Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have new followers to welcome!!

First, I would like to say a big welcome to Jenny from

I found Jenny's blog from someone else's blog- I cannot even remember who now.  I find so many wonderful people by hopping around to blogs like that :)  Jenny is a wonderful writer- her blog posts will make you laugh and make you cry- I enjoy her blog so much!  If you are a gardener, you should pop over to read her story about peonies a few posts down in her blog- you will have tears in your eyes.  Thanks for visiting me Jenny!

Next is Maria from

Maria is an artist and her blog is filled with beautiful things she has created.  She has the most wonderful idea a little backwards in her blog to make a glittery christmas mobile with glitter, hot glue and a clothes hanger- I think it is beautiful!!  There are so many beautiful projects on Maria's blog- I saw a few things I would like to try out!  Thank you for visiting Maria- very nice to meet you!!

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