday, February 1, 2010

For Amina from Clay, Paper Wood Wire

This is a quick little post for my friend Amina from the blog Clay, Paper, Wood, Wire.   Amina is building her dollhouse from scratch- she is doing an awesome job!  In the bedroom there will be sliding glass doors and this post is to show Amina how my husband did the sliding doors for the cooler in my flower shop dollhouse.  There are 2 doors- one in front of the other.  We made the doors with skinny sticks and some of the plastic packaging that things come wrapped in- the hard clear sheet plastic you need a scissors to get your item out of the blasted packaging- know what I mean?  Anyhow- there is an indented track that both doors sit into- for ours we did not carve one out, but rather added raised flooring tiles on both sides- which left an indent where there were no tiles.  You could also put a small strip of wood on both sides of the doors to create a channel and then disguise this with molding I would think.  It is so hard to explain- and it is so hard to get a good picture of the cooler because it is at the back of the dollhouse and when I get in there the flash is rendered useless.  I hope you can get a little idea of what I mean Amina- basically we created a channel for the doors to fit into- loose enough for them to move, but snug enough they stand straight up and don't wobble.  We made the same channel up on the ceiling with the strip wood that will be camouflaged by trim.  Please feel free to ask me more questions- I will help if I can- but thought that my door might spark some ideas for you- even if you just use the idea and do your door totally different.  Good luck with the door- I love your house and I can't wait to see what you do!!!




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AminaShk said...

Kim, Thank you soo much. At least now I know how to begin. I'll come back to this post when I start working on the bedroom door :)