Monday, January 11, 2010

where did the weekend go?

Well, my Sunday did not go quite as planned.  My hubby had to go to work unexpectedly and this shifted everything in our schedule.  I did manage to clean out the fridge yesterday, trudge the boxes of christmas decorations up to the attic, finish the laundry and even put some shingles on Bernard's house.  I had to stop when I ran out of stained shingles.  Of course I was too impatient to stain all the shingles and THEN glue them to the roof-I only stained half of them before I could stand it no more and started gluing!  So, now I am on hold on Bernard's house again while I stain some more shingles.  I think I am doing a pretty decent job so far though- Bernard loves them- soon he won't have to worry anymore about leaks in his roof :)  I also cut a little front yard out of foam core and covered it with some green felt and a piece of linoleum I cut into a slate sidewalk.  I just put a few plants there to see how they would look- still quite a lot of work to do on the yard!  For starters- I think the green felt is way too bright and I cannot decide if I should paint it darker or if I should try to find something else. My project for this week is quite a bit easier than last week in the hopes that I can clean out my kitchen cupboards this week.  It's been awhile since I've done this and they are looking a bit dingy and unorganized :)  Hope your week is great!


Ara said...

Sounds like a great list of chores.... we still have Christmas up because I haven't had time for the huge mess its gonna be to take it down!! Can't wait to see more on Bernard's House! hugs, ara

Lirael said...

Looks like your weekend went up in chores!
About the grass: you can buy really neat fake grass at a store for miniature railroadmakers! I've used it on my market stall project and it looks pretty realistic ;)

sunshine said...

Well, you got a lot done yesterday that's for sure!
I can't wait to see this week's project!!!!!
Gabby loved the last one. Just as I knew she would...


Papillon Bleu said...

I need a hand here for my own cupboards!

beyondbaffled said...

Don't you just love the purging of old items and cleaning for New Years? It helps to clear my mind. I've done one closet so far and it looks so good inside that I've been leaving the door open!!!

cockerina said...

Kim, read about you than you care to Bernard, that he has no cracks in the roof of his house .. makes me die laughing ... you're too nice ...
regarding the green .. I think that the paper of the lawn to make the crib can be fine, better than felt, because it is not hairy, but has a fine texture like sand .. Have you ever thought?

PS thanks for passing by my blog!
kisses, Caterina

Tallulah Belle said...

You've been busy :-)

If you have anywhere that sells model railroad stuff some of the grass there is OK. Also if Walmart or anywhere is having a sale of the Christmas village things you can buy rolls of grass there sometimes that are pretty good.

thefabulousfarmhouse said...

Kim, my question to you is are you working from a schedule's organize and clean task list you found somewhere or you made up? I ran across a spring clean one I wish I hadn't thrown out with the paper. Then again I guess if I can throw things out I'm not a hoarder right? Haha! Now about that chore list....what gives?


Hello Kim
Thanks for commenting on my blog. You're very kind
Your minis and your houses are very beautiful
Continue in contact
Hugs from Barcelona, Spain

Marit said...

Hi Kim, thanks for passing by on my blog! Like you, I will get used to make dirty and 'used' miniatures, it just feels a bit funny now (choiche of the day: making my house clean, or my dollshouse dirty...)
I wanted to suggest modelrail-grass as well, I've bought that too for the garden that will surround the conservatory.

Kim said...

Ara- I wish you lived closer. I suck at making furniture and Bernard's kitchen is giving me fits!! Hugs to you too!

Thank you everyone for your advice on the grass- I don't even know if I have a model railroad shop in my town because I have never thought of this- but now I am going to find out! The grass is still kinda bugging me- so it's probably better to change it.

Jessie- I saw your closet on your blog- I would keep the door open to admire it too!

Cathy- not working from any list- just a mental one in my head that needs to be done- oh my goodness I should email you and give you my story- too much for comments :) Are you cleaning too?

Thank you everyone for commenting- you are all the greatest friends!!!